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About Adobe Acrobat

Adobe Acrobat is a family of application software and Web services developed by Adobe Systems to view, create, manipulate, print and manage files in Portable Document Format (PDF).[14]

The family comprises Reader (formerly Acrobat Reader), Acrobat (formerly Acrobat Exchange) and Acrobat.com. The freeware Adobe Reader, available for several desktop and mobile platforms, can view, print and annotate PDF files.[15] The commercial proprietary Acrobat, available for Microsoft Windows and OS X only, can also create, edit, convert, digitally sign, encrypt, export and publish PDF files. Acrobat.com complements the family with a variety of enterprise content management and file hosting services.

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Plans & Pricing

Acrobat Standard

for 1 Month / 1 user(s)


  • Access tools on the go
  • Export from PDF files
  • Create PDF files
  • Create and analyze forms
  • Merge and combine files
  • Simplify reviews and approvals
  • Protect PDF files
  • Create standards-compliant PDF files

Acrobat Pro

for 1 Month / 1 user(s)


  • Access tools on the go
  • Edit PDF files
  • Export from PDF files
  • Create PDF files
  • Create and analyze forms
  • Merge and combine files
  • Simplify reviews and approvals
  • Protect PDF files
  • Create standards-compliant PDF files

How to Get Your Adobe Acrobat Free Trial

Acrobat was developed in the early 1990s by Adobe Systems. It is a family of software applications.They enable home users and businesses to manage, print, manipulate, create, and view Portable Document Format (PDF) files. Besides, it converts regular electronic files, such as Word documents, into readable PDF files.   This software is compatible with a variety of operating systems, including Windows Phone, Blackberry 10, iOS, Android, Linux, OS X, and Windows. Are you planning on using Adobe Acrobat as well? If so, you can follow these useful steps to get a free trial.

Step 1:

Adobe Free Trial Process Step 1  

First, you can visit the main Adobe Acrobat site, then take a look at the product overview section to gather information regarding the software. You shall also read about the product features to make sure to take the right decision. Once done, click on the “Try all-new Acrobat DC desktop free for 30 days” option that is located at the center of the page and highlighted in blue.

Step 2:

Adobe Free Trial Process Step 2 Upon clicking the “Try all-new Acrobat DC desktop free for 30 days” option, you will be presented the page given here. The instructions are clear. In fact, You have only to click on the ‘Get started’ option that is highlighted in blue and located below the title ‘Download a Free Desktop Trial of Acrobat Pro’.

Step 3:

Adobe Free Trial Process Step 3

Congratulations! You are left with only one step to get your free trial. As you can see in the image above, you have to create a unique ‘Adobe ID’ meaning you must enter your first name, last name, a valid email address, and password. Select the country where you live and add the date of birth.

To learn more about Adobe Systems’ products, you can click on the ‘Stay informed about Adobe Products and Services’. In which case, you will receive regular updates via email regarding the latest information about Adobe. However, if you don’t want to receive emails, just ignore the option and click the ‘Sign Up’ button.

Thus, if you are interested in getting a free trial, you can just follow the steps mentioned above.


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Critic Reviews

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  • Acrobat XI provides several new features that really stand out, and it’s part of the Creative Cloud so it’s available to many users without extra cost.

  • Given a choice and with the right budget, I would select Adobe Acrobat XI over products from other vendors, even though the Standard edition is priced more than twice as much as Nitro Pro 8 or Foxit. Adobe created the PDF format, and Adobe has the most experience in implementing it and dealing with potential problems.

  • Given how widespread PDFs are, Acrobat Pro ought to be an indispensable tool. Even this update continues to be frustrating to use for comments and reviews, but the editing options mean a PDF is no longer where information gets fossilised.

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User Reviews

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  • anonymous


    I believe every single PDF document I ever opened especially on a Windows computer has been opened with Adobe Acrobat. Adobe Acrobat absolutely dominates the space in the suite of applications, so you are able to see, share, download, etc. files in PDF (Portable Document Format).

