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Don't let PC stress stop you from surfing the Internet, playing games and using multimedia applications the way you want. With PC Check & Tuning your PC will be running like new in mere minutes!

PC Check & Tuning automatically identifies and fixes system weaknesses and problems. Numerous optimizations as well as automatic software and device updates help to get old PCs back in shape and keep new PCs fast and powerful.

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PC Check & Tuning 2014

Single payment / 1 user(s)


  • Automatic tuning with PC Check
  • Automatic system monitoring
  • DriverandSoftware updates
  • Increase performance
  • Internet Tuning
  • Configure Windows
  • Netbook tuning
  • Save power
  • Clear up hard drive space
  • Delete files permanently
  • Delete your digital footprint
  • Rescueandrestore files
  • One-click quick maintenance
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    Luca Campanelli

    The Magix products, over the years, are increasingly specializing in professional software development and not, suited to all types of users, and despite developing software more and more different categories (although in my opinion has always been specializing in music and video editing software) always creating great products.

    Magix PC Check

    Pros :

    • As Magix is usual to do, the interface is very well designed, all features are distinct and icons are very attractive and intuitive, even an inexperienced user is then able to be autonomous even on first use.
    • For some more detailed features and specifications, it is instead necessary to know what kind of operations are being carried out to avoid doing damage.
    • By using this software you will have centralized management of your machine and you will be able to configure most of the crucial points of your PC, for example, you can configure the services currently running and select which of them are to start in automatic or manual or disabled, you can select the programs when windows starts disabling unnecessary ones, you can make a cleaning of the windows registry (this possibly requires a minimum of knowledge even if the procedure is fairly automatic), you can make the Degrag of hard disks and other optimizations.
    • Other useful features are the windows General configurations which are grouped all under one tab, configurations in terms of energy saving, control of performance, cleaning the hard disk by deleting unnecessary files such as temporary files and unused files, you have the ability to graphically display the heaviest folders, deleting internet history, etc. ..
    • Magix PC Check

      Cons :

      • Despite the target set by the program is to enhance performance of the computer, as regards the consumption of resources by the program, is not the most lightweight, it is therefore not recommended to install this product on a computer with little hardware performance or on PCs that have a CPU consumption too high, unless the high consumption of the CPU is not due to a wrong management of your applications.

      • May 16, 2016
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MAGIX PC Check and Tuning

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