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  • I love to have this info

    Great app if you are a fan of metrics!! As any of these applications it requires certain discipline... but the way it's design makes it very easy to use and so more chances that you register everything. If you do so,... you will be amaze when being able to analyze how you use your time.

    Pros : Very easy to use Good reports

    Cons : Need to think before how to organize your projects to get the information they way you need it

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    Fantastic time tracking solution

    I've been looking for a simple app that could help with time tracking -- simple being the operative word. While many time tracking solutions exist, most are not what I'd call simple and I found that I almost needed to set up a category just for tracking my time tracking. Not so with Toggl which is intuitive and does exactly what I need it to.

    Pros : Easy-to-use, intuitive interface, can sync with web account so not dependent on iOS or other device.

    Cons : Can't have simultaneous timers running, Would also like to see better alerts, i.e. when approaching a pre-defined number of hours on a project or when falling short of that number by a certain margin.

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    What a life saver ! I look back over my years in business and say, "What have I been doing?". Now with Toggl I know the answers. Simple, efficient, quick to enter, visual, mobile....everything I need in one app. It works for me by combining my business and personal life into one. Having a goal to spend more time with family, now I can track that time too (keeping it out of my business data file) and see my progress and where I can do better (less TV). Visually, I can track my billable hours, keeping me on track for financial goals. Did I meet my exercise goals this week?? With a click of a button, I know. It helps me be accountable to myself and team members. I especially love the weekly reporting emails. Perfect. Again, I couldn't be happier. Love that I can use this on the road with the mobile app feature.

    Pros : Simple Visual Mobile Efficient LOVE THIS !! Perfect for anyone who tracks time, or just want to find out where life is going.

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  • The most important part of a time tracking app is that it helps you see where your team's time goes, without taking up any more of your time. Toggl does that, with an app that's easier to use than an email app. Put it to use in your team, and you'll never have to wonder if you're billing the correct number of hours again.

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  • If you’re an individual looking for a totally free, yet simple and effective time tracking app, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t give Toggl a try.

    With things like multiple projects and clients, Toggl is clearly targeting big teams but I don’t see why you can’t use it for your personal use.

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  • Toggl is a leading time tracking program with an outstanding web interface. It lacks some core functionality of the competing products (auto-stop, auto-start and screenshot monitoring), so if you intend to use it primarily for employees working on PCs, consider Screenshot Monitor that has equally great web interface and gives you more features on the desktop. But if you do not need screenshot monitoring or have to have Mac, Linux or mobile support, as of 2014 Toggl is the best choice on the market for time tracking applications.

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  • What do you like best?

    The basic functionality is simple. Enter the task name. Click Start. Work. Done? Click Stop. When it's time to report your time, use the Summary or Detailed reports. It's for those who need to report their time or those who just wonder where the day went and what they did (or didn't) do. Works for individuals and teams. Desktop, web, and app access. Reports in PDF or export. Integrates with Basecamp and other systems.

    What do you dislike?

    Can't say that there's much I dislike about it.

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    What do you like best?

    Its REST API is easy to use. I used it to build a real-time dashboard to show all team members' activity very easily.

    What do you dislike?

    Mac client is not a fully native software so it's not very eye-entertaining.

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    What do you like best?

    I like how simple the Toggl tool is - both in presentation and usage. I also like that the tool remembers previous projects you've worked on so that you don't always need to retype everything.

    What do you dislike?

    I don't like how when you toggl hours on the weekends, it varies in which week the hours get pulled into when pulling reports.

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  • By no means is Toggl a full-featured time-and-billing application. It does one thing and does it well — keep track of your time. But it is easy to use, can be used on any device, works even offline, and includes reporting to help you analyze your productivity. This is a good deal for a product with a price tag of zero.

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  • Toggl is probably one of the easiest timesheet applications you could possibly use on the Internet. Using integration with mobile devices, users can quickly track time while at a client's location without accessing the website. The variety of reports are detailed in order to develop continuing strategies, and the subscription fee is nominal compared to other applications on the Internet. While this may lack some of the tools and capabilities of other more expensive solutions, Toggl is one of those quick to set up apps that you should try before committing to subscription fees of others. Simplicity may be what you need.

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  • I long ago found Toggl. It does a wonderful job of tracking time and, in its basic version, can be used for free. For $5/mo, they throw in a ton of features, but I’ve yet to upgrade – the unpaid version does a wonderful job of meeting my needs.

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  • Toggl is ideal for individuals and teams who need an easy way to manage time and budgets. The application blends time tracking tools with billing tools to give the user a wide range of options. Most features are simple, but kept as flexible as possible. Small teams of fewer than five don’t have to pay for Toggl’s basic service. The paid subscription is very economical, even for small businesses and new startups.

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  • I’ve tried many time management apps over the last few months. Nothing else was compelling and lacked several features. When I started with Toggl, I was really apprehensive but after spending some time with it I must admit, I’m impressed. A job well done.Toggl simple to use and anyone can start using it without much training. It’s clean and robust, not something that pairs up more often. Their desktop version, in a way is more powerful for tracking and just gets better with Autopilot mode. With Basecamp and FreshBooks integration, it has become an indispensable tool in my workspace.I’d strongly recommend you this tool if you’re a freelancer or running a small business. And to answer your question, Yes: it’s a time tracking tool that indeed works.

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