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ConvertXtoDVD gives you the tools you need to take any video files from your computer and burn them to a DVD. While this procedure has always been possible, this program removes the complications and makes the process accessible to even novice users.

When you open this app, it's clear what you need to do to add files, how to make any desired adjustments, and then convert and burn them to a DVD. All technical aspects of the process are handled for you, and optimal settings are automatically chosen. But if you have more experience with this process and want to customize elements of the converted file, you can adjust things like brightness, contrast, and aspect ratio, and you can make edits, all from the main window.

Another nice feature of this program is the way it automatically adds chapters to the files you process to burn to your DVD based on their details. You can also manually adjust the placement of these chapters and add subtitles before burning.

ConvertXtoDVD gives users of all skill and experience levels the ability to create DVDs from files stored on the computer. The finished DVDs can play on any DVD player, so you can enjoy your movies on your own TV or send them to friends and family without worry that they won't be able to play them.

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  • Create menus with videos and music
  • Integrated video player for live Preview
  • Cut unwanted parts of the video
  • Add chapters - automatic or custom
  • Many subtitles supported, convert as soft or hard subs
  • Convert NTSC to PAL and vice-versa
  • Merge function - like for CD1 + CD2
  • Rotate video, add brightness/contrast
  • 2 pass encoding for enhanced quality
  • Hardware decoding for faster conversions
  • Video/Audio/Subtitle synchronisation
  • Various audio output formats
  • Image resize filters (lanczos, linear, cubic, etc . . .)
  • Multiple encoding profiles
  • Shutdown computer when finished
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Critic Reviews

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  • ConvertXtoDVD gives users of all skill and experience levels the ability to create DVDs from files stored on the computer. The finished DVDs can play on any DVD player, so you can enjoy your movies on your own TV or send them to friends and family without worry that they won't be able to play them.

  • ConvertXtoDVD is without doubt one of the best programs to create video DVDs on Windows. It is suitable for beginners and advanced users alike, ships with an impressive feature set that supports nearly every video format under the sun, converts videos in multiple threads to speed conversions up considerable, and creates some of the best resulting video DVDs.

  • It can convert a wide range of video file formats into regular video DVDs. Besides that, DVDs can have customized menus, for an easier navigation through videos. Furthermore, audio tracks and subtitles can be easily added to the interface. What's more, a preview of the DVD can be displayed at any moment. However, the demo version will display a watermark on the created video DVD.

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User Reviews

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    Darrick Smith

    ConvertXtoDVD does exactly what its name says. This software is my current favorite for video conversion, it allows you to set the target size, speeds and compression for the targeted CD or DVD. I have used this software numerous times when making my own personal videos. I really like that you can add multiple files, add imagery, text and chapters. It helps you give your own videos a very professional look.

    It supports a lot of files, has the ability to add subs and allows you to adjust the videos settings if you need. It's not tethered to just conversion either, it will convert, it can burn files for your CD/DVD or USB, it can turn the files into ISOs and it can mass produce copies of the same file if you want. Overall I enjoy using this software, it does have a free trial but you will have to pick up a license to keep using it. It's kind of pricey but I think it was worth it. If you do your own presentation and hand out physical media, this is the kind of software you want as it will allow you to pump out CDs from the same file.

    This is my recommended go-to software for video conversion and burning. It's simple to drag and drop and burn feature makes it something very quick and easy to use.

    Pros :

    • Converts a lot of file types to CD, DVD, USB or ISO files.
    • Add chapters, intros or subtitles to videos.
    • A bunch of settings to customize how your video will be compressed or in what format it will play.
    • Fast conversion and burning times.
    • Multicore optimized.
    • Hardware decoding.
    • Watermarking/Copyrighting.
    • Add customized Menus.

    Cons :

    • The price of ConvertXToDVD is kind of steep.
    • The file sizes from conversion are pretty large, and may require a secondary storage device if you want to keep the files on your computer and don't delete them immediately after you're done converting.

      • May 17, 2016
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