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  • ToutApp Use Cases and Deployment ScopeI used and oversaw the usage of ToutApp in my previous job. We used it to help with our outbound sales with our business development reps to email leads, follow up, and close deals. It was a great way to manage the whole outbound sales cycle for our company. It was also very helpful because we had a very lengthy sales cycle that would last sometimes between 9-12 months.

    Pros : Easy to useSaves me timeHelps me oversee my teamsKeeps track of all leads and prospects

    Cons : Not very good reportingNot a good mobile experienceNot as robust as HubSpot

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  • One Platform - Thousands of Customer Touches!

    What do you like best?

    I like the ability to create a template for my most commonly used eMail messages so the template is at my fingertips when I am in eMail and I can just click, personalize and send.

    Our company standardized on Clearslide for the rest of the team, but no one uses it for customer outreach because it's hard to use. We use it daily for presentations. I like it, but it's hard to have so many tools - and they all link to salesforce so my customer account events are populated with immense contacts. I use both, but ToutApp is my primary go to for communication to customers and follow up. I love how ToutApp tracks everything.

    What do you dislike?

    I don't like the sales pipeline feature, it didn't offer me any value as it didn't update with my Salesforce Updates and I don't use Tout with my team so it's hard to ring a gong for just me :-)

    Recommendations to others considering the product

    I recommend you start with 2-3 campaigns and use ToutApp to support those and see how that works for you, then add in the daily templates and use them to track your routine habits / responses. If you tie it to Salesforce you will see your events populate as well - great integration.

    What business problems are you solving? What benefits have you realized?

    I have an enormous contact list in Salesforce that I need to keep massaging until opportunities bubble up. I can credit ToutApp for helping me do that. I send an eMail 2-3 times a month to someone in my pipeline and I quickly receive feedback and progress towards next steps.

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    Toutapp increases productivity

    What do you like best?

    Being that I use tout every single day, I really like that I can track how many times someone has opened my email, if they've clicked on a hyperlink and if theres an attachment, it will show what pages they've viewed. It's made strategically stalking much more easy and effective. I also like that I can create groups which helps with organization, especially if you're sending 500+ emails a week and having the ability to remove or "unsubscribe" a contact with a click of a button. Also, creating templates and sharing them is not only ridiculously easy but makes for a streamlined process across the team. I like that it's not overcomplicated and can be understood as to how to operate within 10 minutes of playing around with it. The support team is responsive and very helpful as well.

    What do you dislike?

    I don't like when using a hyper link or the "Add Content" feature, it shows that it's being sent through tout on the other persons end. The analytics are hit and miss, I personally don't pay attention to them because they're not always correct.

    Recommendations to others considering the product

    It's a no brainer.

    What business problems are you solving? What benefits have you realized?

    Tout is idiot proof, it's very easy to navigate and simplifies the process of sending mass email campaigns. To be frank, if tout were to disappear tomorrow, I would be super stressed at the thought of finding a tool that would compare. It has made me much more productive, organized and strategic with my daily duties.

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    What do you like best?

    The ability for my employees to get real time feedback regarding their prospecting efforts is crucial. Through Tout's tracking abilities we are able to efficiently touch our prospects without risking over-exposure.

    What do you dislike?

    The support function is not as prompt as it should be. For the cost of the service they should have support that works more than normal business hours, PST. It is frustrating to have to wait for extended periods of time to get answers/solutions to your issues.

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  • ToutApp is cool. If I wasn’t spending way too much money on Hubspot, this would be a perfect sales tool. ToutApp is a feature rich and cost effective enhancement to the business email client you already use. It’s designed for the sales professional and integrates easily with Salesforce.com. Used properly, it can greatly increase the efficiency and effectiveness in an area where everyone (and salespeople in particular) spends much of their day.

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  • Tout is ideal for anyone who shares videos frequently online. Users who often take videos with their mobile phone (primarily Android and iPhone users) will get the most use out of Tout. The user can easily upload one clip to all their profiles and recipients without sending the same clip multiple times. The user is presented a simple form that lets them choose all their recipients and profile destinations so the video can be sent once instead of multiple times.

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