    In my job, looking at resumes all day as a recruiter, I am constantly opening, saving, downloading, sharing, printing, etc. and a lot of them are in different file types. When I see Adobe Acrobat 9/10, the document opens very crisp, clear and easy to read. Adobe also has some other complimentary products like Adobe Creative Suite 5, and Adobe Photoshop that are very popular. So if you like this product, I highly recommend checking out both of those.

    Pros :

    • You can edit, save, share with anyone very easily through email. UI is great, saving and document signing features are great.
    • A benefit of Adobe Acrobat over something like a regular document like Word is that when I look at resumes all day as a recruiter, candidates write their resumes in a million different fonts and formats, different sized and different file types.
    • However, when I see Adobe Acrobat, I know it will be easy to read, the font will be normal, and I can easily share the resume or cover letter to the hiring manager. I have had not had much an issue.

    Cons :

    • It is sometimes annoying when you are trying to save the document and since it's a different file type you may lose or forget about it.
    • It is not a huge deal, but when you for the majority look at Microsoft Word Document files all day, anything else tends to blend in the background.
    • I do have some not so strong memories about Adobe Acrobat when a version is out of date or when a site I am using possibly on a mac or something ( just an example) will not agree with Adobe Acrobat and I cant get the file opened or saved. That has not happened too many times but its enough for me to write in the cons section :)

    • June 27, 2016
  • User review from

    Kyle Farago

    Adobe Acrobat has always been the number one program for creating, editing, and managing PDF files. I give it only 9 out of 10 because of the more recent DC version. While DC is more streamlined and has better options for mobility and integration with Adobe's cloud, the new UI is a little harder to navigate while working within a PDF making a separate page for the various tools vs. the pane that was in previous versions.

    As a whole though the software and its updates continue to make it a leader in PDF software. As stated before the Cloud integration, mobile sync, and performance updates to the software have continued to advance the software. The ability to digitally sign with a stylized font, a signature from a stylus, or an actual certified digital signature. As well as the Send and Track functionality that can also be integrated into Microsoft Outlook for tracking the path of a PDF and any signatures or changes made to the document.

    The ability to merge and split PDFs is a must anymore. Plus being able to edit existing PDFs made from other sources such as a scanner or a PDF made in another program and the ability for it to perform OCR (Optical Character Recognition) page of text and making it editable is a real time saver.

    Pros :

    • High performance.
    • Mobile Sync.
    • Merge and Split PDFs.
    • OCR Ability for Scanned Documents.
    • Subscription option for businesses adding or removing licenses for employees as needed as well as combining licensing for other adobe products.
    • Constant updates patching security holes and increasing performance.

    Cons :

    • New UI in DC harder to use with changes to where everything is located.
    • Cost for home user is high for outright purchase as well as monthly subscription.
    • Program is somewhat proprietary in terms of compatibility with other software.
    • Not exactly a con but but the flipside to constant updates, while good from a security stance, are a nightmare from an IT stand point having to constantly update endpoints over and over.

    • May 21, 2016
  • User review from

    Eric Matthews

    Adobe has created the Portable Document Format, and it has, over the course of two decades, become the de facto way of sharing and viewing documents. So 2015 Document Cloud, which is meant to mimic the all-encompassing every-app-you-need-to-complete-the-job approach of the Creative Cloud, seeks to both supercharge Acrobat and simplify it at the same time. All this is accomplished (in a satisfying way) without essentially changing what Acrobat does. Make PDF files.

    The UI is much simplified, as it opens to present you with a repository of the last PDF's you have worked on (even across devices if you are signed into the Document or Creative Clouds) then allows you to choose to view a document or open a document and perform a tool operation on it. Once you get the hang of exactly where you are on the platform, (including where you are saving the document, be it the cloud, desktop or somewhere else) performing operations is simple.

    The mobile app versions of Acrobat are smart and built to allow capture of physical documents (Via Camera to PDF) and effective yet simple PDF editing, review, and approval. Working on a PDF on an iPad is easy and consistent with the desktop experience. Editing, Document Signing (eSignature), adding to and manipulating content in Acrobat is much easier. Editing a paragraph is far less of a hit or miss endeavor as the program has smarter detention of what you are trying to do.

