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If you understand how important On-site SEO and off-site SEO is to the future of your company’s web presence, chances are you also appreciate how vital it is to use software to get the best possible results from your efforts. These days, if it’s worth doing right, it’s worth using some kind of platform. While Woorank is a very popular option you may have been considering, don’t forget that there are countless others to choose from as well. Here are 10 alternatives that may better fit your needs or budget.

1. Moz Analytics

Moz is well known throughout the SEO industry and for good reason. It’s become an industry leader by offering suite after suite of software that helps companies like yours get ahead where SERP ranks are concerned. The company also has some pretty amazing tools for dominating social media as well.
Here’s one of the simplest reasons to recommend Moz Analytics to someone who may otherwise be tempted by Woorank: most of the work is done for you. Of course, you probably expected this in large part from any software company building an SEO program.
However, Moz Analytics takes things a step further. Their platform will actually help you find SEO opportunities you’re currently not taking advantage of. Forget spending hours upon hours every single week looking for the right keywords or trying to find where your competition has left openings to move up. Just use Moz Analytics and the majority of the work will be done for you.
Obviously, that’s a huge feather in the cap of Moz Analytics, but you should still be wondering about reporting and analytics. At the end of the day, any program can throw all kinds of bells and whistles at you, but if you don’t have reporting to fall back on, your website isn’t going anywhere.
Moz Analytics doesn’t disappoint here either. Not only will you get the reporting you need, you’ll even have the option to customize much of the results. This gives any business owner the opportunity to create feedback that is actually something they can use, not something they’ll have to adapt themselves to.
With five packages to choose from ranging in price from $99 to $599, just about everyone should be able to take advantage of this powerful SEO tool.

2. SEO Toolkit

Here’s another alternative to Woorank that’s extremely easy to love. That’s because it’s not just SEO Toolkit, it’s Microsoft SEO Toolkit. You know that if the word Microsoft is involved, it’s going to be a winner and this platform is no exception.
While just about anyone should find something to love about SEO Toolkit, it’s an especially good option for hosting providers, web developers and web server administrators. It works by suggesting content to be used on the site that it knows will make you a rock star where Google and other search engines are concerned.
Another reason everyone should look into giving SEO Toolkit a chance is because of how good a job it does of scoping out the competition. You know they’re out there and you know they’re trying to take food from your plate, so you might as well start looking at how to keep their advantages from piling up. By keeping tabs on their website and SEO efforts, you have an unrivaled way of doing so.
Any external or local websites you come across can be improved upon for your own purposes. Whether it’s their URL, content or even the entire structure of the site, there’s no reason not to take what’s working and use it for your own purposes. The Site Analysis tool will actually use a search engine crawler to give you an idea of what’s working and what’s falling short.
At the same time, you can use this tool on your own site for the same reasons. Without SEO Toolkit, your website could be producing disappointing results because it’s influencing search engines in a negative way, despite your best efforts. Find these problems, weed them out and stop giving your competitors easy wins.

3. SEO Suite

With SEO Suite, you’ll enjoy a bevy of options for reaching the number one spot you crave so much for your site. It’s important to recognize, though, that this won’t take some advanced understanding of SEO nor is it going to require hours a day behind the wheel, so to speak. Like any good suite, this platform will give you the tools you need to get the results you want without all the heavy lifting in between. It’s tough to argue with that kind of a promise.
One thing that draws a lot of users to SEO Suite is the enticement of backlinks. Put simply, backlinks are one of the most powerful assets for SEO out there. Even if your site has all the best keywords used in a way Google will love, you’ll still lose out to a savvy competitor who was smart enough to get backlinks sending users from relevant sites to theirs. It’s as simple as that. This has become such a hot commodity in getting positive SERP ranks, that many people use SEO Suite solely for this purpose.
That being said, keywords are still important and there’s no reason you should ignore them in any way. For a lot of you, competition is so steep that even with the right backlinks, you could still be in trouble if you found yourself without proper keyword optimization. SEO Suite will help you with this though. Not only will you get helpful reporting to show where you’re at with keyword rank, that information is available with the click of a button. Don’t worry about needing a statistician’s brain to get to the data you need. Instead, reporting is available within seconds.
There are three options available for SEO Suite beginning at $119.99/a month. Then there’s the professional package for $199.95 a month and, finally, the corporate option, which is mainly for consultants, can be yours for $299.95.

