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About Bitrix24

Bitrix24 is an online business collaboration platform. Bitrix24 serves users by providing tools such as a CRM, document management, tasking, time management, and project management integrated in a social-style environment which incorporates user profiles, liking, commenting, instant messaging, and content sharing.

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Features & Specifications

Key Features

  • Built-in CRM with reports, funnels, billing&invoicing, email
  • File sharing and versioning
  • (and reporting)


Supported languages
English, Spanish, German, Russian
Serviceable Area
World Wide
Supported Platforms
  • Web Based
  • Mobile Web
  • Desktop Windows
  • Desktop Mac OSX
  • Desktop Linux
  • Mobile App IOS
  • Mobile App Android
API availability
API is available. Protocol / Formats : JSON, REST .
Access the API documentation
Bitrix24 integrates with Yammer and more than 9 other solutions. View details
Support Options
  • FAQs
  • Knowledge Base
  • Online Support
  • Video Tutorials
Security and privacy
  • Encryption of data at rest
  • SSL for all pages in application domain
  • Multi-factor authentification
  • Multiple Location Data backup

Ratings Summary

Metric Score Rank
cloudswave Score
Domain Authority 52
Alexa Rank 7344
Facebook 73
Twitter 58
Google+ 82
Integration 54
Security 100
Support options 90
Platforms 90
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  • 5 Gb
  • Social Communications
  • TasksandProjects
  • FileandDocument Sharing 
  • Calendars
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  • Unlimited users
  • 50 Gb
  • Social Communications
  • TasksandProjects
  • FileandDocument Sharing
  • Calendars
  • CRM
  • Extranet


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  • Unlimited users
  • 100 Gb
  • Social Communications
  • TasksandProjects
  • FileandDocument Sharing
  • Calendars
  • CRM
  • Extranet
  • Time Management
  • Meetings
  • Reports
  • Own domain name

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Bitrix24 Review by Cloudswave

Effective communication is central to all collaboration. And in today’s business landscape where customers require answers to their queries in the quickest but most efficient manner possible, collaboration among work colleagues through email no longer cuts it.
Think of the email back and forth, the possibility of leaving relevant people out of threads, or downloading file attachments that are outdated. Every time you need to onboard new participants into ongoing discussions, you will have to explain things again and again to keep them in the loop.
Sounds like a pain, eh?
This is why social intranets for corporate communication are becoming more and more popular.  

What exactly is a social intranet?

In the old days, intranets, which are internal websites with information to help employees get things done, were primarily used to store employee data or to download leave application forms. In other words, they weren’t used much for collaborative purposes.
Nowadays, intranets have entered the social realm, and much like social networking sites, come with features that encourage communication, participation, and collaboration not just within departments or specific silos but across entire organizations.
One of such intranets is Bitrix24, and Bitrix24 is more than just your regular social intranet.  

What is Bitrix24?

An app used by more than 500,000 small businesses and big-name brands like Volkswagen, Xerox, Samsung, Gazprom, KIA, PC Magazine, and Vogue, Bitrix24 is a cloud-based collaboration solution that combines a total of 30+ applications in one platform.
Free for teams with a maximum of 12 members, it’s equipped with essential business tools like CRM, activity stream, real-time individual and group messaging, voice and video calling, workflow management, file sharing, photo gallery, calendars, telephony, project management, time tracking, task reports, event scheduling, ticketing and helpdesk, HR management, among others.  

Bitrix24 features explained

Activity stream

With functionalities reminiscent of social media sites, Bitrix24’s social intranet allows teams to easily communicate and collaborate anywhere, anytime, and on any device. The activity stream is an interactive status feed where updates show up in real time, so people know what others in the group are doing and how projects are faring.
You can choose which types of activity to be updated about, so you don’t get inundated with statuses and updates that have nothing to do with you or the projects you’re working on.
Anyone in a group can start discussion threads and share images, documents, and other files – a handy tool when inputs or ideas are needed for a task or project. Aside from the activity stream, to collaborate with other team members, private or group conversations can be initialized.
Just like on Facebook, updates can be liked, and liked content show up first in search results. Bitrix24 also has an announcement feature where updates, such as urgent or important announcements everyone in the organization need to know about, are posted on the right-hand side of the screen until they’re marked read.
Supervisors and managers can use badges and awards to commend individual staff or the entire team for a job well done – a great way to motivate employees to perform better. Bitrix24 also hosts photo galleries. Multiple pictures can be uploaded all at once using the bulk loader, and other users can like or comment on the photos as they deem necessary.  


