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  • Best Overall Project MGMT System Available

    Our website design & marketing team was looking for a project management system that could handle simple communication between ourselves and clients, management of both simple and complex projects as well as management of project financials/budgets. After hours and hours of research, we found that Mavenlink was the only system available that could do all of the above. We've been very happy so far with Mavenlink and their development team's noticeably frequent improvements to it. We look forward to using it in the coming years and highly recommend it for teams that need to stay organized and possibly manage project financials as well.

    Pros : - Best overall feature set out of all systems available on the market - Modern, ever-improving interface design

    Cons : - Only a small con: The only hurdle we've had so far is that we are forced to use a separate system to handle our invoicing (due to our industry/billing needs) and Mavenlink is built to use either their inbuilt invoicing system and/or Quickbooks as the basis for invoice management.

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    Project Management tool and more

    My sole purpose in getting this software was to replace 3 applications I was using that Mavenlink did in one. It manages my projects, tracks our time, expenses and reports our metrics.

    Pros : I am able to build our project plans, assign users to their tasks, give them insight into their activities, budgets, timelines. We can track their billable and non-billable time easily now. Expenses are logged and tracked to the projects. In addition the reporting available allows me to see quickly how each project is doing.

    Cons : The expenses needs to be worked out but Mavenlink has bridged that gap until they can enhance that part of the product with reporting.

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    So call me a Mavenlink evangelist...

    We use Mavenlink to manage dozens of concurrent project engagements across a number of development teams. I appreciate the elegance of the UI, the ease with which we were able to implement it in our organization, the flexibility and built-in reporting capabilities of the core product. Rate cards and financials integration is well done, and resource planning continues to be improved with intelligent updates. I highly recommend the Business Insights add-on; the extended reporting capabilities are well-thought-out. As important as the product capabilities are, the staff at Mavenlink are superb - Our Client Success rep is communicative, super-responsive and was exceptionally helpful when we cut over from our old tools for time tracking and task management.

    Pros : Excellent built-in reporting, easy to set up for all members of the team. Does a great job with task, project, and role-level budgeting and financial reporting.

    Cons : Doesn't retain customized views in the Gantt mode. Resource planning is good, but not quite there yet in terms of plotting multiple concurrent and projected engagements at the role level - but they're working on it. Converting estimated hours to scheduled hours works, but isn't as effortless as it could be.

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  • While Mavenlink is limited in features and benefits for large organizations, it is a reputable project management solution for small teams and start-ups. Mavenlink constantly updates its software and has excellent security and support. Customers can access representatives any time to help them troubleshoot problems. The software is affordable for most businesses and integrates with common third=party applications to help these smaller organizations run smoothly.

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  • This software earns a high rating on cost-benefit ratio. It allows you to do so many things, and it moves fluidly through the various available views. It’s key to note that it is so intuitive and user friendly, your team will pick it up easily. They won’t avoid using it because they can’t figure it out, and that alone puts it at the head of the class. Because it’s cloud-based, your team can use it from their various locations, and even if two people are using it simultaneously at different places, Mavenlink simply handles it.

    The bottom-line recommendation is to jump right in and give Mavenlink a try. Even if you question whether you’re a project manager maven, it’ll make you feel like one.

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  • I already like Mavenlink quite a lot, and believe that it is only going to get better with time. To be sure, it lacks many of the bells and whistles you can get from bigger, more established software providers, but I think this program has only just begun to tap into its full potential. Mavenlink’s dedication to R&D and strong focus on customer feedback has already resulted in an elegant, well-designed project management solution. In a few years, I have no doubt that Mavenlink will be one of the premier software programs in this industry. My advice would be to get on board now, especially if you are running a small or medium-sized business or are trying to launch a start-up.

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  • Mavenlink's excellent scheduling tools make it well-suited for larger teams with several projects, though high-end plans can get pricey.

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  • Ease-of-use

    The dashboard is intuitive. Deploying projects and setting up users can be done in a matter of minutes. The activity feed keeps all communication in a centralized place while still allowing for filters and delineations where necessary.


    We're a digital marketing agency, so every project is a little different. The nice thing about Mavenlink is that we can alter the way we use it depending upon the client. Some clients are task heavy, while others just need communication managed and tracked. There are projects that have heavy nesting of interdependent relationships and projects that require constant adjustment of budget and turnaround times. Whatever we encounter, we're able to adjust the use of the tool to suit our needs.

    Product Quality

    The application is well-built and operates seamlessly. Like most enterprise level cloud applications, you shouldn't experience any downtime, and the speed is limited only by our own internet connection. It integrates with Google Apps, which is huge! The mobile version of the application allows for enough functionality to get the job done while not trying to bog the workspace down and decrease the mobile usability.

    Customer Support

    Amazing! This is where Mavenlink really shines. They're not only available to help with "normal" issues like training you on the product, but they've been awesome at helping us determine how to use the tool for our own business. Their Director of Customer Experience is very responsive and has found herself on my email speed dial! Anytime we have a special case project, I know we can give them a shout and receive immediate support on how to approach it.

    Likes Best

    Mavenlink strikes the perfect balance between robustness and ease of use. Project management is absolutely essential to our business so it's important that we're given the tools necessary to effectively manage projects. However, vast tool sets typically come tethered with the disadvantage of cumbersome and/or difficult functionality. Mavenlink has navigated this issue masterfully and provides a tool that is powerful and yet intuitive and easy to use.

    I'm also very impressed with their constant push for improvement. We have been using Mavenlink for a year and a half and have found that they are constantly pushing out new updates, upgrades, features, etc. They take user recommendations and requests seriously and strive to make their product better on an ongoing basis, which is not an easy task when your product is pretty solid to begin with.

    Likes Least

    I would love to see recurring project management integrated with the tool, both from an invoicing standpoint and a task management standpoint. I believe this is on the horizon but hasn't rolled out yet.


    Use the project workspace! That's what sold us on Mavenlink. You can jump on a call, do the demo process with salespeople, and still walk away knowing little more than you did before the call. I believe that to be true for every SaaS product. The features are only as important as they apply to your business. Try the demo! Sign up and use it, I think you'll be pretty surprised at how Mavenlink's environment can be customized to suit your needs and workflow.

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  • Mavenlink looks to have a great deal of potential for organizations that need a detailed method for project management. However, not being able to compare pricing with competitors unless you invest time and energy exploring the possibility makes it unattractive as a solution to many. With the sheer amount of competition on the Internet for project management, the company could be more open with certain details. On the other hand, the app does include a great deal of integrations and features that could make the experience worth the time it takes to explore the software.

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  • In a few years, I have no doubt that Mavenlink will be one of the premier software programs in this industry. My advice would be to get on board now, especially if you are running a small or medium-sized business or are trying to launch a start-up.

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  • This Software-as-a-Service platform has allowed professional service providers and their clients to efficiently manage projects from start to finish. The collaboration and PM functionality, together with invoicing, online payments, and integration features with Google Apps has made it simple yet powerful at the same time. It is now advertized as the number one app in the Google Apps Marketplace. It is currently being used in 190 countries worldwide.

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  • Mavenlink is an impressive application and very similar to Smartsheet, with a very short learning curve its an extremely powerful project management tool for business users. Its existing set of features are worthy of a trial for new users or even for those who are looking for an efficient project or task management solution.

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