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Nozbe is a feature-rich and powerful web application, designed especially for organizing your life using the Getting things done methodology.

The application has been around for over four years now, and the truth is, that it’s mature and pretty stable, marketed mostly as a commercial product, though free, limited accounts can be created by users.

Nozbe has a well designed and fast interface, extremely user friendly, with big buttons and much on-screen space. If you’ve been playing with at least one task management web application, you will need no user manual or further instructions to use it.

One of the most strong advantages on Nozbe, is the simplicity of the user interface. Once setting up your actions in it, you get the feeling that everything is on its place. Projects on the left, contexts on the right and a huge next actions link on top. You can work your lists easily, adding items one by one, or in bulk by entering lists directly and reorder them giving priority to more important actions.

Additionally, project support notes and file attachments, form an enormously useful feature, missing from the majority of GTD managers, although being a vital part on project planning and execution, and Evernote support will make your day: Just tag your notes with your project/context names and there they are just below your lists.

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  • For 1-2 people
  • Productivity
  • Mobility
  • Collaboration
  • Inspiration
  • More power!
  • Security
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  • 74

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  • The bottom line is that Nozbe is an outstanding task management and time management platform. It’s designed to help you manage a wide range of activities and remember even the smallest details.

  • People who want to improve on their personal and organizational productivity, especially through concepts of GTD, can find in Nozbe a great productivity tool. This time management application will help them achieve greater performance and capacity by instilling focus and clarity in how they go about in their professional work and personal lives.

  • Overall, Nozbe is a GTD web app I’d recommend to anyone looking for a free and flexible solution. And if you feel that you need to expand your team or require more than five projects, upgrading to any of the premium plans can be done in-app. At the end of the day, as you organize and complete your daily to-dos, you understand and experience the results of one of the most effective productivity systems known in the business world.

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