Another important Bitrix24 feature is its CRM capability, which allows you to keep your contact lists organized, such as your lists of clients, leads, vendor partners, contractors and freelancers, customer service agents, and so on.
New events or actions such as tasks, messages, phone calls, emails, notes, and meetings tied to a contact can automatically be logged to the correct CRM element. For example, through Bitrix24’s Send and Save Email integration function, incoming emails are automatically appended to the correct contact, lead, or company.
To keep things more organized, easier to locate, and harder to miss, Bitrix24 automatically pushes all actions and events relating to an existing CRM record in the CRM-only activity screen.
The CRM deal dashboard, which provides visual insights into your deal pipeline, shows you via graphs and charts your team’s deal progress: sales funnel, total value, deals won, deals in progress, deals by employee, invoiced versus uninvoiced sales, number of deals in progress, number of calls, activity count, and number of deals on hold.  

Real-time communication

Bitrix24 provides multiple ways for teams to communicate task and project updates, ask questions, and share knowledge in real time: instant messaging, mobile messaging, group chat, voice calls, and video conferencing with screen sharing.
The instant messaging feature, just like other IM tools, has a status indicator you can set from “online” to “away,” to “don’t disturb.” When you set it to “don’t disturb” mode, messages don’t pop up to distract you from the work at hand. The only way you know you have new messages is via the number of messages in the notifications indicator.
Desktop notifications can be enabled, so you’re alerted of new messages even when Bitrix24 isn’t your active screen.
For urgent conversations or brainstorming sessions, initiate a group chat with colleagues, even external collaborators. Chat sessions can be saved for future reference. Bitrix24’s video conferencing feature lets you chat with up to four people at any given time. You can share screens and use the instant messenger during a video call.  

Tasks and projects

Personal tasks and group projects can be organized with Bitrix24’s task and project management functionality. Tasks are assigned to individuals, while projects are awarded to teams. Tasks that make up a project are only visible and accessible to relevant team members. Time spent on tasks can automatically be tracked, and projects can be planned in the extranet, so clients and outside partners can participate in discussions as well.
Color-coded Gantt charts allow you to visualize the status of a project, if it’s moving along as planned, the dependencies among the many different tasks, and the team members responsible for each task. A handy task counter is likewise available for supervisors and managers to keep track of projects that are overdue, without an assigned deadline, among other things.
For tasks that involve multiple participants or complex procedures that need to be followed to the letter, a checklist can be added to the task. For repetitive tasks, templates can be used and processes automated using the built-in business process designer.
Workgroups can be created for projects, so all project-related communications, plans, files, documents, and updates can be kept in one place. Updates and modifications can be made anytime, and notifications are automatically sent to people involved so everyone’s on the same page.  

Human resources management system (HRMS)

Bitrix24’s HRMS carries core HR features such as a self-service portal for leave applications and approvals, an employee directory, work reports, organizational chart, appreciation badges, digital punch clock, and more. The employee database is easily searchable through relevant keywords and phrases, and user profiles provide essential employee information such as designation, department, email address, mobile number, Skype user ID, and internal phone extension.
An online status indicator identifies users who are available for instant messaging, a feature especially useful for project managers looking to immediately staff their projects with the most qualified people in the organization’s roster.
The company’s organizational chart helps if you need to know who heads a particular department, an employee’s immediate superior, whom to send reports, and so on. Depending on your work reporting schedules and protocols, Bitrix24 can be set up to remind employees of mandatory reports on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.
Bitrix24 administrators can invite staff and other users into the system, and user permissions and access rights are assigned based on each user’s role in the organization. For example, an external collaborator, such as a contractor or freelancer, can only be granted read-only access to project-related files.
Bitrix24’s clock-in/out feature helps you set fixed or flexible work schedules for each of your employees, and all logged times are saved as basis for their daily, weekly, or monthly work reports.
Downloadable forms and other documents can be stored in the system, and approval workflows such as leave and time-off requests, expense reports, and general helpdesk requests can be automated via Bitrix24’s business processes, which are readily available via the Processes menu in the activity stream.
Custom workflows can be designed from scratch, and third-party workflows from Bitrix24’s app marketplace can also be integrated into your processes at no cost.  

