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CleanMyMac 2 is an ingeniously simple, yet surprisingly powerful application for keeping your Mac clean, organized, and free of files that slow it down. It's simply the best app for cleaning up your Mac!

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Plans & Pricing

CleanMyMac 2 Single License

Single payment / 1 user(s)


  • Single License for 1 Mac
  • Clean Your Entire Mac
  • Delete Large, Forgotten Files
  • Optimize Your iPhoto Library
  • Manage Your Applications
  • Review Your Extensions

License for 2 Macs

Single payment / 2 user(s)


  • Single License for 2 Macs
  • Clean Your Entire Mac
  • Delete Large, Forgotten Files
  • Optimize Your iPhoto Library
  • Manage Your Applications
  • Review Your Extensions

License for 5 Macs

Single payment / 1 user(s)


  • One License that can be used on up to 5 Macs
  • Clean Your Entire Mac
  • Delete Large, Forgotten Files
  • Optimize Your iPhoto Library
  • Manage Your Applications
  • Review Your Extensions

CleanMyMac 2 Review by Cloudswave

Regardless of your stature in life – a student, a professional dealing with tons of applications and documents on a daily basis, a business owner, or a parent documenting your children’s growing years through photos and videos – in the coming days, weeks, months, and years, your use of data is more likely to explode than shrink.
But as storage systems go, there’s a limit to the amount of files, documents, and applications you can store on any device – be that a desktop computer, laptop, gaming console, tablet, or smartphone.
Unless you have the financial wherewithal to upgrade to devices with better data solutions every time the need crops up, your best bet is to take advantage of applications that maximize the performance of the storage systems you already have at your disposal.
CleanMyMac 2, which, as the name suggests, is specifically built for Macs and is a software solution that can boost the performance of your computer.

What is CleanMyMac 2?

A product of MacPaw Inc., an independent software provider specializing in the use of OS X technologies in their software development strategies, CleanMyMac 2 is an application that works just like any regular disk cleaner but with more efficient, precise, and powerful features – not to mention the functional but intuitive user interface that’s also great to look at.
It’s equipped with tools that scan your Mac computer for files, applications, and other content you no longer use but are still cluttering your hard drive, stuff you’ve accumulated through time and usually have already forgotten about.
Scans and cleanups can be scheduled to automatically run on your Mac at predetermined intervals, ensuring your computer remains junk-free and in excellent condition.

CleanMyMac 2 features

CleanMyMac 2 employs multiple ways to free up storage space: 
  • Automatic cleanup
  • System cleanup
  • Large and old files cleanup
  • iPhoto cleanup
  • Trash cleanup with secure-erase utility
  • Extensions manager
  • Uninstaller
CleanMyMac 2 comes equipped with a user interface with two window panes. The left window shows you a menu of the available services you can use, and on the right are details of the selected service.
The colorful buttons and tutorial animation may seem a bit too much for users who prefer a tamer interface, but they actually help make the application more comprehensive and usable.

Automatic cleanup

To start cleaning up your hard drive with CleanMyMac 2, click the Scan button at the bottom of the application window. It will then go through every application resource available on your device to search for junk. If it finds any, and it usually does, it tells you which files are safe for removal and gives you an option to completely remove them all with just a click.
If that doesn’t sit well with you, CleanMyMac 2 allows you to choose which ones to delete and which to keep.

System cleanup 

The system cleanup feature lets you remove unwanted system data, such as log files, archives, cache files, broken preferences, iOS software updates, login items, development junk, universal binaries, and language files, to free up more resources. 
Like with automatic cleanup, you can opt to remove everything in one go or pick only the ones you’re willing to forever eradicate.

Large and old files cleanup

Considered one of the most useful features of CleanMyMac 2, this functionality checks your entire hard drive for large and old files you haven’t used in a while – particularly handy for people who download music playlists and movies but never find time to actually watch or listen to them, or those who store images and photos they no longer need.
Large files are checked if they’ve recently been opened. If not, CleanMyMac 2 gives you the option to either keep or delete them.

iPhoto cleanup

If you’re into photo editing, you’ll find the iPhoto cleanup module extremely useful. Mac saves copies of every edit, crop, or rotate you perform on a photo, bloating your iPhoto folders with unnecessary duplicates over time.
iPhoto cleanup reduces the size of your iPhoto library by deleting photo copies you no longer need, keeping your computer ready to accommodate other essential files. While the process can also be done manually, with iPhoto cleanup, you save considerable time and effort in locating and deleting duplicates, particularly if you have a ton of them sitting on your hard drive.

