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Eventbrite takes a technology first approach to self-service event planning software. Whether you’re planning a massive concert or an intimate cooking class, our event planning software can help you create a customized event page, sell tickets online, gather information about your attendees, and manage entry at the door. We believe that anyone bringing people together—from professional promoters to passionate crafters deserves event planning software that makes it easier to setup and manage your event.

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Features & Specifications

Key Features

  • Event webpage with logos, images, and URL
  • Accessible anywhere
  • Send barcoded tickets


Supported languages
English, French, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Swedish
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World Wide
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  • Web Based
  • Mobile Web
  • Desktop Windows
  • Desktop Mac OSX
  • Desktop Linux
  • Mobile App IOS
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API availability
API is available. Protocol / Formats : HTTP, JSON .
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Critic Reviews

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  • It is a great app for organising all your events both online and onsite. We have been using it for over a year organising more than 20 internal and external events per month and it has proven to be a very productive and cost-effective app.

    Pros : Ease of use Price Fast deployment

    Cons : Problems with the search in website integration

  • Eventbrite Use Cases and Deployment ScopeI used Eventbrite while working the marketing and communications department at my university as a student worker. We used the software to manage ticketing for many higher profile on campus events, such as concerts, lectures, conferences, and the like. So to answer your question about whether it was used in a department or across the entire organization, the answer is yes. Our usage in the marketing and communications department covered the university's need for ticketing management.

    Pros : Tracks attendee numbers and information.Keeps attendees informed of event details.Lets attendees know when more events are coming.

    Cons : Could have better integration with social media beyond hyperlinks (i.e., automatically creates a formatted Facebook event).Could integrate better into other organization's websites.

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User Reviews

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    Rebecca Sealfon

    I love Eventbrite. I can easily post a beautiful-looking event description and publicize the event to Eventbrite's extensive community. andnbsp;Sometimes, I even use Eventbrite to search for events I would want to attend myself. Registering for events is simple, and so is selling and buying tickets. andnbsp;Eventbrite is one of the premier event coordination platforms, and it's here to stay. It would be difficult for another platform to duplicate Eventbrite's user community, even if it could rival its excellent set of features and interface. andnbsp;Eventbrite is a platform many people will naturally gravitate toward simply for attending or holding events, and there is a reason.

    Pros :

    • First, I would like to start with Eventbrite's extensive user community, a feature that can only be gained by being an early entrant into the event promotion market.
    • Many people search for events on Eventbrite, to the point where posting on Eventbrite is itself a publicity tool. andnbsp;
    • When I added events to Eventbrite, many people found them there. Only Meetup has a community to rival or exceed Eventbrite (depending on the size of one's Meetup group), but Eventbrite is far more flexible with multiple price tiers. andnbsp;
    • Unlike Meetup, it supports the creation of events with as many price tiers as one would want. It even has built-in analytics for event organizers.

    Cons :

    • For people who wish to find events, Eventbrite is not as useful as it could be. Its search engine could be improved.
    • andnbsp;Another way Eventbrite could be better is to enable event organizers to tag events, which would help with the search. Eventbrite often doesn't nail the combination of location and event category I am looking for. andnbsp;In addition, Eventbrite takes a percentage of ticket proceeds.
    • It offers the option of integration with PayPal, which takes a higher percentage of the ticket proceeds, but Eventbrite as a payment platform tends to charge more than most of the others on the market.
    • I'd also like to see integration with Meetup, as there is quite a lot of cross-posting between the two platforms.

    • January 7, 2017
  • User review from


    Eventbrite is basically a service within a website that makes it much easier for consumers or really anyone to plan or sell tickets for any type of events. Then after that, you can share it across social media using the sites very interactive features.

    I recently used this site when I was planning a few volunteer events that I wanted to sell tickets on and get the biggest group of people out there that I could. I wanted to sell about 500 tickets, and this was perfect. Getting signed up was very easy as it basically walks you through how you need to set up everything, how to sell tickets, how to get associated with social media sites like Facebook, etc. It is very easy to use, the UI is very clean and very enjoyable to be on the website!

    Pros :

    • Eventbrite has great prices on events as well.
    • If you have any media that you would like to share, then you can probably get your site up and run in less than 90 minutes or so. I rally like how to get this set up with your Facebook sales pages this way with social media it really can expand your total audience.
    • I have used a similar competitor that did not use Facebook and believe me, I did not get the results I wanted :) I went from only being able to sell about 50 tickets to now being able to get the word out there for my different types of events to now about 500 tickets.
    • It is very easy to do. I actually have called customer service and only spoke to nice people. They kept asking me if there was something else they can help me with a few times which I thought was funny but maybe they forgot they already asked.
    • Overall, I would highly recommend Eventbrite for a small to medium size event you are planning. I'm looking forward to the next event I can use this company with!

