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  • Ordoro: Great Order & Inventory Management Software!

    We've been using Ordoro for over two years and we couldn't be more pleased. What we love: tiered pricing; we're not locked into a contract; the order and inventory management modules were very, very easy to learn and use; shopping cart integration is a breeze. We especially love the huge savings on USPS shipping costs! And their support is outstanding. Between online videos that guide you step-by-step and great documentation, it covered 99% of what we needed to know. The few times we had to reach out to the Ordoro Support team, the response was very timely. We highly, highly recommend Ordoro.

    Pros : Easy to use; tiered pricing; no contract required; fast shopping cart integration; huge savings on USPS costs; outstanding online support and team

    Cons : The very few times we needed to reach out to the Ordoro Support team was usually related to error codes. On occasion, the documentation on the error code was lacking.

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    I Recommend Ordoro

    I highly recommend Ordoro. Dealing with USPS on your own can be a pain. Ordoro can handle USPS, UPS, FedEx, and others, and allows you to quickly decide which shipping method will be most cost-effective. Now with their API I'm able to automatically send all our orders to Ordoro, so all I need to do is print the shipping labels. Ordoro also has a great customer service team, very communicative and happy to solve your problems.

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    Perfect for Multi-Channel Fulfillment

    My experience with Ordoro has been nothing but fantastic. We sell through out Magento store, eBay, and Amazon. As the company owner, I tried many different shipping utilities before settling on Ordoro. Ordoro easily aggregates all of our orders into one place for simple management. Previously, we would spend at least an hour a day inputting orders, getting shipping quotes, and printing labels. The same exact process (for more orders) now takes roughly two minutes. Additionally, the Ordoro team is has been great at providing customer service, generally responding to support emails within less than an hour, and always being super friendly and helpful. Well worth the $25 a month, and we could not be happier!

    Pros : Increase productivity Great integration of multi-channel sales Works across all platforms/computers/team members Compatible with Dymo 4XL Ability to re-print shipping labels Low shipping rates Clean interface Mobile site is handy

    Cons : None that I can think of!

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  • I was quite impressed with Ordoro. They seem to have thought of just about everything when designing the software, and then some. Big pluses in my book are the intuitive, easy-to-use interface, the customer service, and the many integrations. While it’s hard to say if it really is the smartest shipping app in the world, from what I’ve seen of Ordoro, it’s not too hard to believe. If you’re looking for a great shipping solution to streamline the order fulfillment process for your e-commerce business, Ordoro is absolutely worth a look.

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  • Ordoro is a tool that give online sellers an easy way to manage all their orders and track inventory levels from one main screen.

    What we liked:

    -Sellers can see all the orders they’ve got in process, shipped, or cancelled on one screen
    -Ordoro can help sellers keep their ratings up on sites like Amazon
    -People are more likely to continue buying from sellers who get their orders out on time
    -Ordoro lets sellers send orders to suppliers for dropshipment

    What we didn’t like:

    -Ordoro doesn’t yet offer order and inventory management for eBay sellers,
    although integration with the site is coming soon

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