    The only major, and significant drawback to the program is that it needs some ability to integrate word processing and layout easier. Tighter integration with InDesign and or InCopy via dynamic links would provide the ability to make quick edits without generating another PDF. But, in an area that has few competitors, Adobe seems to be developing the product without the need to stay on the top of the competition.

    Pros :

    • Stable, mature platform.
    • Simplified UI.
    • Allows viewing of all documents in devices attached to Cloud sign-up.
    • Works well on iOS and Android platforms.
    • Mobile Camera to PDF function allows tight OCR to document creation.
    • Touch Enabled UI performs good.
    • Fill and Sign platform is effective implementation of Tech from acquired EchoSign.
    • Improved (but not perfect) Type recognition.
    • Redaction tools are improved.
    • Fill

      Cons :

      • Slow processing engine.
      • OCR and Document Enhancement needs updating.
      • Workflow can be difficult to grasp at first grasp.
      • PDF optimization and compression algorithms could use updating.
      • No integration with document or word processing tools.
      • Roundtripping with InDesign or InCopy.
      • Tracked Sending of documents require Cloud Subscription.

      • May 2, 2016
  • User review from

    Alec Bruns

    Adobe Acrobat is simply put the biggest PDF program on the market. It is in it's 11th version and continues to add more features along with a versatile and efficient program. With Adobe Acrobat, one can view PDFs in the software as well as edit them or straight up create new PDFs. This allows for an easily creatable and viewable file that can be used on any platform as opposed to the various forms of word document types.

    Pros :

    • Adobe Acrobat has many pros to it. It has been around for the generations and had a legacy of sorts.
    • A legacy in that the people at Adobe know what they are doing and continue to impress with top notch programs.
    • Adobe Acrobat is no different. Adobe Acrobat has a very efficient and easy to use text editing feature.
    • This allows for any text to be made or edited in a new or previous PDF.
    • The software also boasts the ability to edit and move graphics around the page to get the desired effect.
    • Adobe Acrobat has a very nice interface that allows a user to combine several documents into a single PDF. This feature is easy to use, and has a very nice graphical interface to guide through the steps. In addition, Adobe Acrobat has a feature that allows for easy Web Signatures for any documents that may need them.
    • This software also boasts a very easy and elegant Graphical interface as a whole, allowing you to not strain your eyes or get confused about where certain items or features are.

    Cons :

    • Overall, Adobe Acrobat gets the job done. There are not too many cons that really show up. The biggest may be the price.
    • If you are not a student, to use Adobe Acrobat, you must pay a monthly or annual fee or pay the straight up $450 USD cost of the software which either way is very expensive.andnbsp; andnbsp;

    • April 30, 2016
  • User review from

    Amanda Kence

    The older version of Acrobat Pro was a lot more user friendly. It is now harder to make forms, and the form wizard is not as flexible as it was in the older Creative Cloud version. I am disappointed in this, but overall, it is a really good product that no one can avoid. I cannot imagine someone not being able to use this program. I still wish that Apple and Adobe could come to an agreement so that the iPhone would show PDFs.

    Pros :

    • This is a great program for the casual user.
    • They created icons and made the design more appealing. I love the fact that you can edit the images and text very easily with the new version of Acrobat Professional.
    • In the older version, there were sometimes text or images that were not editable. Now, you are able to edit everything on the page. It has become a lot more intuitive with text and images now and easy for someone to edit.
    • You can even swap out image files within the document now. That was never before possible using the older version.

      Cons :

      • It no longer functions in the way it did and is no longer as easy to use. One issue I have with the program is that when you try to edit text, it does not tell you what font is that the document used originally.
      • It automatically tries to replace the original font with a font that is on your computer that is a close match.
      • You also were able to right click on a page when in the document view and could replace the page or delete it.
      • It was very easily editable there and they no longer have that as an option with the latest version. It really is a great program but I wish that they had kept some of the panel view options that they did away with in this newer version but mostly I do like the ease of the new version.

        andnbsp; andnbsp;

      • April 20, 2016
    • User review from


      Adobe Acrobat and Adobe Acrobat Pro are both signed software Adobe for creating and modifying PDF documents. Obviously, these two programs will, as their "little brother" Adobe Reader, reading, exploring, filling out forms and annotating PDF files.

