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  • You could be testing in just minutes.

    Optimizely Use Cases and Deployment ScopeWe use Optimizely across the board, for testing new features before they're rolled out, making layout / content tweaks and testing their impact, personalizing experience for individual visitors, and even as a quick way to fix coding issues and allow developers more time to roll out a more permanent solution.

    Pros : A/B testing - this is the core functionality that Optimizely has always been great with and only got better as they add more functionality.Test analytics - the reporting pages are great, the impact of the tests on revenue is extremely difficult to calculate correctly. Optimizely has made a lot of updates to their statistics engine, latest round of changes upset a lot of people, but it's still doing a great job presenting very complicated data in a simple way.Personalization - still new and barel

    Cons : Test results - the under the hood calculations could be more transparent, while the statistics engine does a ton of very complex calculations that we don't really need to see, in the end it provides one number for "statistical significance". As that number changes over time, sometimes its apparent fluctuations make no intuitive sense. This can make it difficult to justify test results to management and the rest of the team.

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    Optimizely: a powerful tool for your site optimization efforts

    Optimizely ProsVery easy to configure experiment targeting, traffic allocation, and other settings you would want to customize for your testing programAllows easy selection of experiment types like Multivariate, Multipage, A/BPermits simple UI changes using its code editor and other options which allows for decreased reliance on development resources. Product and Design teams can launch new experiments easily on their ownSupport is first rate: knowledgeable, great communicators who take the time to explain things so that you can learn and apply to future experiments. Optimizely customer support is among the best I've encountered from a web software service

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    Optimizely is a Solid Platform for Testing

    Optimizely Use Cases and Deployment ScopeOur organization was previously advancing different elements on our site based on design, or individual department preference. Now, using Optimizely, we are able to assess data and form a conclusion on decisions to change designs based on quantitative analyses. In addition, we have the flexibility to construct new products for our site within Optimizely's interface and deploy them without leveraging weight on our developers.

    Pros : Great for fast development especially with basic CSS components.Transparent results allow results to be shared across all departments.The user interface is very straightforward and Optimizely's free online documentation is an excellent resource.

    Cons : Advance code has issues especially with conditional activation on heavy JavaScript frameworks.Direct customer service via phone is not as transparent as it could be.Experiments can take a while to load, and previewing is sometimes not accurate due to slow caching issues.

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  • Amazingly engineered product with a very tech-savvy and responsive team and a solid future

    What do you like best?

    I love the technical prowess of everyone I have met at Optimizely. The engineers and support folks have without exception, all been very smart and their customer service is really special. And I say this after dealing with many tech vendors .

    Just as one example, when we first started out doing mobile integration, we experienced a few crashes, and they actually walked through code and debugger in live sessions with us, and the Opt-gineers (hey did I just invent a new term?) would spot something amiss, fix it in 10 to 20 minutes and send us a new .zip of the iOS SDK, and this would repeat until the problem was solved. They appeared in-exhaustable. They also seem never at a loss for an answer, a fix, a suggestion, all of which make complete sense and just work.

    Also, I am truly impressed by the strength of the product. When you think about product architecture, and the end to end complexity you'd encounter if you ever attempted to implement a tool like this, from the backend...

    What do you dislike?

    What I dislike, or rather what I wish for the product to have, is more of the unrealized potential.: for a consolidated end to end orchestration of tests across platforms.

    For example, I'd like to see a test where a test starts on a mobile app and ends with conversion on a desktop site or mweb or vice versa, or also one where a multivariate test can be run across web with variations of app download ads and promos and resulting downloads and conversions. In other words a cross between referral marketing and Optimization or orchestrated events and goals across multiple platforms (web/mweb/mobile app) with consolidated progress, result and drill-down views on the Optimizely dashboard. At present these are tedious to set up and analyze (as one has to use a combination of referral tracking tools, analytics tools and Optimizely)

    Recommendations to others considering the product

    Highly recommend this product for desktop, mweb and mobile apps.

    What business problems are you solving? What benefits have you realized?

    Trying to increase conversions in our Mobile Apps (basically to get users to buy airline tickets, book hotels and renta cars, plus buy ancillary products) We have realized a lot of benefit in that we are now willing to try bolds new ideas, work less in product silos, try new integrations, and have overall experienced increase in revenue and conversion.

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    Taking your business to the next level with Optimizely.

    What do you like best?

    Our experience with Optimizely has been nothing short of exceptional. They are very responsive to our needs and questions. The on-boarding experience with this tool was very easy and they walked us through each step of the process. Depending on the level of service you purchase it may come with at a strategic adviser who can help you with strategic decision about your business.

    The tool itself is easy to use and has some very practical uses based on your business.

    What do you dislike?

    Data is king at Princess Cruises. This tool allows you to determine the need for so many additional tests that sometimes prioritization becomes an issue with all the test that our results can yield. One test can lead to another test and so on. Connecting all of the dots in your all your data points can be a challenge.

    What business problems are you solving? What benefits have you realized?

    The tool is used for in multiple cases for across out site. This use has increased both lead conversion and booking conversion our out site. This tool now allows us to make creative decisions based on data and fact rather than aesthetics.

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    Easy to use product with an awesome team supporting it!

    What do you like best?

    When we started implementing Optimizely on mobile (iOS and Android), the team at Optimizely was particularly helpful in working with the engineers and product team. This really accelerated the process for us to dive in and get started using the product.

    The Optimizely team seems very passionate about helping their customers get the most out of their platform. They are always available to answer an e-mail, support request, forum post, jump on a phone call and even come by for a visit. On the flip side, they are always asking for feedback on the product, which provides a sense that we are working with a living, breathing company.

    Optimizely has spent a lot of time understanding the intricacies of multivariate testing and statistical analysis and made it dead simple to see the results in their product. Even if your focus isn't around data, you can plainly see how your experiments are performing and focus on what you are best at. If you want to learn more, they've provided a lot...

    What do you dislike?

    I'd like to see more APIs to be able to export data and integrate it a data warehouse so that we could perform our own analytics.

    Sometimes it's not obvious how long an experiment will need to run based on a product's existing traffic. Having an estimate integrated directly into the experiment would be very helpful.

    Sometimes I am concerned that they've made things too simple to get in and start running experiments, without having proper constructs on what experiments you should be running and what you are actually testing. Just because you've seen results on testing a button in an early stage of a funnel does not mean your end conversion is going to change.

    Recommendations to others considering the product

    One of Optimizely's biggest pluses is that it works on multiple platforms, which many other products do not. Another major factor was their evangelization not jut of their product, but of conversion rate optimization and statistical relevance in general. Finally, when speaking with them, they didn't so much try to sell their product as they spoke to how it could integrate into our overall workflow.

    What business problems are you solving? What benefits have you realized?

    Optimizely is used as a critical piece of understanding and testing user behavior by product, design, marketing, and engineering groups. It is used in multiple ways, from quick tests to see how users interact with buttons, hero images, promotional text, to test out operational changes and feature roll-outs, all the way to quantifying and proving hypotheses from in person user tests, surveys, and other qualitative data. From a platform perspective, Optimizely is used for web, mobile web, and mobile apps (iOS and Android). It's helpful to have a single platform for all your testing needs across different platforms as the teams already have enough other tools that are used on a daily basis to manage projects and analyze results.

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  • Optimizely is a great application for anyone who has a website that’s integral to their business. Testing the effectiveness of different website variations will help users make more sales, get more leads, and make more money. However, as mentioned, users will need the technical know-how to support the app’s use, as it’s only “easy” for people who intimately understand how to get to the right place for copy-pasting the code tag.

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