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Marketing Automation Software Alternatives for ReferralCandy

Cirrus Insight

17 Expert reviews

Cirrus Insight puts the power of the Salesforce.com CRM right inside Gmail. Cirrus Insight brings context to communications with prospe...
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5 Expert reviews

SALESmanago offers a complete suite of products for marketers including website visitor identification and tracking, e-mail marketing w...
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12 Expert reviews

Uberflip empowers marketers, publishers, professionals, educators and corporations with the tools to produce effective content marketin...
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Referral Marketing Software Alternatives for ReferralCandy


5 Expert reviews

Ambassador tries to make it as easy as possible to conduct a powerful referral reward program. It shouldn't be intimidating to get you...
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3 Expert reviews

InviteBox is a referral program that let you design and launch a referral program for your business in a matter of minutes. You can set...
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0 Expert reviews

Friendbuy helps marketers optimize social sharing campaigns. Get up and running quickly with beautiful templates - NO design ski...
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0 Expert reviews

Extole has powered successful referral programs for 300+ brands. Our platform distills years of experience and millions of conversions....
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1 Expert reviews

Amplifinity’s referral amplification software turns customer, employee and partner advocacy into revenue. Our platform provides c...
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0 Expert reviews

Voluum is a performance marketing tracking and analytics SaaS tool. Built using real Performance Marketing insights, it provides tailor...
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Alternatives to ReferralCandy

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