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  • A really good solution for your inventory

    I am in mobile phone business and most important feature is keeping track of each phone bought and sold. Megaventory helps me to keep record of each single phone by registering IMEI (Serial number) for each handset and see where I bought the phone and to whome did I sell. If customer returns the phone I can check with MV history if this is the same phone I sent to customer. Megaventory also generates delivery notes /packing slip/picking slip with serial numbers which saves a lot of work by entering them manually. Return of Goods from customer and Return of Goods to supplier are all very good functions that reduce work load and help me concentrate on business..

    Pros : It's easy to use. Logical workflow, good user role management, serial number support, technical support is prompt and expert.

    Cons : I am using the older version because of serial number module and also cloud version, so it sometimes gives internal server error.. but its really ignorable.

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    Megaventory for Fabric warehouse

    We use MV on a daily basis for delivery notes, stock control and tracking of deliveries sent. The cloud based system allows for an easy set-up in the office and we can access all information on the go at any time.

    Pros : great customization of various document types. the quick search function for stock is a great tool. saving stock reports to the dashboard is a useful tool.

    Cons : Can be a bit tedious at times, switching between various webpages. Some small glitches during importing stocks get annoying. If the internet is down (we are in Africa after all) it can become problematic as the entire system is cloud based.

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    Megaventory: Cloud Based inventory management

    I've been looking for a Cloud Based inventory management solution for a long time and came across megaventory when Google brought me in getapp (was googling for "online inventory"). After 6 months of using megaventory I can say that it is an excellent product and the support we get -when needed- always exceeds our expectations. At this price level, -really- look no further.

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  • I don’t think Megaventory is quite there yet, but again, it’s still in public beta, so I’m willing to give it the benefit of the doubt and believe that it’s only going to get better. I know I sound like I’m bashing it a bit, but Megaventory is actually already a pretty effective piece of software that will help a lot of SMBs manage their inventory, sales, and purchasing much better than they are now, and there’s no denying that the price is right.

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  • Megaventory takes a web-based approach to inventory management, encouraging users to leave their desktop software behind in exchange for the freedom and usability the web-browser interface offers. The platform seamlessly manages sales quotes, sales orders, work orders, and purchase orders immediately as they come in, and provides its users with the ability to shortlist items that are low in stock for quick replenishment.

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