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  • Great Software For Online Retailers

    We had been running our online business for a few years before we started using more than one online sales channel (we used Amazon and eBay and now also use WooCommerce). This made things complicated and stressful, so we decided to implement a software to help us with our inventory. After some extensive research we settled on one of the biggest and most well known softwares on the market. Unfortunately, this didn't work out well for us because the system was complicated to use and the support offered wasn't very good. We heard of Veeqo from a friend who also sells online, so gave it a go because they seemed to really like the platform. Now we're using Veeqo every day to sync our inventories across Amazon, eBay and WooCommerce. We also use it to manage our orders and shipping, which we didn't intend on using at first, but it's actually saving us about 2 hours a day. Absolutely fantastic customer support too. Would definitely recommend to a friend.

    Pros : - The platform is intuitive and easy to use. - The support offered is fantastic. - The price is just right. - Saves us hours per day.

    Cons : We haven't come across any cons yet. We've been using it for a few months now and everything has been working fine.

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    A must for ecommerce retailers

    We signed up for Veeqo a couple of weeks ago and we're already seeing the benefits of using a system like this to manage or stock across our webstores. Before we started using Veeqo we spend about an hour every day just writing out our shipping labels - now it takes less than 5 minutes, freeing up that time so we can focus our attentions on other areas of running our ecommerce business. The setup was initially quite confusing as we are not the most technically minded bunch, but Veeqo's customer support team did a great job of talking us through it and helping us where needed - after we got in touch the setup was a breeze, all easy fixes. This kind of support is really important to us which is one of the reasons we rate it so highly - the team are quick to respond to all our queries and very friendly. Aside from customer service, the app is easy to use (which says a lot coming from someone who struggles with computers). All round great app, saves us loads of time, wouldn't do without it!

    Pros : - Very easy to use - Setup was quick and painless - Saves us loads of time

    Cons : Haven't found any flaws yet!

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    Really great app!

    Brill app, really frees up a lot of time in the day to focus on more important things other than constantly checking our orders between channels and fiddling around with shipping labels (which was beginning to get very frustrating!!!). Really like how it integrates with Xero account so easily, which is another great saver of time and effort. The team is great whenever we pester them with something (we're not the most tech-savvy bunch!) and they are always very helpful. Highly recommend!

    Pros : Saves a lot of time as we don't need to constantly check for orders and update our inventory as Veeqo does this for us. Integrates with our accounting software. Great support team.

    Cons : None as of yet! We're really enjoying the software :)

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  • Right now Veeqo is an adequate online inventory and order management system that will make coordinating the main elements of your online and offline business a good deal easier and more efficient, saving you time and headaches. Solid integrations with couriers and popular e-commerce platforms add to the software’s benefits, with more key integrations in the pipeline that should make it even more valuable as the one place to manage all your orders and inventory. Free, responsive, and friendly customer service is a big plus as well.

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