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  • Drive Genius 3 is especially useful if you create or edit very large files. For this review, I tested version 3.2.2, but have also used version 1 and 2 in the past. The price of Drive Genius pales against the cost of a new hard drive. At about $7.60 per module, it helps you keep your machine lean and mean and working at peak efficiency.

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  • Drive Pulse, Defrag and drive testing are all things that are extremely handy. They work as you would expect and can improve your performance and keep your data safe. Although, Drive Genius is priced a little high due to the lack of features like directory rebuilding and the inclusion of utilities that are already included on your Mac. Its a decent piece of software, but I wouldn’t pay more then $70 for it.

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  • You won't need Prosoft Drive Genius 3 in the normal course of events. Minor file system mishaps will be catered for by Apple's automatic clean-up scripts.

    After that, Apple's standard Disk Utility will have a decent stab at file system repairs and will effect a repair in the majority of cases, but it can't cope with severe file system or partition problems.

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  • Over the years, Drive Genius has earned its reputation as an effective disk repair and analysis tool. This latest update adds to its standing and makes this excellent precautionary tool even better. Drive Genius won't help you recover from all your Mac's problems, but it's an important preventative tool that's worth having.

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  • As far as Mac recovery software goes, Drive Genius 3 is a shining example of what happens when developers put thought and care into their software. Mac hard drive recovery software can be dry and dense, but with this program you get an easy-to-use, fun-to-navigate powerhouse that approaches the problems of data loss and recovery from a new and innovative angle.

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  • Drive Genius 3 impressed me enough to add it to my core group of utilities for managing Mac performance and performing basic repairs. I like its straightforward interface, and how well the individual features work. I also like its ability to boot from the included DVD or a USB flash drive, and its ability to test for and warn me of potential problems before they become major inconveniences. The repartitioning feature is a more versatile method of volume resizing than Disk Utility offers. Although I didn't test the Defrag feature, if you need to optimize drive space for performance, an easy-to-use defrag tool is icing on the cake. I was disappointed by the Benchtest feature's inability to export data outside of the application, but for most users, that won't be a major issue.

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