Trash cleanup with secure-erase feature

Files and folders you delete from your hard drive aren’t completely deleted until you empty your trash bin. CleanMyMac 2’s trash cleanup feature allows you to empty your trash folders with a secure-erase feature that functions much like a paper shredder.
This means CleanMyMac leaves absolutely no trace of any file or folder you delete. They’re unretrievable even by third-party applications specifically created to recover deleted files.
The trash cleanup module can also be used for external devices. 

Extensions manager

Browser plugins, if not properly managed, can easily turn into a resource hog. CleanMyMac 2 helps you manage your Safari addons through its extensions manager feature. It lets you enable, disable, and completely delete browser extensions and iTunes plugins with a few simple clicks – all from the same window, so you need not worry about multiple menus.


The uninstaller module of the program functions just like the secure-erase feature, but it deals with programs and applications.
CleanMyMac 2 compiles a list of every program and application in your computer, including unsupported applications and file leftovers from previous program deletions. To uninstall an application you no longer need, select it from the list and uninstall. It removes the program from your hard drive, making sure no leftover files or data remain.

Is CleanMyMac 2 for you?

Your drive space is not infinite. Until you’re ready to upgrade or add external storage devices to your repertoire, removing the fluff from your hard drive is your best bet.
Case in point: SSD-based Macs with a meager 64 GB of storage space like the 11” Air.
CleanMyMac 2, with its all-in-one cleaning capability, does a good job of removing system junk and other unwanted content from your computer. While the program generally only removes files you no longer need, it pays to pay attention when erasing bulk data.
Remember, CleanMyMac 2’s secure-erase feature ensures deleted files are forever unretrievable.
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FAQs for CleanMyMac 2

Built specifically for Mac computers, CleanMyMac 2 allows you to free up storage space on your hard drive and keep your system running at peak performance levels. It’s a data cleaning utility that functions like most disk cleaners but with far more potent and powerful features.
If you have questions about the software, the following FAQs and their corresponding answers aspire to help out.

Why do I need a cleaning utility like CleanMyMac 2?

Simply dumping unwanted folders into the trash bin or hitting the delete button on a file leave traces that eventually eat up a good chunk of space in your hard drive. Sometimes, these leftovers can also cause other programs on your computer to misbehave.
CleanMyMac 2 is a cleaning and hardware maintenance utility that scans and identifies files, folders, and other components your system no longer uses, including system junk, user logs, large and old files, duplicate photos you don’t know are hidden in your iPhoto library, and even local copies of email attachments you no longer need or have completely forgotten about.
Once identified, the app gives you the option to delete them all in one go or choose only the ones you want to throw away for good.
Also, CleanMyMac 2 has a secure-erase option that forever deletes unwanted files from your hard drive, much like what a paper shredder does to physical documents, unretrievable even by third-party data recovery solutions.

How does the large and old files cleanup module work?

When you scan your computer for junk to remove, CleanMyMac 2 rummages through every folder in your hard drive to determine when you last opened or used a file or application. If it’s been a while, the file is identified for removal, which you can always allow or deny.
The same goes for large files – a functionality especially useful to users who enjoy downloading movies and big music playlists but soon forget about them for one reason or another.

Will CleanMyMac 2 automatically delete important files that I need?

If you’re worried about deleting things you actually don’t want deleted from your computer, note that CleanMyMac 2 doesn’t remove core files your computer needs to properly function. It also lets you manually delete clutter from a list that breaks down the content of your hard drive. Scan results show you which particular items are 100% safe to remove.

How much is CleanMyMac 2?

For $39.95, you get a single CleanMyMac 2 license, two for $59.95.
CleanMyMac 2

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