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Nirvana or Nirvanahq.com is an online task manager. Here you can create tasks from whatever's on your mind and prioritize them by organizing them into different categories. The Nirvana program is sleek and simple to operate. 

Once you create an account and log in, you'll be taken to your task managing home page. The panel on the left hand side of your screen is where you can create and organize your tasks.

The "inbox" is where you can create tasks as they come to you before you decide where you want to put them. The "actions" section is where you can place tasks depending on their level of priority. "Focus" is where you can put high priority tasks. The "Projects" section is where you can organize tasks into projects, with each project holding multiple tasks. Finally, "cleanup" is where you can view the history of your completed tasks, and delete tasks you've created.

To create a task, click the "new task" button at the top. A window will pop open that will let you type in a task name and description. The "tags" option is where you can type in keywords to your task if later on you want to search for tasks by a keyword.

On the right, the various dropdown arrows can categorize your task further. Click the inbox dropdown arrow to choose where you want to place the new task. When you finish click "save changes". The task is now created.

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  • Settling down with a productivity app built to tackle such a complex matter is, most of the time, a losing game, leading many users to keep scavenging for alternatives instead of getting things done, but no tool fits every hand and you may need to give up a little to use an app to assist in your task management. You gonna crack some eggs, but the right app for you will minimize these losses to a barely noticeable value. Nirvana is that kind of application for me.

  • If your primary usage is going to be via web with light reliance on an iPhone app, you can’t go wrong with Nirvana. If you’re a Mac or Android user, or if you frequently need to work somewhere that internet access is not readily available, I’d recommend you try Doit instead.

  • If you’re looking for an online web app GTD solution Nirvana is one of the very best available. The fact it performs and looks better than many full ‘software’ applications is a real achievement. The iPhone app is functional but the lack of features (reminders & search) can be a problem and again Android users are left waiting in the wings.

    I’d recommend Nirvana to anyone who’s picked up the Getting Things Done book and were looking for their 1st GTD trusted system and to seasoned GTD users that just want a robust GTD online system.

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