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Why Should I Use Scheduling Software

The digital age has brought so many different types of “solutions” that you’re right to be skeptical of anything that offers benefits to your current business plan. However, scheduling software has a long track record of being a difference maker for companies all over the spectrum. If you’re part of an enterprise that relies on multiple moving parts, scheduling software could revolutionize the way you do business.

Self-Scheduling Options

Put yourself in a customer’s shoes. They need to meet with you to discuss what your business can do for them or theirs. However, to do so, they need to schedule an appointment. This isn’t remotely an uncommon scenario. In fact, it’s probably so common, you may not think there’s anything off about it.

But again, think about your customer. How are they supposed to schedule with you? They probably need to call in and listen to a receptionist list when someone is available. Many companies may not even extend that kind of service. Customers may have to email you, wait to hear back, do some more back and forth about times and finally lock in an hour or so that works for everybody.

This might not seem like a reason to invest in software, but then imagine your competition. They are leveraging scheduling software. So when a customer wants to deal with them, they can self-schedule their own meeting based on when the relevant parties on your side are available. A couple clicks later and the customer has an audience with everyone they need.

That’s definitely a game changer. But it’s only available to companies that have scheduling software on their side.

Put an End to No Shows

Let’s elaborate on this benefit further. Hopefully, you can already see why that last one would make this type of software worth it. But now think about all the no-shows you suffer throughout the year. When they schedule their own appointment, customers have far less reason to drop out of an appointment.

Furthermore, scheduling software is designed to send these customers reminders, either through text messages or emails, to prime them for the upcoming meetings they have with you. Not only are they more likely to make the appointment, they’re more likely to show up prepared. This can only benefit your win percentage.

Increased Accessibility

Scheduling software also means everyone involved gets updated at the same time. Think about all the moving parts that need to be ready for a customer meeting. Whether it’s sales, marketing, tech or accounts, they’re all notified that a meeting is on the books. It doesn’t matter if they’re not in the office, the schedule is accessible online. So everyone is as ready as your customers are for this important meeting.

This is also a real benefit to your team. No one ever has to worry again about being blindsided by an important account coming in. They know they’re an integral part of the sale and they’re finally being treated like it.


Scheduling software helps finish that initial sale. The first one belongs to marketing because it’s about convincing a customer that your company is worth giving their time to. That’s sale number one and it’s essential. When your website, email or social media account has a “book now” button to click, you can bet you’re going to see more conversions.


The best versions of scheduling software allow an extreme amount of customization. So if you’re worried that your company does things a bit differently, relax. There are plenty of options out there designed to meet your company’s specific way of doing things. Maybe you rely on remote personnel, for example. Scheduling software can take into account their odd hours and ensure that everyone is ready for that big meeting.


We’ve touched on this, but a big selling point for scheduling software is how much you stand to save. Whether it’s saving on lost customers, missing key personnel or marketing costs (you really can’t put a price on telling people they can speak to you in the near future), scheduling software may be one of the best friends your budget ever has.

While countless options exist in terms of software that can augment your business practices, don’t miss out on scheduling platforms. Although simple and affordable, they’re still plenty effective.

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