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  • Terrible product, Terrible Service

    I set up two accounts with WordWatch. One I was never able to log into, so I cancelled it and created a new one. Ultimately, I was charged for the older account. When I asked service to cancel it, they told me I have to log in to the account to do so, which I was never able to do. They didn't seem to understand the catch-22 involved there. Their service, once being activated, actually caused a rise in PPC, instead of a decline for the accounts I linked it to. The other accounts stayed mostly the same, and all 15 of the sites listed on that account are very similar.

    Pros : They give you $100 adWords credit.

    Cons : The credit isn't valid when you try to use it. You can see on RipOff Report that others have experienced the same issue. Their service seems to do the opposite of what they advertize. Also, they will charge you after you cancel your account.

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    It's a good start.

    While it has only been a short time I am very impressed with there overall knowledge of Google Adwords. I had and issue with conversion tracking that I contacted Google about and they were no help at all. I explained this issue to WordWatch and they solved the problem quickly. We are now off to the races with everything set up and ready to go.

    Pros : Simple website that explains things in very easy to understand terms. Fast response to questions and concerns. Everything was quickly setup.

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  • So, our final word on this review would be that WordWatch will require your constant monitoring. You will need to keep logging into your AdWords account and see the history of changes made. And don’t be surprised if you feel no major impact after their management takes over your campaign.

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  • If you’re comfortable sitting in front of a computer all day, tirelessly watching as the price of popular keywords in the AdWords program fluctuate with the market, then you might not need WordWatch. For the 99% of business owners who don’t fall into that category, however, WordWatch is a great tool for automating the keyword bidding process.

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  • With WordWatch you will be able to find the best keyword positions at the best prices - automatically. You will then want to determine what you actually want to achieve with your Adwords (be it traffic or conversions) and then this application will help you find the best performing keywords and optimize your bid prices. With the automated expertise of WordWatch you will be able to easily stay ahead of your competition. If cost is a concern of yours then you will definitely want to use this powerful application - the algorithims built into the application will allow you to get your Adwords at the lowest possible cost while still maintaining the same amount of traffic.

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