4. SEO Studio

Whether you have your own website to consider or you’re a consultant working for others, SEO Studio is a good alternative to Woorank. We already talked about the importance of backlinks above, so you’ll be happy to know that this platform definitely put a priority on it.
Links Plus+ is the main solution for this. It’s a search engine for reciprocal link partners, so you can build a network of other site owners who will happily give you real estate, building up your SERP rank every time they do.
Another way it helps make a huge impact is with backlinks by showing you where competitors are going for theirs. They have a tool that will show you where on Google, Bing, Yahoo, MSN and others your competition is finding inbound link partners. Search this out and you’ll be a big step closer to ensuring competitors don’t continue leveraging these properties against you.
That’s not all. There are even more reasons your competition should be worried about your use of SEO Studio. Their Google and Alexa page rank will always be available to you. It’s even possible to assess their text links to get an accurate look at their important details. Again, with just the click of a button, this information is all yours.
Never worry about keyword density ever again. SEO Studio comes with an analyzing tool specifically for showing you the optimal density for any keywords. You’ll also get information about keyword count and prominence so that ranking for any given word doesn’t involve the frustration of so much guesswork.
Lastly, don’t let potent keywords remain hidden. SEO Studio will show you all the underutilized options that are just waiting to be discovered and used for your benefit.

5. SEO PowerSuite

SEO PowerSuite will provide you with four distinct tools to make you forget Woorank was ever an option. Each of these tools handles a specific task where your SEO needs are concerned. These four tools are also an umbrella, though, encompassing all kinds of other resources you can use for getting your website to that coveted SERP spot.
If this sounds daunting to you, don’t worry. While PowerSuite comes with all kinds of tools, you won’t have to spend hours and hours using them all. No SEO tool should get away with forcing you to use more of your time. Instead, it makes much more sense to simply automate those routine, but vital tasks that you simply don’t have the time for. In fact, you can literally put them on autopilot, allowing you to continue with your day (or even take a vacation) without fear that your site’s SEO is going to suffer for it.
The ramifications are incredible when you consider most other options out there. You can actually boost your SEO results up to 60 times, doing more than most of your competitors could in weeks or even months.
On top of all that, if you’re not an SEO expert, don’t worry. There’s still plenty you can do with SEO PowerSuite because the software can actually show you what to do. That’s right; you’ll already be automating much of your SEO needs, but for everything else, this platform has you covered.
While you can plan on receiving all kinds of advice from SEO PowerSuite, the type that most look forward to involves assessing your competition. This platform can go online, find your competition and see what they’re doing. Then, you’ll be given the results in the form of best practices to follow.

6. SEO Administrator

With SEO Administrator, you’ll have access to nine different modules which will all help to get your site the exposure you want for it. This is perhaps the most popular reason people have turned to SEO Administrator instead of Woorank.
First, you can monitor your rank at all times across any given keyword and find who has the spot you’re trying to climb to next. Obviously, this comes with convenient reporting.
Second, you can check the popularity of any inbound links you might be using across all search engines. You’ll also have an easy time finding outdated links that are hurting your results.
Third, its site indexation SEO tool will show you the rank for every one of your web pages that have been indexed.
Fourth, there’s your link exchange tool. It will go out and find any backlinks your competitors rely on. Even cooler, though, is that it can tell you the probability of your links landing on any sites you’re thinking about.
Fifth, the site analyzing tool will discover any of your broken links, any missing images, any orphaned files and basically anything else that is doing more harm than good.
Sixth, your log analyzer will show you the path your visitors take through your site and a report of how search engine spiders are finding each page.
Seventh, the page rank analyzer will display how many backlinks Google has found for your site, as well as the report from other search engines too.
Eighth, there’s a keyword suggestion tool for SEO. You might not be using all the appropriate keywords out there, which could end up hurting your brand considerably.
Ninth, the HTML analyzer is vital for those of us without coding chops. It will give you a view of how your website looks from an HTML standpoint.
All of these tools do much more than the brief summary we gave here, yet they can be yours for between $49 and $99 a month, depending on your needs.