    Cons :

    • The handling fee is quite expensive compared to other sites, but this is nothing to get too concerned about.

    • June 24, 2016
  • User review from

    Cheryl Cross

    I think Eventbrite is a great tool when searching for events. The filters make it very easy to find what you’re looking for. I really enjoy that you can search for free and paid events. If my company was hosting an event, I would definitely consider using Eventbrite to do so. I really use it to find events to attend like networking or even training. Being able to search by free is great because they do offer a good amount of events you can attend at no cost.

    Pros :

    • I find it to be very easy to find local events, especially for networking or training.
    • The categories and location filters make it very easy to search.
    • You can even filter by paid and free events, which is very helpful. Registering for events is easy as well.
    • I didn’t have any issues paying for events through the tool either.
    • The process was very secure.
    • In addition, with Eventbrite, you can easily see what events you have previously registered for by going under tickets in the drop navigation under your name.
    • Another feature I really enjoy is the ability to add the events you register for to your calendar.
    • This makes it really simple to keep track of what you have registered for.
    • Social sharing is a great feature especially if you want to email an event you’re interested in registering for to a friend or coworker.
    • You can even see if any of your friends have already registered for an event.
    • Even though I don’t use the tool to create events,
    • I would definitely use it if I ever had the need. So many people use the tool to look for events, so it would definitely drive a good amount of traffic to it.

    Cons :

    • I really don't have any dislikes, but I also have never used the tool to create an event. It is easy enough to filter and search for events I am interested in.
    • I might suggest adding a networking or training category to search by.

    • May 27, 2016
  • User review from

    Andrea Kowalski

    I've used EventBrite both to host/manage events, and to register for events that I have attended. As an attendee, I had found it easy to register with clear UX, ample space for information provided, and even a waitlist when the event happened to be full.

    As an event host/sponsor, I found it easy to set up my event in terms of information and payment structure. My attendees seemed very comfortable using it to register, and it was an easy way to provide a semi-professional-looking landing page. I would recommend this tool as a fast and easy out-of-the-box solution.

    Pros :

    • As an attendee: Easy to use! Prompt receipt options. Easy refund process.
    • As a host: Easy to set up! You can get your event up and run in less than an hour. Good tracking of signup metrics, as well -- you can opt in for email notification each time a new attendee registers. The payout was prompt, and I appreciated the waitlist to create more of a supply-demand for the event.
    • The event details were easy to edit when I realized I forgot to add my refund policy.

    Cons :

    • As an attendee: The EventBrite transaction fee reminded me of Ticketmaster. I did not appreciate paying more than the actual event ticket price.
    • As a host: I appreciate that EventBrite allowed my attendees to absorb the transaction costs, making it more financially feasible for me to host the event. Financial reporting was very basic and could be more robust. Also, I would have appreciated more opportunity to use less EventBrite branding on my landing page and more of my own branding -- I believe it would create a more professional-looking package.
    • Also, an option to go beyond the WSYWIG editor and make basic changes in the code for the event description would be very helpful for those who have basic HTML skills.

    • April 5, 2016
  • User review from

    Marc Herschberger

    Eventbrite is probably the best answer to the problems faced by businesses and organizations hosting events when it comes to creating, hosting and promoting said events. With a great (yet still slightly rigid) front-facing layout and relatively easy to use back-end user interface, creating a promotable event registration page has never been easier. The best part about all of this is that it's free to use so long as your event doesn’t charge attendees! Even when you charge for your event, it's still reasonably priced and makes it easy to pay for your registrants.

    It's no wonder some of the largest event companies around the world like Tough Mudder are using Eventbrite for their registration process.

    Pros :

    • Eventbrite provides a powerful system that makes it easy to create, promote and track registration and attendance for events.
    • The event creation process is straightforward and allows for customization.
    • The registration process integrates well with different marketing interfaces like HubSpot, allowing for even more detailed marketing actions to take place before and after events and the analytics and reporting section gives you great insight into how successful your event was.
    • The registrant-facing side is extremely simple and user-friendly, and the mobile application makes checking in attendants a breeze.
    • The knowledge base and support system set up on the website and through customer service is extensive, allowing you to find information and answers needed through any channel you would like.

    Cons :

    • There honestly aren't too many cons that I can think of aside from the paid feature being required for any events that charge for tickets, but even then that's easily understood.
    • Designing the registration page to fit exactly what your brand requires can require some technical/coding experience to ensure that you get everything right. Even then, it can be somewhat restricting. It’s also hard to initially find the area in the registration dashboard to do these customizations and the preview function could be slightly better.

    • December 1, 2015
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