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  • You get what you pay for

    SendinBlue Use Cases and Deployment ScopeSendinBlue has been chosen to replace our current in-house emailing solution. It seemed to offer all the features we were looking for, including dedicated IP at a good price. 

    Pros : SendinBlue provides a large set of tools, even if some of them need to be requested.Price is for now. below competition.

    Cons : Slow support, it took them 72 hours to answer and 24 more hours to unblock a campaign.UI/UX would need an important upgrade.

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    Great for list management, and building email newsletters

    SendinBlue Use Cases and Deployment ScopeWe utilized SendinBlue to send marketing emails to our customer and newsletter request list.

    Pros : The email builder in SendinBlue is great!

    Cons : Customer service is a bit slow, and could use some improvement.

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    SendinBlue a must in your email or sms campaigns

    SendinBlue Use Cases and Deployment ScopeI use SendinBlue for our central reservations email blast system. We also have integrated our contact forms with SendinBlue through multiple websites. We also send out email blasts for two other organizations as well on a monthly basis.

    Pros : They do responsive design templates that are viewable on any platform or device.The system is easy to use.The setup takes only a few minutes to set upThe analytics are far superior to other platforms.

    Cons : They need to include the ability to add a click to call feature in the responsive templates.The ability to separate the logo from the navigation.

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  • SendinBlue is absolutely phenominal

    We are in the process of launching a new product and the help we have received from SendinBlue is out of this world. The support staff have gone out of their way to accommodate us, even going so far as to program a scenario for us into their api which did not exist when we needed it. Their marketing automation tool makes it possible to really push our marketing as far as it can go and beyond as it opens up endless possibilities beyond your standard auto responder service. We would highly recommend them.

    Pros : Very powerful api available in many programming languages. Great support. Cheap.

    Cons : Their documentation is a bit scarce in some areas which causes some delay when you first have to contact support, however, their support staff is top notch and always responds in a timely fashion.

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    SendinBlue E-Mail marketing platform, first class product...

    Excellent product, first class team, great support, all you would need in an E-Mail marketing platform. We looked at what feels like a dozen competing products, and SeninBlue was the best. We are about to role out a new version of , and have long ago learned that the adage "you only have one chance to make a bad first impression" is only too true. We went with SendInBlue, no regrets, and would unconditionally recommend the product to anyone in need of a E-Mail marketing platform.

    Pros : Excellent product, highly recommended...

    Cons : None that I could think of. Needless to say hard part is developing great content with clean E-Mail lists, but after that, SendinBlue is great!

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    Great product with superior support

    We've been using SIB for 9 months now and have been very pleased with the product and especially the support from our rep.

    Pros : Clean and straightforward UI. Excellent service.

    Cons : They are releasing a multi-email campaign feature which we're looking forward to.

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  • As an email marketing service, SendinBlue comes in with some major drawbacks on the one hand and equally major advantages on the other. What I can say to conclude is that if you need any of the positives and can live with the negatives, SendinBlue can be a worthwhile email marketing service for you.

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  • One thing is for sure: when it comes to choosing an email marketing service provider, SendinBlue is a serious contender; not to be ignored. If I were MailChimp, I’d have one eye over my shoulder. I for one am going to think long and hard about making a switch. In other words, unless you’re sending a lot of emails to your subscribers, SendinBlue will almost certainly work out as the cheaper option.

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  • Your start may be a little bit difficult in comparison with other email marketing services and maybe you’ll waste some hours. But then… the cons disappear. The low monthly price is still there.

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  • SendinBlue -really- is a great alternative to the other email marketing solutions out there. It’s got all the features you might need, great support, and very fair prices.
    Those prices really are a joy to behold, especially when you consider what the competitors cost and the effectiveness of such an email marketing solution.

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  • It’s really possible to increase dramatically your ROI with a corret email marketing campaign and the proper service provider. It’s really intuitive and simple to understand, even for new marketers and bloggers. Also, SendinBlue plans are really interesting, with advantageous prices.
    I loved to test SendinBlue and I’ll consider it as my next email marketing service provider.

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  • If you are interested in creating a mailing list for your website and are looking for a service that integrates with WordPress and will allow you to manage the service directly from within your site’s admin dashboard, then SendinBlue is one option you should add to your shortlist.

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  • With the opportunity to try this out completely free this is absolutely the one area you will intend to go if you are doing email marketing or if you plan to obtain begun. Now, you will certainly have a place where you could make the most of your initiatives – improving open prices, conversions, and sales.

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  • With SendinBlue, users can take control over online marketing for their companies,

    What we liked:

    • Users can send promotional messages and codes via SMS
    • The newsletter creator is intuitively designed
    • Dedicated IP addresses help companies manage their email marketing reputations
    • Ecommerce businesses can import customer orders when uploading contact lists

    What we didn’t like:

    • Nothing

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