7. Majestic SEO

One thing that no one else can say—and certainly not Woorank—is that it produced the largest database of commercial links in the entire world. Only Majestic SEO can make this claim, which is why so many people rely on it every day to keep their website a cut above the rest.
Majestic SEO is great for analyzing your competition, monitoring the news, managing your reputation, building valuable backlinks, developing website traffic and more. Yet, the reason countless users rely on this platform probably has more to do with the fact that it’s extremely user-friendly.
The team behind Majestic SEO understands how important link data has become for achieving enviable ranks in Google. As we covered above, it even rivals keywords these days. For this reason, Majestic SEO studies over a billion URLs every 24 hours. This allows the platform to provide you with phenomenal amounts of information to influence your own strategies. Of course, this includes looking at what your competitors are doing too.
No matter what package you choose, as soon as you begin using Majestic SEO, you’ll have five-million downloadable backlinks at your disposal. Every month, you can look forward to 60 detailed reports too. Again, this is for the most affordable option, their silver plan, which is $78.99 a month.
Their gold plan, will give you five times as many downloadable backlinks—an unreal 25 million of them—and 300 reports to look at every month. This will go for a monthly fee of $169.99.
Finally, there’s the platinum plan, which will give you 100 million downloadable backlinks for your site. For that, you’ll be paying $399.99 a month.
Many users have found that Majestic SEO is a really great option for those who were hit with problems after the Penguin algorithm was released.

8. SEOShop

SEOShop is a heck of a bargain when you compare its affordable cost to the arsenal of SEO tools it provides. When you pick up this platform, you’ll immediately feel the full weight of more than 50 integrations at your disposal. However, this barely scratches the surface of what makes SEOShop so unique.
The main thing that separates this platform from all others is that it’s SaaS. Actually, it has the distinction of being the first SaaS e-commerce software in the entire world, so you’ll be at the cutting edge with this tool. Of course, over 8,500 other customers have already gone down this path and their trust in the product has paid off big time.
This isn’t the only reason so many customers prefer it over Woorank though. There’s also the fact that it’s so incredibly easy to use. From the moment you purchase SEOShop, it will take you all of 10 minutes to set everything up and then you’ll be on your way. Best of all, it won’t take any training whatsoever to continue managing your campaigns in the future.
Whether you want to use tags, meta tags, rich snippets, sitemaps or custom URLs for the sake of SEO, this platform will make it as easy as possible.

9. SheerSEO

SheerSEO is becoming an increasingly popular alternative to Woorank for a number of compelling reasons. It’s a perfect tool for those who own sites or people who are working as consultants and want to show their clients real results. Either way, you won’t be disappointed.
For one thing, the reporting is straightforward and simple. Anyone can appreciate that, but it’s even more important when you’re either new to SEO or have clients who are. Even when the results are positive, complicated analytics can produce a negative result.
You can also automate your SEO tracking process as well. Doing this with your reporting is how you can save valuable time for yourself and/or your customers. This is possible even with something as important as link building. While backlinks are the most important form of SEO at this time, it’s not something you need to be spending countless hours on every week. Even the actual directory submission process is almost completely automated with this software. While your competition is putting as many man hours as humanly possible toward this priority, you’ll be getting even better results with less of an investment.
Perhaps its greatest selling point is that SheerSEO comes with amazing support. They pride themselves on this and have made it a major selling point of their product. Fortunately, the market seems to agree that they back up their words with true actions. This platform comes with such impressive support that almost every issue gets resolved in a matter of hours. This keeps any day from going to waste simply because there’s an issue with your software.

10. Screaming Frog SEO

Most people understand how spiders work for the sake of SEO. You may also refer to them as SEO robots. Whatever the case, for those of you who could use a little help in this area, they are one of the most important factors in how a search engine judges your site.
As the name suggests, these digital spiders “crawl” across your page and index every piece of relevant content they find. Then they report their findings back to the search engine. This is, for the most part, how a search engine decides where your website will rank.
At the end of the day, this is pretty much what SEO professionals are after when they’re trying to find out how to improve a site. Amongst other things, they want to replicate how a spider will view your online presence.
This is where Screaming Frog SEO comes in. Their software does just this, by sending spiders over your site and, in no time, producing an audit that you can actually take action on.
The advantage here is, hopefully, pretty obvious. That being said, this is especially true for those with medium or large sites. Trying to go through each and every page manually would take forever. Even doing this with a small site can be a hassle. For a lot of you, trying to do this kind of assessment on your website would be impossible.
That’s not all Screaming Frog SEO can do though. It’s also really good for going through various SEO elements, like meta descriptions, page titles, headings, URL, etc. and making recommendations for your site based on what it finds. In total, this platform can look at over 30 elements that are relevant to your website’s success. Imagine what you could be underutilizing without it.
As you can see, Woorank has plenty of competition which works to your benefit. Before investing in this option, which may not be right for your company, thoroughly explore those we mentioned above.  

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