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Improving websites is what we do here at Yoast, from user experience, to speed & search engine rankings. We do that by reviewing websites in which and tell people what they should do to improve their sites. We're also the creators of several highly popular WordPress plugins to analyze & optimize WordPress based websites.

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  • Yoast has a newer plugin and is better supported than All in One, and it touches on more aspects of SEO than its competitors. It won’t be your only tool – nor should it be – but it’s a valuable basis from which to build other plugins.

  • Yoast’s supposedly customized report to us is one of the shoddiest, error-filled documents I have ever encountered in my thirty-plus years as a professional.

  • The plugin is the best choice if one thinks for SEO. It gives site’s admin a lot of control over their site`s SEO architecture. Not only this, but it will let you control XML Sitemap, canonical, permalink and indexation controls.

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    Steve Miller

    Yoast is most well-known for its plugin for Drupal and WordPress. WordPress is the version I am most familiar with, and is the most common version. It is practically a given on every WordPress project I do. It is the best and most flexible plugin for setting up SEO on a WordPress site that I have found. The two most important things it can do quickly and easily is to templatize clean URLs and clean title tags. While there are other ways to do this, the Yoast plugin is definitely the easiest and most effective. There are other SEO features built into the plugin as well. For example, it can selectively set types of pages (i.e., category, author, archive, etc.) to “noindex, follow”, a common recommendation for WordPress blogs. This plugin is most commonly compared with All in One SEO Pack. While All in One SEO Pack is generally capable of doing everything that Yoast does, there is one key difference that causes me to go with Yoast instead. When All in One SEO Pack adds things like title tags and meta descriptions to a page, it keeps the page from rendering until everything else is loaded, and then inserts the changes. For any site that loads even slightly slow, this means a blank page until the page is fully loaded. This is not a great practice, and Yoast manages to make the changes without hurting the load speed. It is extremely easy to use, and it is free to download the basic version. I have not yet found a need to upgrade it to the full version, but if you need additional support, it is certainly an option.

    Pros :

    - Easy to use - Basic version is free - Performs many global SEO functions on a WordPress site - Doesn’t hurt load speed

    Cons :

    - Only works on a couple open source platforms (mainly WordPress and Drupal)

    • September 21, 2015
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