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  • Easy to use , even for first time business start up

    We haved used Wordpress, and ecommerce plug-in to power online shop, have tried open-source shopping cart such as OsCommerce, Zencart...Shopify stands out as its off-the-shelf, no need to bother with technical know-how: Hosting, MySQl, PHP etc...Sign up and start putting in products to sell... We launch our online store AVG Online Store, in less than a month putting products, and upgrading to Paid themes and connecting to Paypal and Braintree.

    Pros : 1.Easy to use, short learning curve 2. Plenty of Themes to choose from (Free and Paid) 3. Easy to connect to payment gateways, most common gateway such as Paypal is there 4. Plenty of Apps to extend your store

    Cons : 1. Editing themes to suit your needs may be challenging for user with no HTML or working knowledge of Shopify Liquid language 2. Apps can add up more than your Shopify subscription cost, 3. Need Shopify expert to program or customize your store, again will be another cost

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    A Startups Best Friend for E-Commerce

    I first started using Shopify for a health startup. With in-house programmers we could have used something more customized however Shopify is just so simple to use and can be up and connected in minutes. It's the only platform I advise E-Comm startups to use after they done their testing and MVP... so before getting on Shopify doing some tests with Instapage landers or other things is a first step.

    Pros : Easy to use and connects into virtually everything you would need to run your business. Also they take a lot of the tech headache out of the game since they host the site and have a library of free and paid templates.

    Cons : Adding on additional apps can get out of control from a overload of tools and from a cost structure since most apps are used as continuity. For larger stores doing a custom route or larger platform may be a better option. I also don't like being penalized for using Stripe since it's outside their platform... but I get it from their point of view.

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    Shopify is a great tool if for your website.shopify allows us to have an e-commerce service in our websites. I built an e-commerce website using Shopify and believe me it was worth the subscription. the website had a friendly user interface, it was easy to use, there were templates, different color layouts, effects, picture layouts and many more options when building a website. it saves us money from learning programing for an e-commerce website and from hiring someone else to create you an e-commerce website as Shopify have make things easier for us.

    Pros : The ability to email/communicate with customers Affordable SEO optimized. easy to use

    Cons : No POS on Android customizing websites need an expert advice

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  • A Two Man Operation Made Easy with Shopify

    Shopify Use Cases and Deployment ScopeTo sell posters. Small business with 2 employees.

    Pros : Competitive pricingA cornucopia of addons to suit your needsBasic user interface that anyone can adapt to

    Cons : Since I was an early adopter of Shopify and our companies needs were basic, they eventually eliminated the weaknesses that we addressed

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    Awesome Front & Back End, Not So Great WIth Inventory

    Shopify Use Cases and Deployment ScopeI was hired by the owners of The Outdoor Patio Store to help usher in a new, more modern experience.  The website was hosted on an extremely old and out of date platform that hadn't been updated in years so I had a little experience using Shopify, and I felt it was a really good choice for a small to medium sized business.  The back-end is incredibly simple to use, and on the front-end you get a really modern website that does an incredible job displaying your products.

    Pros : Back end is insanely easy to use.Follows best practices.Depending on the template you use, the front end looks just as good as any high-end website.Customer service is always extremely helpful.

    Cons : Not the most inventory-friendly solution; we spend an additional $90 a month on an app for purchase orders (PO's) which is kind of ridiculous.Not friendly for shipping either; we spend an additional $40-$60 a month for ShipStation which allows us to print FedEx Labels.Exporting reports and .CSV files could use a little work; it's not always as easy as it could be.

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    Shopify saved my business

    Shopify Use Cases and Deployment ScopeExtremely easy to use and very flexible.  If there is a very specific customization that you need to make to the platform or site, there is almost always an App/Integration to help you accomplish what you need.  Huge fan of their eco-system and their customer support is outstanding! 

    Pros : Very easy to useExcellent customer supportApp Integrations and Eco SystemDirectory of experts to help with customizations to your site!

    Cons : I wish Shopify supported the ability to have a substantial number of variants for one product.

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  • Shopify can help you get your business off the ground in no time. If you're interested in making extra cash online then Shopify may help you. Shopify is a one stop shop to get your own ecommerce store up and running. With hundreds of themes, SEO benefits you can get started in no time with your very own ecommerce store.

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  • Shopify rates as a reliable merchant services provider for e-commerce merchants. The company is showing very few complaints online and appears to offer a large number of services for a competitive price. Although it is possible to integrate preexisting merchant accounts, payments gateways, and websites with Shopify’s shopping cart, the company’s best prices and services are reserved for merchants who start fresh with Shopify Payments.

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  • Shopify is ideal for you if you want to launch an online shop, or if you already have a physical store, but want to continue to grow your business by selling your products online.

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  • Shopifys is a real, rhobust shopping cart system. No other website builders are close. But its important thing to know who Shopify is for. If you are just running a very basic ecommerce website with a few transactions each month, Shopify might be a little too much functionality and cost for you. Whereas if you have a growing ecommerce business, Shopify is probably the perfect choice for you!

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  • If you're looking for simplicity, great customer support, and some nice looking designs, then Shopify is the cart for you. They've figured out how to focus on making the core features of a shopping cart work without overextending into areas that they do not understand. By doing so, they've created a great product, and free'd their time up to provide exceptional customer service to their users.

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  • If you are looking for an all-in-one ecommerce solution for your online store, and you are looking to grow and add products – and you have a little bit of technical know-how, then Shopify will be a great fit for you.

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  • Shopify is a cleanly designed and dynamic ecommerce software solution. Some may complain about the lack of a one-page checkout, but with extremely strong third party integration and a thorough help center, Shopify can help get your web store running smoothly.

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  • After having tested Shopify for a whole week, we have to admit that we are quite impressed. To compare it with small-scale online stores like Weebly or Squarespace almost seems unfair as they easily beat them in every single category – except price. No matter how fast your business and requirements grow, with Shopify you don’t have to be afraid of moving to another platform and restarting everything from scratch (unless you become another Amazon, that is).

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