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  • So is ERPLY the next Skype? That might be an unfair goal for its investors to put on the young development team behind the software. Skype has mass appeal--we all need to communicate, and we'd like to do so cheaply--whereas ERPLY's definitely looking to fill a niche. But ERPLY fills it nicely, and is something that its team can be proud of. If I were one of the folks behind the creation of the software, I'd be less inclined to say I was trying for a second Skype, and more likely to brag that I'd developed the first ERPLY. It certainly has the potential to be a game changer for midsize, family-owned retail operations which lacked the means--financially and technically--to get a handle on their operations. Though correct to say, it wouldn't be fair to categorize ERPLY on the expensive side of the cloud based POS scale--the real truth is it's on the very low end of cost for full ERP solutions.

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  • Great Product, Great Features, Great Staff, Great Value!

    After a serious comparison of a dozen different options to support our brick and mortar retail, our tent retail, and our traditional backoffice business we decided on ERPLY and we couldn't be happier. The great experience begins with a complete set of functions that support each of the various way we sell including a full-function POS, an offline mode for our tent sales, and a backoffice mode that supports customer invoicing and monthly statements. Combine this with strong inventory management capabilities that include integrated multi-location support. The system is integrated and real-time. You can monitor your business real-time over the internet. The staff is amazing and will help you solve your business problems by applying the features of the system. Excellent!

    Pros : Great support for a variety of selling modes, including iPad, Offline, Browser Based, Strong inventory management. Great response time!

    Cons : ad-hoc reporting is a little weak.

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  • What we liked:

    Admins can quickly create additional user accounts for all their employees.
    Erply can send automated bills on a weekly, monthly, or quarterly basis.
    The dashboard page is completely customizable with special widgets.
    Business owners can see which of their employees is bringing in the most money.

    What we didn’t like:


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  • Small business owners operating in the industries supported by Erply can really appreciate this application. The system is easy to use and can handle a great deal of vital tasks that can influence the success of a company.

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  • Erply’s ergonomic design and ease of use is attractive if you’re starting out with a retail POS system. One of the biggest caveats of Erply is the limited telephone service available for troubleshooting. This solution does, however, offer a variety of backend reports designed to equip you with knowledge of employee sales, inventory management and customer data. Having this information readily available is a benefit to making good business decisions.

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