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  • Stand out customer service

    We've been using Unleashed Software in my business for just over two years. Over the course of this time there have been many relevant updates to enhance the functionality. One of the more recent features offers batch tracking which will add a valuable new benefit to my snack food distribution business. Love it! However the biggest rave I have for this company is their customer service which we have found to be exemplary.

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    Recently Change from Unleashed

    I used Unleashed for about 2 years before switching over to Tradegecko. I am writing this review because I was very happy with Unleashed, and the only reason I changed was because Tradegecko developed an integration with WooCommerce which was of huge value to me.

    Pros : It was an easy system to set up and use. It allows you to customise your invoices which is a feature that Tradegecko could definitely benefit from.

    Cons : I think the price has gone up recently on new subscribers of this system. I didn't see any change in price which was greatly appreciated, but when I was reviewing Unleashed vs Tradegecko it did appear the price had gone up. I also felt like the system itself was not evolving quickly enough. The system was fantastic when I first got it, but after 2 years a system like this needs to develop or it will die.

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    Cloud inventory solution for small business!

    We implemented the Unleashed Solution for our YourBookkeepersOnline.com.au (YBO) client and they have been extremely happy with it. Cost effective cloud inventory solution which plugs straight into Quickbooks Online. Well done Unleashed team. Eric Felipe

    Pros : * Integrates with Quickbooks Online cloud accounting software; * Personal touch from professional engagement team; * Low entry cost; * Scaleable with enhanced functionalities as the business grows; * Straight talking - won't sell you what the software can't do

    Cons : * SMALL version doesn't have functional document designer to customise client forms; * Next price tier is significant - moves from $59/month to $199/month

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  • If you're looking for a powerful, full-featured online inventory management solution, you could do a lot worse than Unleashed. Just be advised that there is a bit of a learning curve involved before you get totally comfortable with the software. I found it a bit clunkier and more complicated than I would have liked, but I couldn't help being impressed with the power and possibilities Unleashed gives you as you manage and grow your business.

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