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Relying on traditional business intelligence and using processes not optimized for today’s dynamic workforce means organizations are only getting part of the picture when making decisions.

Your best business results can only be achieved by accessing the power of Stakeholder Intelligence to make and execute better decisions.

andnbsp;We provide out-of-the-box Stakeholder Intelligence™ solutions that marry people, process, and technology to uncover the picture you need to drive better decisions.

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Features & Specifications

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  • Automatic Excel report of ideas, comments & results ranking
  • A guided approach to decison making
  • Anonymity encourages full participation from everyone
  • Templates
  • Invite who you want, when you want


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Critic Reviews

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  • In the past two years I have participated in over 50 community stakeholder "town hall" events involving hundreds of participants. The Powernoodle platform has consistently delivered value, impact and outcomes. It is simple, scalable and useful. I recommend that you try it in your next community meeting.

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    Jennifer L Rieff

    I have never heard of Power Noodle before simply due to the fact that I am not involved in the business aspect of my job. Power Noodle is a business decision-making company that involves stakeholder intelligence solutions as well as one's business intelligence to clearly make business decisions. According to their website, Power Noodle 'provides out-of-the-box Stakeholder Intelligence solutions' that merge together people, the process, and technology to divulge the canvas one's business need to expedite better decisions. The Stakeholder intelligence involves the knowledge that is needed to symphonize, classify, scrutinize and make better decisions. The Business Intelligence involves the data-driven information needed to make decisions. Power Noodle just merges the two entities to make better overall decisions.

    Pros :

    • I was very impressed with the open-minded thinking strategy that Power Noodle provides for businesses.
    • I believe that it is a company that is not a fly-by-night but one that is going to make a definite impact in companies decisions.
    • PowerNoodle solutions are based on research and a proven "cloud software platform" that involves best practices which is integrated into the solution to make the process straight forward but also structured which provides guidance to businesses.
    • PowerNoodle provides unique decision-making solutions that are developed based on the needs of each individual business. I believe this strategy will allow Power Noodle to succeed and grow just as it provides the means for business to create "out-of-the-box" solutions.

    Cons :

    • Each individual business who is seeking the type of business decision making solutions that Power Noodle provides, going to need to contact them via email or phone to allow individual pricing. I would assume that not all businesses would require the same amount of 'help'. Therefore, there would possibly be different costs involved.

    • July 8, 2016
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