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    I've had the WORST experience using this platform. It seems as if they have dramatically over-promised and are unable to deliver. The problems range from but are not limited to: -duplicating items on storefronts -unable to delete incorrect photos (you will delete them, but they will not remove making your listings appear disastrous for unknown periods of time until you can spend hours going through and correcting them another date) -photos disappearing from listings both on their site but also on your webpage or storefront. This causes a very sloppy presentation on Shopify and other resell sites -"copy last" features draw from several items ago, rendering this action unuseable -does not allow calculated shipping via Etsy (BIG Problem) -does not automatically save input- you will list several items before learning this the hard way -does not communicate with Amazon -"List Multiple" option says it's updating in the background while it's actually in the Bahamas somewhere buying pina coladas with the $80/month you spent on this platform I have been contacting them through their "Communication" link that appears to be a chat link, but no one ever responds. I was so upset initially that I did receive one singulare "We're working on it" email that neglected to address ANY of the actual issues I've had with this program. I have wasted hours of both my time and my Assistant's time trying to resolve to no avail. The worst part is that no one will even respond to my multiple requests for help. To say that this is a disappointment is a serious understatement. It has tripled my workload and charged excessively to do so. All and all: VERY POOR FORM.

    Pros : if it could actually live up to it's word and do so easily, it could be an excellent resource for sellers across multiple platforms.

    Cons : too many to repeat...

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    Hands down The Winner for Multi-Channel Listings, Orders & Inventory Management. Plus direct sales through Instagram

    I spent nearly 2 months learning the ins and outs of virtually every inventory management software out there. Sellbrite, Stitchlabs, Ecomdash, BrightPearl, Linnworks, and a few others. In general, what I found was that all of them were very powerful and fairly well integrated with other apps (shipping, accounting, CRM, etc) but most were simply designed to work by inputting inventory into their very expensive system and then having to still list each product using each channel's listing system leaving the Inventory Manager to pull orders back to be managed there (with the exception of Sellbright which does listings, but IMO has its own set of shortcomings). To me this all seems fine and good but still grossly inefficient. We are a 2 person operation and efficiency is key to our business. So why go to the trouble of using software, such as above, that amounted to essentially a GUI for Excel only to have to still list each item individually? For us, each product we sell is unique (vintage artifacts and such) so the need to create bundles, variants, kits, and stock replenishment was of no use. For us having one place to input the products, images and information was the first step, the second step was being able to take all that info and not have to re-enter it for each selling channel but instead push what was already there out to where it needed to be. For our business model, not everything goes to ebay, etsy or shopify, etc. each of those markets have a particular demographic and we hit each one with the appropriate products. The third step is to be able to pull all the order back into the system and manage all the orders from one place - one dashboard and finally to be able to handle shipping from the same place. Shopseen does ALL OF THIS PERFECTLY! And more. The integration with social channels is excellent And the ability to sell directly to followers from Instagram is pure genius!!! ----- After months of learning curves and headaches with the other options - in short this is what I found: Most of the products listed above do the following: Give one place for inventory input and management in a GUI version of Excel. (Bells and Whistles IMO) They connect to your sales channels but WON"T push orders to them. Connect to your sales channels and WILL pull orders them from them. This means you have to enter all the info on each site for every listing. Very time consuming. Kind of defeats the purpose. Cost does not translate well to the value. Features are not robust ----- I couldn't be happier with Shopseen. I'm thrilled to sing their praises and to support them in any way I can.

    Pros : Shopseen on the other hand, will give you a nice easy to use interface for inputting inventory and management. Shopseen will let you list those same products to shopify, ebay, etsy, square, Big Commerce, Store Envy and your Brick and Mortar store (including multiple locations - useful if you have different stock in different locations) AND sell on Instagram! Shopseen will allow you to make changes to those products at each channel. Shopseen will monitor those channels for orders and pull them

    Cons : Ability to also use CSV to upload in bulk directly to shopseen. But this can be worked around (for me) using CSV import in shopify and then pulling that info to shopseen. Not too big of a deal.

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    Shopseen Review

    I've used Shopseen to link my store and to "populate" the Storenvy products to my eBay store through Shopseen. I've also "populated" some of my eBay store items to my Storenvy store through Shopseen. This means only listing items once. Through Shopseen, you can also open up an Instagram store which is easy to do and link to Stripe as a payment processor. The Instagram store setup was easy.....However right now I believe you are limited to one Instagram store through Shopseen which I hope changes in the near future.

    Pros : Shopseen also integates with Etsy, FaceBook, Twitter,Pinterest, Square and PayPal. By offering other payment processors, online merchants are not tied to PayPal's recent changes in terms of service. Also customer service is amazing when you receive emails and phone calls from the Shopseen owner. There are no monthly fees for an Instagram store and you are only charged a percentage of sales when an item is sold.

    Cons : I really like Shopseen's integration with other online markets where it syncs products from store to store. However I believe Shopseen is going to change their focus in the near future to promoting Instagram stores and let the other features fall by the wayside. I understand that a company can't be everything to everybody and in a phone conversation last week, they said that Instagram is the best place to sell. Since this is my first Instagram experience, I'm hoping that this upcoming change is

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  • ShopSeen is for anyone who really loves to shop. Not only will you be able to share your finds with your friends, but you can browse through the products uploaded near you and find out about new store events happening in your area.

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