Other features

Other Bitrix24 features worth mentioning are the Bitrix24 mobile app (available on Android and iOS devices) so you can access your intranet portal, CRM, and HRMS while on the go, the Bitrix24.Drive for document management and collaboration, integrated personal and workgroup calendars, and VoIP so you can instantly place domestic and internal calls directly from the CRM.  

Should you use Bitrix24?

There are multiple reasons to check out Bitrix24, but two stick out like sore thumbs. One, it combines many different business tools in one place. This means no more switching between disparate applications to get things done. And two, it’s free for teams with a maximum of 12 members.
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Critic Reviews

  • 74

    Cloudswave Score for Bitrix24

    Rating based on 56 Critic Reviews

    42 Favorable reviews
    91 %
    3 Mixed reviews
    7 %
    1 unfavorable reviews
    2 %
  • My small business is expanding, and we needed a better way to work and collaborate with our business partners. Bitrix24 was recommended, and it is a great solution. As we are small, all the high quality features are available at no cost.

    Pros : Collaboration, project planning, and setting schedules are the things most important to us. Bitrix24 makes it simple to get everyone on the same page!

    Cons : There are many options for connecting and linking other email accounts and domains. I would be helpful to have some recommended configurations on the best practices for various situations as a guide.

  • Overall Bitrix24 is a very impressive free CRM. While I only mentioned working with documents, Bitrix24 also has CRM activity stream, project management, video conferencing, HelpDesk and HR tools. Not all things run smoothly and some features can be quite confusing, but if you want CRM that works with documents seamlessly, you absolutely should give Bitrix24 a try.

  • What do you like best?

    We used Bitrix24 for a while on our team at work and it had some nice features like easy file sharing and communication amongst team members. It was relatively easy to set up.

    What do you dislike?

    Bitrix24 just wasn't right for us. We mainly used it for task management but the interface was a little clunky and just didn't work for our needs. We ended up switching to a much simpler solution, Asana, which works great for our needs.

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User Reviews

  • 3 In total

  • User review from

    Esteban Castillo

    We worked with Bitrix24 for about a year. It is really customizable on the Sales Process stages. But the way it works it's not that good. In every step of a sales opportunity, you get a lot of important information. On bitrix24, you can get a lot of information on the Lead process, and when you convert that Lead into a Deal Opportunity, all the information get lost, since that "lead" still continues as a "lead". So if you have information from calls, or you want to listen to a past call before contacting them again, you can´t do it. Also, it makes it really hard to work on it, since it is mostly a Sales CRM. Which makes it difficult when you have to share information with other departments.

    The biggest problem I had with Bitrix24, was that they have the ability to let their CRM do everything you want to do. (or so they say). It´s just really complicated to do it. It lets you connect different landing pages to have everything there. But it doesn´t integrate, it just lets you see it.

    If you are able to have it work exactly how you want it, fast. Meaning that what you want to do, and what you are doing is quite simple, with a simple process and won't be really customized, it might be good. If not it would mean more time spent trying to figure out how to work with the CRM than actually using the CRM to work.

    Pros :

    • The price compared to some other alternatives, and the fact that it lets you customize the whole sales process.

