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  • Must have for multichannel fulfillment ecommerce

    I run a multichannel fulfillment ecommerce operation. This is the best inventory management software to keep track of inventory levels on different marketplaces. If you are using Amazon FBA, there are many features that make SitchLabs the one stop shop for fulfilling orders.

    Pros : The user interface is very easy to use. The integration takes minutes and then you are up and running. Customer support is top notch and are able to solve any small nuance problems that pop up.

    Cons : There are few cons to this product. It has solved all of the inventory management problems I had prior to using StitchLabs.

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    Stitch Saves the Day

    I am a jewelry designer and fine artist and have used Stitch since 2010 to handle the inventory needs of my multiple sales channels for the jewelry side of my business, Zelma Rose. I first started using Stitch for the easy invoicing and line sheets but as they have added amazing feature after amazing feature over the years I now use it to organize my inventory, invoicing, line sheets, and wholesale account management.

    Pros : Easy to use, reliable, great customer service, and always up to date with the latest features and improvements. The best tutorials to learn how to use new features quickly and the nicest customer service team around.

    Cons : None. Stitch Labs as a product and team has continually met my high expectations.

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    The perfect WOO Solution

    We have over 300 skus in our online shop and tracking inventory / orders was becoming a headache. Luckily I came across Stitch Labs which has everything we needed and more. My time spent on managing orders/inventory went from 4 hours to 1 hour a day. The integration was done within hours and the support team was there very step of the way, always accessible by phone and chat. The software is intuitive and easy to use.

    Pros : Fantastic support, online chat and phone support is superb. Easy interface and integration with woo and ship station Free trial so you can make sure it works for you

    Cons : A few minor bugs but they are quick to fix

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  • Overall, I was very happy with how Stitch Labs worked and ran into no significant problems that would have made me advise someone not to use it for their small- or medium-sized business. From what I’ve seen of the major inventory management systems currently on the market, it seems to be one of the front-runners, especially as it grows and adds even more functionality than it already has.

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  • What do you like best?

    I created an e-commerce website for a client. He needed a system to manage a single inventory with online retail sales and offline wholesale sales. After looking at many options, I decided to use Stitch and it has been incredible. It's a great way to manage multiple points of sale for ecommerce businesses. The contacts list, invoice creation, and weekly summaries are great additional features.

    What do you dislike?

    My only complaint is the inventory setup - changing product families is a hassle. Also, a way to group products within a product family would be very useful.

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  • Stitch Labs is a valuable tool for anyone who sells products they design and make. The application works for individual sellers as well as small businesses. Three subscription options are available that fit comfortably into most budgets. The service offers many helpful tools and can reduce the amount of time spent and frustration the average handmade seller experiences as their small business begins to grow.

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  • Stitch Labs is a tool that anyone can use to keep better track of the products and goods they sell online. More than just an accounting tool or a project management application, Stitch can help you manage inventory, orders, and expenses online.

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