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A PRWeb press release can earn you big media publicity in a few simple steps. It also does much more than that. It puts your name everywhere people look online, helps you climb the search engines, and attracts new customers to your website. And it’s easy to do – there’s no expertise needed to do it yourself. 

You write a news announcement about your business.  Pick the online press release package that feels right for you. You can add video, optimize your story for search engines, and choose extra distribution options.
Enter your story into Their ready-made press release template. There’s nothing to format and nothing to code: PRWeb does it all for you. Then, click ‘Submit’.

After Their professional editors check your release , they’ll push it to their huge press release distribution network, including major news sites like Yahoo! News, search engines like Google and Bing, and 30,000 journalists and bloggers.

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    Jess Messenger

    If you need a cheap distribution solution, this is one option for your business, although definitely not my favorite. You have access to analytics following the distribution so that you can track how many views your release has achieved across the websites it was featured on, but these metrics aren’t always impressive. I would say this might be a better service for a smaller company trying to get the word out about their business or for someone who only needs to send out one press release. I can’t imagine that any PR firm would use this as its main distribution service over other more comprehensive and credible competitors.

    Pros :

    It’s an affordable service for press release distribution, with prices starting at just $99. If you or your clients have Google Alerts set up, some of the results from your PRWeb distribution will show up in those emails.

    Cons :

    Overall, I think I prefer using Cision and BusinessWire to distribute press releases to journalists and over the wire compared to PRWeb. I’ve seen better coverage using these two alternatives and think they are worth the investment compared to sub-par coverage with PRWeb.

    There’s a reason it’s so affordable. In fact, our firm uses Cision and BusinessWire and had a package deal with PRWeb that allowed us to send out two releases per month through them for one of our clients and most of the time we had ended up not using those credits and instead used BusinessWire. Give yourself time to set up and submit your press release.

    This is not a service that will get your press release out ASAP, so it’s not ideal for spur of the moment announcements. Make sure you proof your release before sending it out through this service or any other since they may not catch every grammatical error for you.

    • November 2, 2015
  • User review from

    Christina Alvarez

    PR Web gives you and your clients access to regional, national and trade-industry visibility. It provides metrics that let you know how many people and outlets have viewed your piece of content.

    Pros :

    • The upload process can be quirky, and the platform assumes that the person uploading the release also has access to all social media assets. 

    Cons :

    • You also need to submit a press release several hours ahead of time.
    • There have instances where a client has sent a release and needed it to go out right away, so unfortunately, PRWeb hasn’t worked. This could be really challenging if you need to get a release out in a timely fashion.
    • If you’re using a ticker symbol in a press release, it requires that a person with a company email address reach out to them for verification. This can be frustrating when you’re on time crunch.
    • Although the reports are helpful and look nice, the amount of coverage is not always necessarily credible.
    • Sometimes, only a handful of links are actually receiving a significant number of views. I’ve also received numerous follow-up phone calls from their sales reps asking to have discussions about updates and other offerings, which is unnecessary and annoying.

    • October 8, 2015
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