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Changepoint sophisticated new budgeting and invoicing capabilities bring granular financial control to the entire customer lifecycle, helping your PSO reach new levels of financial performance.

Budget over runs and a lack of financial visibility and transparency can directly impact a PSO and PMO’s business performance and reputation. Changepoint eliminates this risk by bringing the power of the budget into every stage of the customer lifecycle, helping your organization reach the next level of financial maturity.

The invoicing process isn’t difficult. But it can be labor intensive. And for busy IT services and professional services organizations, there’s the risk that your invoicing efforts fall out of step with project milestones, or exceed important contractual agreements. Changepoint puts the focus on streamlining this vital business process, making invoicing better, faster, and always in synch with project milestones and customer contracts.

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Features & Specifications

Key Features

  • Single, integrated platform
  • Gain the insight and control you need
  • Greater control over projects


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  • Changepoint Use Cases and Deployment ScopeChange point was reviewed and purchased as a common portfolio management and project management centralized point of data for both IT and business users at a healthcare insurance company in MN. It's primary audience was IT personnel, and was the foundation for capturing all IT projects and the entire project management lifecycle. In addition, one of the key benefits was to replace the time tracking tool that was in place at the time using Changepoint functionality.

    Pros : Project management functionality is solid. The PM can navigate in this tool relatively easily and gain access to reporting fairly easily.The reporting overall is good. Dashboards were well received by our mgmt at the timeThe training and support team for us was second to none from a knowledge/timeliness and "guidance" perspective

    Cons : There were whole sections of the tool at the time that were not very intuitive. Simpler is better and your screen designs should reflect thatDesign your reporting interfaces for your key audience members- IT executives, IT Project Mgmt Leaders, Project Team members, Key stakeholders, etc. and design the dashboards and reports with those teams in mindBe crystal clear on what Changepoint does better than the competition, and if it isn't perceived as better, communicate the plan to get there and a

  • New enhancements are improving overall product usability. Users can now select where user-configurable fields and system defined fields can be positioned so as to make data entry and workflow more logical for users. Additional report distribution capabilities (e.g., to Internet Explorer, Firefox in html format or Microsoft Excel) for non-Changepoint users such as business executives have also been added. To extend existing dashboard Portal capabilities, role-specific Portal templating has been added. Now, users only input or complete the information that is relevant to their position and/or project. Managers have access to reports via their portals that are specific to the initiatives under their control.

  • Directed toward companies that provide professional services, Changepoint is designed for use in small to large enterprises. While freelancers and small businesses might find some aspects of Changepoint helpful, the best benefits are likely to be experienced by midsize organizations.

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