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Vero enables companies to send event-based emails in order to increase conversions and improve customer satisfaction. By tracking events, Vero let’s users build automated workflows to guide their users through the customer lifecycle funnel. 

A simple example is a cart abandonment email: if a customer adds an item to their shopping cart, views the cart and leaves the site, they may be followed up the next day with a reminder or discount offer.

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    James McQuillin

    My organization decided to step outside of what we had been using, InfusionSoft, and explore some other options.andnbsp; Vero was not one of the big names, but someone had heard good things about it.

    Actually, we all call (called) it Get Vero since that is their website domain.andnbsp; We set up an account and they asked me, the marketer, to go check it out and see if I liked it. As a non-developer with a decent technical background, but by technical I mean on the front end of technology, no behind the scenes work, Vero was extremely limited in what I could do on my own.andnbsp; I tried to watch some videos online to get a better idea of its features and capabilities, but there was not a whole lot out there to watch either. Not knowing whether to say go for it or not, I suggested our developers get their hands into it and see what they think.andnbsp;

    Well, our lead developer found it very interesting and said the API was really easy to work with. Once our developers connected all the elements we needed for our site and built out HTML email templates, etc., I was then able to go in and build campaigns. This is why I say Vero is as good as your developers are.

    Pros :

    • Per our team, the open nature of Vero provides a great API that is easy for developers to work with.andnbsp;
    • We had an issue once or twice and the support was quick to respond and resolve the issues.
    • The price is great as well, especially when compared to the big guys.
    • Ultimately it just depends if Vero can satisfy the particular needs of your business.andnbsp;
    • In our case, it has been working quite well so far.

    Cons :

    • For the non-developers, the biggest con is that it is hard for us to know even if Vero will be any good for our business since we are so limited in what we can do with a trial or demo without getting developers deeply involved.
    • For my use of Vero, the biggest con is that from a CRM standpoint, Vero is awful.andnbsp; To its credit, it is not intended to be a CRM in any way.
    • If you were hoping Vero would be an all in one platform, think again. You will definitely want a separate CRM software to connect with Vero. andnbsp;

    • May 12, 2016
  • User review from

    Javier J. Hernandez Garcia

    All opinions are personal and they don't reflect the opinions of my employer either past, present or future. I have only use Vero as Data Analyst searching for information on how our emails have perform. So I haven't used it as tool to set email campaigns or program emails to be sent after an users does a certain event on app etc. But similar to Mandrill that I also review I know that Vero have the capacity to do thing as IT people that I have worked with uses Vero to do all of this stuff and more.

    Pros :

    • From a Data Analyst point of view Vero have all the information you need more or less available.
    • The ones that aren't available at first glance they tend to be if you reach the Vero team and ask for them.
    • This is one thing that Vero has as a Pro.
    • They have a good team working to help you solve your doubts and needs.
    • Even before we start using the tool the first time they set a call with the team to go through everything we need.
    • You can check reports from the different campaigns that you will set on Vero and you can see more or less all the necessary information.

    Cons :

    • They do miss some data that it would be great to have like breakdown by custom date. Or if you do a behavioral campaign finding a breakdown of each individual email is a bit harder. However, like I said Vero's team usually finds the information for you when you are not able to find it yourself.
    • But obviously this could be more time consuming and less instantaneous than if the info was already there in the first place.
    • Their system seems to be a bit less powerful than other systems we have used in the past. Though they are always working to improve things.

    • April 13, 2016
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