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SALESmanago offers a complete suite of products for marketers including website visitor identification and tracking, e-mail marketing with dynamic e-mails with personalized product offers, dynamic website content and personalization in ad networks and direct sales channels.

it's a cloud based integrated marketing automation solution that is quickly becoming a leading Central European platform chosen by marketing and sales departments in companies of all sizes. It is loved by marketers and salespeople thanks to its nice and easy interface and focus on intelligent CRM solutions that take pipeline generation, lead nurturing and sales process management and automation to new levels of effectiveness. 

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  • Na system sales manago przesiad?em si? z sare na pocz?tku powstania SM. Mia?em przyjemno?? rozwijania si? i uczenia razem z rozwojej mystemu. Na pocz?tku by?a to wysy?ka newsletter´?¢w, segmentacja bazy, nast?pnie regu?y automatyzacji, do??czenie kupon´?¢w rabatowych, wysy?ka wiadomo?ci sms, wiadomo?ci dynamiczne i wiele innych z integracj? z systemami zewn?trznymi w??cznie. English Translation: Manago sales system has changed from the beginning of creation sare MS. I had the pleasure to grow and learn together with the development of mystemu . At the beginning it was a sending newsletters , database segmentation , then the rule automation , attach coupons , sending sms , messages, and much more dynamic integration with external systems , inclusive.

    Pros : Zdarza si?, ?e podczas pracy pojawiaj? si? pytania lub w?tpliwo?ci jednak albo znajduje to w pomocy albo w kilka minut mam info od swojego opiekuna. Wsp´?¢?pracowa?em z kilkoma osobami z sales manago i przyznam, ?e ich podej?cie do klienta jest wyj?tkowe :) English Translation: It happens that while working there are questions or concerns , however, or is it a help or a few minutes I got info from his guardian . I worked with a few people from the sales Manago and admit that their approach to

    Cons : Ostatnio wida?, ?e system troch? zwolni?. Wi?cej uwag nie mam, przekazuje je na bie??co i na bie??co s? poprawiane. English Translation: Last seen that the system is a little slowed down. I have no further comment , passes them on an ongoing basis and to date are corrected .

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User Reviews

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    Indra Jaya

    We use Salesmanago because we want to ease our efforts in inbound marketing. We got all in one platform, start from leads generation, leads profiling, until leads nurturing. We also have user behavior analytic complete with its automated action based on that behavior.

    Pros :

    • Seamless, complete and affordable. They got it all.
    • Leads profiling, leads tracking, performance analytic, automated behavior based action, email html, landing page building, etc.

    Cons :

    • They have no social media management platform.
    • If they have it like Buffer or like SproutSocial, it could be the best tool I've ever purchased and used.

    • May 30, 2016
  • User review from

    Cosmin Daraban

    A strong solution that allows you to manage automate marketing strategy simplifying the workflow. Starting with leads and customers communication personalizing, lead generation, lead nurturing, email marketing, funnels, A/B testing or Facebook and Ads data managing, SALESmanago provides a single administration panel for your entire marketing strategy.

    Pros :

    • Decent price in relation to efficient solution

    • It enables you to more easily identify and monitor users - which is a big bonus for lead generation and lead nurturing

    • It is a complete multi-channel solution with numerous useful features for increasing conversion rate

    • Aligns marketing and sales efforts

    Cons :

    • I would like more third parties integration options without resorting IT assistance

    • May 23, 2016
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