      But Adobe Acrobat and Adobe Acrobat Pro will stop, of course, not there. They both allow the generation of PDF files from any desktop application (like Microsoft Office) and vice versa, merging data and scanning directly to PDF.

      Side advanced features: editing documents (texts, images, paragraphs), and creating interactive PDF forms, management shared reviews, electronic signatures, data protection (modification restrictions and copy). It will be easy to see the differences between the Standard and Pro directly on the publisher's website.

      Ergonomics and interface side, Acrobat, are relatively simple and accessible is if the user knows exactly where it goes. In the versions, Adobe has managed to make its software clearer regarding menus, toolbars or sidebar.

      Pros :

      • PDF compatibility levels: When creating a PDF file, I need to decide which version of PDF to use. I can change the PDF version by selecting a different preset or choosing a compatibility option when saving to PDF or modifying the PDF preset.
      • Viewing a PDF document in full-screen mode: In Full-Screen Mode, PDF pages fill the entire screen. The menu bar, the toolbar, and
        buttons and window controls are hidden. The author can set a PDF document to open in fashion
        full screen. I can also define my own display.
      • The pointer remains active in Full-Screen mode so that you can click links and open notes. There are two ways for forwarding a PDF document in full-screen mode: I can use keyboard shortcuts navigation controls and zoom factor, or I set a preference to full-screen mode to display the navigation buttons I can click to change pages or exit Full-screen mode.
      • Viewing PDFs in a web browser: I can view PDF documents in a Web browser supported or set Internet preferences so as to open the PDF files linked or downloaded in a separate Acrobat window.

      Cons :

      • None

      • April 12, 2016
    • User review from

      Luca Campanelli

      Adobe Acrobat has been (and still is) a real revolution in terms of documentation in electronic format. Adobe more than twenty years ago patented the PDF format, a proprietary format now becomes a "standard" for export and document sharing, the format has become so widespread that the native PDF viewer (Acrobat Reader) is now included in any default operating systems.

      Pros :

      • The strength of the PDFs (which stands has a well-defined meaning: Portable Document Format) is to be a usable format from any platform and especially exportable from any software, indeed, it should be pointed out that Acrobat allows (in terms of royalty) to export without no problem a document in its own proprietary format.
      • This characteristic combined with the fact that a PDF in terms of use is more attractive for the user, more streamlined, more pleasant and straightforward to read (even for this reason, today we got to share entire books in PDF format) makes us understand how much he deserved all his success.
      • The latest version of Acrobat is the DC, which is the next of Acrobat XI, in this version previous features are obviously not changed, and some new features have been added. Through the use of Adobe Acrobat so you can create documents in PDF, make changes to existing PDF, add comments, affix signature via an integrated service of Acrobat, working their documents from any device (PC, Web, and mobile devices, etc.). , create protected documents from modifications, work with and edit images, scan paper documents and edit them using Acrobat, integrated spell checking when filling out documents, etc.
      • A special feature that I found out too late, even as I had been working with graphics programs such as Illustrator and Photoshop (always made by Adobe ) I was impressed by the fact that PDF documents retain the same information as a project exported to Illustrator format .ai, files with the same extension can be exported in PDF format and at the same time maintaining all vector graphics information, can be then opened again with Illustrator and modified without problems.

      Cons :

      • Having all these years of experience it is hard to find negative points to Acrobat Reader, perhaps the retail price is slightly high.

      • February 24, 2016
    • User review from


      Adobe Acrobat is the easiest way to view, create, edit, and share interactive documents with someone. I use it to help people edit and proofread PDFs, make comments, and keep track of different versions of a document. In my office, we use Acrobat to share annotated design files with the developers who will code what we make. It's easy to show a user flow using a series of PDFs, and then annotate them in Acrobat to give added directions to the developers.

