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  • New to marketing automation; Made the right choice with Pardot

    Pardot Use Cases and Deployment ScopePardot is used as a communication tool companywide however mostly marketing/sales uses the systems for marketing automation, drips, prospect tracking, etc.  It addresses the roadblock our sales team faced when our prospects' buying patterns and behaviors changed. Pardot allows us to get the right information in front of the right people, at the right time.

    Pros : Training. We used a Pardot partner for implementation who nailed it; but we like our access to Pardot Advocates and we also became certified end users. Good knowledge base.Drips. They are easy to set up.Integration. So many marketing tools can connect to Pardot to achieve the maximum impact.

    Cons : I am not in Pardot, personally, enough to know the problem areas.

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    Pardot - It works!

    Pardot Use Cases and Deployment ScopePardot is used in sales and marketing depts. It is used for lead generation and prioritization and to supplement sales-prospect communications. Goal: give sales team more time to sell. Provide a greater level of job satisfaction - moving team beyond "dialing for dollars" type prospecting.

    Pros : Drip campaigns that trigger off sales funnel actions (not just time frame)LeadDeck - smarter cold calling to companies who show interest.Analytics/engagement history logged against each known prospect.Integration with to follow conversion from interest through to sale.

    Cons : Reporting layouts - can't customize columns, sorts etc.... Drawback when users are accustomed to flexibility of It would be great if they would make all Pardot data available in so that I can run all reports from one area.Would be nice if a few landing page templates were provided (similar to email templates offered).More advanced integration - ability to write to the account, opportunity or custom objects (not just lead and contact).Advanced program

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    Pardot: aesthetically and financially satisfying.

    Pardot Use Cases and Deployment ScopePardot was implemented to address sales leads leakage and to replace our in-house built CRM. Additionally, we needed to automate majority of our marketing tasks (EDMs, webinars, white paper and case study landing pages) and leverage our content multiple times, which is something we hadn't been able to achieve previously.

    Pros : Simple and intuitive user interface, which enhances user experience.WYSIWYG editor for both landing pages and EDM building are quite easy to use.Form building is very straight forward with the ability to go from simple to complex fields, great for gathering additional details from return visitors.Sales love the indepth reporting they now receive from leads' activities and enables tighter teamwork between marketing and sales.

    Cons : The file/content library needs image thumbnails. Without this you're required to add long descriptions to each file in order to find the right one each time. Cumbersome.Viewing the activity of a prospect (visitors > website) is quite easy, but reporting on the reverse (website > prospects) is difficult.Being in Australia, loading speeds can take a very long time. Sometimes this affects our productivity with the platform.Knowledge Base is a very handy resource but only caters to beginner-in

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  • Generally excellent and easy to use although reporting needs improving

    A simple to use but powerful marketing automation tool. Easy to follow drip campaign functionality. Automation rules have a lot of power (although one annoying issue as listed below).

    Pros : The Pardot for outlook and lead deck apps are fantastic and really powerful.

    Cons : Reporting is fairly basic and hard to get much depth The sync with Salesforce could definitely be faster. The lead database is generally fine but hard to do the occasional manual updates you might want to do, i.e. quickly select a few leads and add them to a campaign without having to create a whole automation rule. Automation rules can't be rerun - they have to be cloned and recreated which is fairly stupid.

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    Great Software for B2B

    Software is great, especially if you are using Salesforce already. The software is very simple to use, though can lack on some advanced features. Creating automated drip campaigns have done wonders for our sales cycle.

    Pros : The integrations with Salesforce though, were the biggest seller for this product. Having something easily communicate with our CRM is sometimes a difficult task and was able to do this all myself with the help onboarding partner. Support seems to be average in getting back in time and helping problem solve.

    Cons : Price feels a little expensive compared to other solutions but that is what you get for when you want a product that just just works.

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    Still figuring it out...

    We've used Pardot for just over two years now. I only recently was involved in the backend of Pardot where I learned how to use and develop our processes using it. I feel Pardot could offer a lot more options of tracking and measuring it's effectiveness. There are additional purchases that you will need to make in order to track all of the finer details like videos, clicks etc. It is great B2B, but I'm not convinced it's at it's peek yet. I find myself spending a lot of time searching to find if things are possible, when in reality they are not. Overall, out of the other options I have explored it is the best out there in it's field. I think in a few years time they will develop even more.

    Pros : Customer service is near flawless, and they work with us really well. You can make pardot fit your needs, and customise the content you are sending to specific and targeted people.

    Cons : Pardot has it's own database with limited space depending on your package. Some things in pardot cannot be tracked - like videos for example. It's simple to use, but lacking in a breadth of options.

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  • What do you like best?

