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  • Not that great

    I used MindBody online for a small yoga and meditation school in Paris, France. Since the client facing site turned out not be fully translatable (something that we were promised several times over before singing up) we ended up only using the software back-office. MindBody online has been capable of doing most of what we expected it to do. However it is slow and unnecessarily complicated. It is an ageing platform that gives the impression of a patchwork rather than a coherent whole. In my opinion, the product MindBody delivers does note quite live up to the the image they market. I advice anyone considering MindBody to first have a look at their competitors and only opt for MindBody if this software has a crucial feature that the others do not have. I believe that MindBody was one of the first in this segment, but nowadays there are many modern alternatives. We used MindBody for more than three years and have now switched to Front Desk, a choice that we do not regret.

    Pros : - Versatile with a lot of features - MindBody Online as a company has an excellent self confidence and a well funded marketing department - Reasonable pricing

    Cons : - Slow to work with unintuitive - Ageing architecture, incoherent and partially outdated layout - Poor and unresponsive customer service - The software is not well suited to be translated to other languages

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    Too many problems, looking for alternatives

    We switched to MB less than a year ago. We are looking again, as painful as that may be. For us there were just too many issues that impacted our business. The tech support was good but if the program has flaws well that's out of the their control. They have forums to post complaints, questions etc. They get back to you quickly but once again actually doing something about them is another matter. The interface has a nice look to it but evidently their testing of it for usability is completely lacking or faulty. I now get regular complaints from customers that they cannot set an appt with us. How many times do you want to call tech support about this. The system is working but they have some design flaws that costs us time and money. They make you buy all manner of add on services for things like mobile, and soap notes. You can use their MB Connect app to have clients set an appt with you but the app lists all other competitors in your area that use MB too. All in all just a difficult company to deal with to get any real resolution to problems, Feels like the company has its own agenda of what it wants to give its customers regardless of what they customers are saying. This has been a real poor experience and I normally would not switch so soon but frankly they leave me with little choice, I'm tired of always running to the forums and it really is messing with my desire for harmony to have to deal with this negative stuff all the time.

    Pros : There are some positive aspects to the software You can make and change appts easily, but, seriously if it were okay, we'd be sticking with it

    Cons : There is a strong chance there will be major items that will affect how you run your business and the chances of them getting fixed is slim to none. Once again tech support is helpful but the program is what it is and if you don't like it then too bad. Not a very good way to create patient/appt notes. Modifying recurring breaks is basically delete and recreate another one. If you need to schedule breaks throughout the day, each day. We do this to manage appt times, the first time you need

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    Buggy, Customer Service slow to respond, locked into their processing and constant contact

    The monthly fee is far too high when I am contacting customer service on a weekly basis. Customers have been able to double book for the past three months. Each Customer service encounter is 1-2 hours long and despite being told the issue should be solved, it returns in a few days.

    Pros : Staff scheduling Payroll reports Has online client file capability HIPAA compliant if you talk to customer service Auto appointment reminders

    Cons : Confusing interface for consumer and end user Antiquated system Sends people off your website to book (there is a third part widget at an additional monthly fee) The mobile app is also glitchy and requires additional troubleshooting when there is a problem (you need to know where the issue came from if contacting customer service) Slow customer service response Repeated double bookings and bookings on days closed for business Locked into using their merchant processing makes it impossible to swi

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