    Cons :

    • The loss of information between Leads and Deals, the fact that you can´t connect and work with different departments of your company (if you can, it´s not really easy and makes it more work and won´t let you be fast and efficient as a company)

    • June 8, 2016
  • User review from

    José Abel López Gónzalez

    With Bitrix24, you can go from working just by emails, meetings and chats, to a full Intranet in seconds. As soon as you enter, the Activity Stream is your home. From there you can send a message to a person or the entire team, send a file, create an event, a process and even more with the option of pools, appreciation or announcements. But before you go down, look at the top. This is something I like. They have this huge smart search at the top that will make it easy to find anything on your intranet.

    On the right of that bar is the hour with a small flag on its side. This is very useful to see your task list for the day or add new ones very fast… but, (yeah a but), this small lists doesn’t let you prioritize the list and is even confusing with the little button of lines that shows up when you are hovering with the mouse. It makes me think is a “drag control”, but is a menu to give me the option to delete the task from this list.

    Now if you enter the task list, you will see more details. In my case, I was kind of amazed by the amount of options you find when you hit to create a new task in that section, and the UI needs to be updated as it looks a little old to me. There you can set the task’s name, who is responsible, the priority level, the deadline etc. and add description, attachments, CRM items participants, observers and dependencies.

    The task section lets you create projects, see a Gantt and track time. One part that I consider a good surprise is the Company Pulse. With that you can see how your team is using the system and what’s going on in your internal network, tasks, projects, chat, drive, app and CRM. All this filtered by time periods or even by a team member. My humble recommendation is that you at least give this tool a try and test out its options. It’s very powerful and may require time to get used, but will be worth the effort.

    Pros :

    • A huge set of options to kick start a small business intranet.

    Cons :

    • The mobile app is kind of slow.

    • December 1, 2015
  • User review from

    Marco Marcello Montes Skertchly

    In this year, we moved from Skype and Todoist to Glip, when I meet Bitrix, I wanted to change again, Now we are in an evaluation process. I find Bitrix a more robust product, it has some report to measure personal performance, "the pulse" of the companies brings "gamification" motivation to teams and the enterprise. It has a lot of tools, all of them integrated. I consider that our evaluation will finish in this year and maybe we will being moved to Bitrix in the first months of 2016.

    Pros :

    • Very affordable.
    • Big platform, with very nice integration.

    Cons :

    • I don´t like the approach that the on-premises version have more functions than the cloud one, should be nice to.

    • November 4, 2015
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Alternatives to Bitrix24

FAQs for Bitrix24

If you think Facebook is a fun and easy way to communicate and collaborate with friends and family, imagine being able to do the same inside your organization – all within the context of work, of course.
Bitrix24 is a cloud-based internal social network that enables teams to collaborate faster, easier, and more efficiently. Continue reading this FAQ and learn more about Bitrix24.

What's great about Bitrix24?

Bitrix24 combines 30+ business tools in one application. It's a social collaboration platform that also provides apps for project management, CRM, online storage, chat and video, webmail, calendaring, HR management, and more. It’s a great way to get instant help and feedback from colleagues for projects and tasks you need done ASAP.

How much is Bitrix24 Cloud?

Bitrix24 is free to use for teams of up to 12 employees. The Plus plan, which costs $39 per month, can serve a maximum of 24 employees. If you run a micro business with a limited number of employees and need a unified platform for file sharing and collaboration, both of these plans can work for you.
If your organization employs more than 24 employees, you can choose between the Standard, which costs$99 per month, and Professional, which costs $199 per month, plans. Aside from file sharing and collaboration, these plans are best for tracking working hours and time spent by users on critical tasks and projects, as well as in managing meetings, briefings, and other events that regularly take place in an organization.
They also offer much larger storage capacities – from 100 GB to unlimited.

What if I need help?

If in need of technical assistance, you can use Bitrix24's help desk system. It's a knowledge base documenting questions from actual Bitrix24 users and the technical support team’s answer to each query.
Most of the questions you will probably have regarding your usage of Bitrix24 are already listed among the topics in their support page, including how-to videos. If needed, you can add your own questions and they will be promptly answered by Bitrix24’s customer care team. If you need to contact them by phone, a list of Bitrix24 partners and their contact information can also be found on their website.

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