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  • Good app, but..

    Good app, nice features, but with so many apps and competition out there, the price is just insane. $200 + per year to send out a few proposals. That would be fine if the program was absolutely flawless with 24/7 instant support. There are some kinks. Some people "accept" proposals without clicking accept or they do the opposite and I can't update the status (or maybe I can, if support was more readily available), and the Freshbooks integration doesn't really make sense. Obviously, no one's going to pay the lumpsum of a project upfront, there should be a way to integrate deposits & milestones better so they can really go straight to the invoice and submit a deposit on the project - indicating that the status is truly accepted. They should also have a free option for low volume usage.

    Pros : - good organization of library items and templates to streamline proposal making process - nice appearance - good pricing tables - good content editor - easy to use

    Cons : - some usability issues - price

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    Amazing. Totally Amazing.

    Quote Roller is an amazing App with a group of amazing people working behind the scenes. I absolutely love how fast they get back to me whenever I have a question (which is rare because it is a very intuitive app). I suspect the guy who left that bad review was recently divorced, stuck in a job he hates or from a competing company. His review is totally uncalled for and wrong. I regularly share Quote Roller with my own audience because I know it is an app that can save time and win more deals for any business. Quote Roller for life :)

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    Not a Reputable Firm

    Their customer services is horrible. Over 24 hours to get a call. Nobody answers the phone. I tried to cancel my subscription and they keep charging my card. I've wasted over 2 hours trying to cancel this service. I will not recommend this company. Beware, I suspect they are not in the USA.

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  • What do you like best?

    Simplicity and integration with other apps (Salesforce)

    What do you dislike?

    Overall simplicity is great, but sometimes could be not easy to customize for specific needs.

    What business problems are you solving? What benefits have you realized?

    Being able to send quotes and proposals easily.

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  • Quote Roller really has completely change the way that we do proposals at PB Web Development and has streamlined that process. Cutting down on the amount of time required and needed to create, send and track proposals has been amazing for the business. We can clearly see what is working and what isn't. We can celebrate the percentage of wins and look at creating that better conversion rate on our proposals so we always get the jobs that we want.

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  • Quote Roller is a great tool for serious professionals. The application streamlines the quote building process and goes further with detailed management and analytics tools. Users can choose from one of three reasonably priced subscriptions, which include unlimited monthly proposals. The service is easy for anyone to learn and comes with a number of unique additions.

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  • Quote Roller helps businesses spend less time creating, sending and tracking proposals to new clients, so you can spend more time acquiring new leads and better serving current customers.

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  • What we liked:

    Once a template has been created, sending new proposals takes almost no time
    Quote Roller saves client contact details, so you don’t have to input the same information twice
    Businesses can select their own theme and style so proposals look custom
    Quote totals are automatically calculated, which reduces the chances of human error

    What we didn’t like:

    The template library is very limited, although that may change as more users begin using Quote Roller and sharing their templates with others

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  • I was quite surprised with the overall quality of the app and although I had high expectations within mere seconds of being on the front page of the app, it really lived up to what I had expected and more. The interface compliments the application perfectly and everything is simplified, nothing out of place. As for the process of creating the individual proposals and clients within the app, I found these to be quite simple and noticed that the app tried its best not to over-complicate anything.

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