    Pardot is great in that it has many connections to external services that give you better insights into your contact's digital body language. From the Wistia connector (which allows you to see which videos & how long your contacts are viewing) to the Google Analytics connector (which allows you to see interactions with your web properties) it's awesome to be able to segment based on very granular interactions. This gives our sales & marketing teams incredible insights on our prospects and customers.

    What do you dislike?

    I mentioned the connectors earlier. One thing I would love to see is the ability to segment users based on their interactions with Wistia videos.

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    What do you like best?

    What I like best about the interface is the easy-to-use WISIWYG feature when building emails & email templates. Recent upgrades in the last year make customizing an email a breeze without having to know HTML code. Changing the color of all links in the email, for example, can be made with one click in the WISIWYG panel. I also really like the amount of email templates that come with the platform, out-of-the-box. There are a good amount of templates to choose from, all designed clean and beautiful. It helps even a basic user get started fast.

    What do you dislike?

    The organization of the platform could be better - simple folder organization would help the organization of the assets and thus increase productivity. The sync to our CRM platform was not as good as it could be, thus still created some manual work that could have been prevented with a better sync of data. Also, building a landing page was very difficult - working in about a 2-inch screen, having to scroll to view the page before previewing. It decreased productivity and was incredibly frustrating to get a real-time view of what you were building. (Note: There may be enhancements on that feature now; but this was my experience, last used June 2012).

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    What do you like best?

    The simplicity of the UI. Filters are great and lead to easier ways to manage and sort prospect data. Drip campaigns are great because before Pardot all campaigns were done manually and ever-so-often. Pardot truly helps our business stay in front of our audience and it has really helped our business grow.

    What do you dislike?

    There needs to be more room for customizations of data and reporting, especially reporting. All the time there is data I need and I goto to run a report for it and it either doesn't exist or the existing report doesn't provide enough. Some of the other softwares I use on a daily basis have a lot more options for filtering data and it would be nice if Pardot had this as well.

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  • Ease-of-use

    The email editor system is perfect for anyone that isn't great with HTML coding. It's really easy to use and make changes to.


    We're 80% of the way there. Once we make the move to Salesforce and get this integrated, we'll be on fire!

    Product Quality

    Great quality! A lot more sophisticated yet still easy to use in comparison to other emailing platforms.

    Customer Support

    Brilliant! The support team is quick at getting back in touch and checking up on us to make sure everything is running smoothly.

    Likes Best

    It's easy to use and so powerful when integrated with a CRM system.

    Likes Least

    We are in the process of changing our CRM over to Salesforce, so at the moment, I feel like there is so much potential to be extracted, but I can't do it just yet. I'm excited to see how powerful this system is once we make the change.


    Explore the functionality and webinar training as much as possible, and figure out exactly how you can use the platform to get the most out of it.

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    ADInstruments is a SMB, B2B biotech company with offices globally. We've used Salesforce since 2009, and previously used Blastwizard, an email marketing platform with Salesforce integration.

    We were looking for a marketing automation platform that would help us nurture, engage, and convert with the best Salesforce integration and ease of use. Email marketing alone is a very flat approach, and we really wanted to tailor our prospects' interactions around their interests to make our communications relevant. We wanted robust website tracking and insight for sales teams, as well as language support. Pardot delivers all of the key qualities of a marketing automation platform and is constantly evolving to meet the unique needs of its customers and the industry.

    We purchased the Enterprise edition in March, 2013. We had a very successful implementation process and resumed 'business as usual' using Pardot within a few days. It took longer to build out the new features that a MAP offers, and we are still working on a few of them as we find the resources within our team. We found the support and accessibility of the Client Implementation team to be exceptional.

    Pardot's customer support is top-notch and quick (this was also one of the main reasons we purchased). They have an excellent Knowledge Base full of answers to questions you may run across.

    We've been able to reduce heaps of our marketing team's time by using the Connectors Pardot offers, i.e. Salesforce, GoToWebinar, Eventbrite, Wistia. The Campaign reporting is very beneficial. Additionally, we've learned about new services that tie in nicely to the content we are trying to deliver, for example, video marketing and Wistia.

    Pardot is a forward-thinking company, who is constantly improving.

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    We chose Pardot after reviewing several of the products listed here on Software Advice. I felt like it was the easiest to implement and I wasn't disappointed. We have a great account manager and we received plenty of free training to help us get ramped up.

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  • Pardot comes across as a very impressive top end lead management and email marketing automation system. It is well worth investigation for a mid to large organisation looking to develop lead nurture.

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  • Pardot is a great solution for SMBs with a wide array of available options and features. Their acquisition by Exact Target, and now Salesforce, should provide additional benefits and features.

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