      Pros :

      • Adobe Acrobat is intuitive to learn and easy to use.
      • Acrobat streamlines processes that used to be more annoying to do. I use highlighting and commenting on a daily basis.
      • Acrobat also makes it easy to reorganize PDFs, by adding pages to or subtracting pages from a document you already have, or combining a bunch of loose pages into one document.
      • It is also very helpful that Adobe Acrobat works on many different platforms, so you can collaborate with coworkers whether they're using a Mac, a PC, or their phone.
      • Adobe Acrobat works seamlessly with the other Creative Suite software that I use for my job, like Illustrator and Photoshop.
      • Acrobat also allows the user to export PDFs in many different formats, like PowerPoint or Microsoft Word.
      • I like that you can easily get an overview of all of the PDFs you've recently used, on any computer you're signed into.
      • Enhancing PDFs is pretty cool if you have a camera, but not a scanner. That function doesn't come up much in my daily life, but it worked better than I expected it to work the first time I tried it.

      Cons :

      • The tools aren't always as easy to access as I would like. It's kind of weird that there's a whole tab of just tools that doesn't really match the pattern used in other Adobe software.
      • I'd like to be able to customize my workspace, like you can in Illustrator and Photoshop. Although, maybe I can do that, and I just haven't figured out how yet.
      • Font matching is pretty impressive, but still falls apart sometimes.

      • February 1, 2016
    • User review from

      Adam Boston

      The Perfect tool for editing PDF's and Document Creation. PDF Acrobat is a great PDF viewer that hardly ever seems to crash. By upgrading from the standard free of use 'Adobe Reader,' you have the ability to edit your PDF's further by filling in forms and inserting your signature for letters. Save time by printing out forms and filling in manually as with Adobe Acrobat you can simply add text onto forms with the click of a button. Very simple to use and very efficient in time. If you don't have your signature saved on your PC, you have the option to draw your own signature using a mouse, or by typing it out and selecting a handwriting font.

      Pros :

      • By creating documents in Microsoft Word, you are able to save straight away as a PDF before circulating.
      • If you happen to receive a PDF you need to amend or edit, this is now a simple task instead of a chore. Acrobat is perfect to make these edits to the PDF and then export back to PDF.
      • Useful features of Adobe Acrobat: layout

      Cons :

      • The jump up from Adobe Reader to Acrobat is a bit of a jump as you'll have to pay for creative cloud. If you use any other Adobe Cloud software, the price may well be cost effective, but if you are looking to just use Adobe Acrobat, this may not be the case. However, As Adobe Acrobat is a part of the creative cloud service, you are sure the software will be kept up to date with all updates automatically installing and keeping you up to date with new features and fixes.
      • Features need improvement: Fix crashing.

      • January 21, 2016
    • User review from

      Andrew Khonje

      My experience using Adobe Acrobat is mostly positive, please note that I use Adobe Acrobat Pro. Adobe Acrobat is a great platform to utilize in various processes across an organization. For instance, after researching may ways to cut down on the use of paper and ink in the month-end accounting process, we tested Adobe Acrobat to digitally send and sign documents. It completely changed the reviewing process. Adobe's signing process allows us to email documents to anyone with an email account who can then open the form securely for reviewing. Once the process is complete both parties receive signed copies with detailed tracking information such as time sent, time reviewed, and the time the document was signed.

      Adobe Acrobat has a ton of useful functions that can be used in various ways. It changes the ways companies or individuals interact with PDF files. Adobe Acrobat Pro comes with Adobe Forms Central, which has a ton of templates for creating invoices, surveys, reports, and many more. The downside to Adobe Acrobat is that it takes a while to get used to, it's not really that user-friendly. The cost of Adobe is also another downside, you might not get your money's worth if you don't use it that often. Overall, Adobe Acrobat is an awesome tool in the accounting department.

      Pros :

      • Adobe Acrobat has various functions such as inserting, extracting, splitting, and converting files.
      • Great support from Adobe support teams. There are also a ton of helpful forums, YouTube videos, and tutorials.
      • If used to its potential you can see cost savings through cutting paper and ink costs.
      • The print to PDF makes it very easy to store files, instead of using other means such as re-scanning files or screen shots.
      • Adobe has an online platform included with Adobe Acrobat. The online platform can be used for collaboration and editing documents.

      Cons :

      • Takes a while to get familiar with.
      • Sending documents for digital signature can be buggy sometimes.
      • It is pricey, especially if purchased individually.
      • Not all functions are free, such as converting files to word. You do see all the available functions but after a while, you will realize what you can and can't use.

      • December 23, 2015
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