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Ideal for an organization with a workforce distributed across multiple locations, Sage 100 ERP Online allows you to stay mobile and centralize key functions like accounting and operations on a standardized back-office solution.

Get your system up and running quickly, and make affordable monthly payments, rather than making an up-front capital investment. Sage 100 ERP Online customers can easily and cost-effectively transition to the on-premise version of Sage 100 ERP. You are in control of your data and your system.

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  • Sage 100 Use Cases and Deployment ScopeWe use Sage for all our accounting process with preparing financials with F9 extension for the GL. We use A/R to invoice and receive money, we use A/P to record payables and issue checks, we use BR to reconcile and for ACH transfer with our bank. We use Crystal Reports for most of our customized reports and for exporting to our main real estate inventory database.

    Pros : Easy to use and training from module to module is similar in structure.Competitively priced for the market.Full audit trail due to entries to fix mistake compared to just data overwritten without any trace.

    Cons : The data structure and security should be improved.Some built-in reports should have more options and flexibility.Performance improvement with large transactions in history files.

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    Caleb Dobosh

    Sage 100 ERP is by far well ahead of the competition when it comes to a true ERP software.andnbsp; It streamlines pretty much everything for a company to run efficiently, effectively, and appropriately. You are able to do many things as one application from managing bills, budgets, orders, etc., in real time.

    Pros :

    • Sage ERP saves a company money in productivity because it is able to streamline everything it touches depending on the package a company chooses and which add-ons.
    • You are able to keep track of daily activities in real time such as budgeting, payroll, and billing which are crucial for any business to run smoothly and without any hiccups.
    • The biggest tool from an accounting perspective is that it keeps everything in place.
    • If an auditor was to walk in and ask for certain reports, superusers would be able to run some can reports for them.
    • If they need to audit who has access to what and if they truly need that access, a script can be run to pull who has access to which areas and compare that access to their title and department.
    • This is very important as most companies always have issues regarding IT Audit compliance such as removing users or eliminating unnecessary access to certain thing (Period access review).

    Cons :

    • Thus far I don't have any major issue with Sage itself. Most problems seem to tend to users or DBA's that truly don't understand the application or how it is set up. This can't create problems for an auditor trying to accomplish an audit on site and requesting data if the DBA or administrator for that specific department doesn't understand the back end of the tool.andnbsp;

    • April 19, 2016
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