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Moovly provides video editing solution to create interactive infographics, video presentations, product and company promotion videos, and other similar multimedia content.

Moovly gives users the ability to assemble new content modules and publish them on a variety of internal or external platforms, by using a combination of uploaded sounds, images, as well as a pre-defined library of projects.

Moovly offers three solutions for its customers:
- Moovly Personal: create great looking e-cards, animated stories, and invitations, or impress potential employers with an animated resume.
- Moovly Business: create professional video presentations, explainer videos, animated (whiteboard) videos to promote your product or service and much more.
- Moovly Education: teach and learn new subjects by using animated videos, as well as increase engagement and let your students explore their creative side both at home and in class.

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Plans & Pricing


for 1 Year / 1 user(s)


  • Number of videos Unlimited
  • Maximum length 30 Minutes
  • Maximum resolution HD - 720p
  • Standard libraries 3
  • Storage 500 MB / 100 items
  • Priority rendering
  • Simultaneous rendering 2 videos
  • Export to YouTube/Facebook
  • Upload images
  • Upload sounds
  • Add voice-over
  • Upload video clips
  • Remove watermark
  • Remove outro
  • Member-get-member


for 1 Year / 1 user(s)


  • Number of videos Unlimited
  • Maximum length Unlimited
  • Maximum resolution HD - 1080p
  • Standard libraries 4
  • Extended libraries
  • Storage 1 GB / 200 items
  • Priority rendering
  • Simultaneous rendering 3 videos
  • Export to YouTube/Facebook
  • Upload images
  • Upload sounds
  • Add voice-over
  • Upload video clips
  • Remove watermark
  • Remove outro
  • Copyandsave scenes
  • Member-get-member
  • Commercial Use
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Critic Reviews

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  • There are a few reasons why I like Moovly. First off, the free version is hearty enough to not require that I spend money to do what I want to do. I can also choose to pay for features that I want as needed instead of paying to upgrade to get features I don’t need. Second, it’s so easy to create with Moovly. Each of the animations in the video above were already programmed in, requiring no expertise on my part. Third, I like that I can upload my own images and music. This expands the usability of this tool greatly. Fourth, I have the ability to download my video, share it via social media, or publish it to YouTube, meaning that I have lots of ways to share my Moov with students. Finally, I really like how many support resources Moovly provides, especially this handy User Guide.

  • All in all, this is a very impressive start-up, which is all the better for truly providing a solution to a lot of companies out there who want to produce some animated material, yet simply have not as yet had the resources or the expertise to do so. We look forward to seeing what adverts start popping up on YouTube in the not too distant future that have the unmistakable Moovly magic about them.

  • Moovly is another interesting tool to have in the box when looking at creative ways to present children’s work. They could use it to tell stories, explain findings of practical work, present work they have researched and much more. The timeline feature may make it a little complicated for very young users, but older children should pick it up quite quickly and have a lot of fun with it.

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User Reviews

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  • User review from

    emily josh

    Moovly is a wonderful application and I really enjoy making all these fun videos with it. First off, the thing I love the most about it is the complexity and the ability to customize each and everything with ease. It becomes a tad difficult for new users to completely customize the machine as it is highly versatile with many, I said many, different controls and syncing options.

    I kind of got lost in my first try while syncing in the audio but gradually, I learned it. The learning curve here is really time consuming. To master it, you require concentration which I am incapable to be fully provide due my busy nature. The huge catalog of graphics and animations really keeps one wondering what and what not to choose. You have to be creative to turn out masterpieces and the end-product usually stands up to the immense time it consumes. There are no shortages of competition in our workplace and I clearly have the lead now. On one such instance, I had a meeting at work and when it finished, the boss lauded applaud on my remarkable work of art.

    The thing which bugs me is the pricing. It is really expensive for a common man like me. I have the $25 plan subscribed and it bugs me. The cheaper ones are not flexible enough to work in my workplace. The little features mattered to me. There is now Full HD support and also the Gigabyte of storage is ample for me. I do make lots of presentations and storing them online is an easier job than what would be otherwise. No logo of it on my video is also a huge plus which I'd surely enjoy.

    Pros :

    • Great customization features.
    • Ample catalog of animations.
    • Good music selection.

    Cons :

    • There are a little concern about the pricing and also the learning curve is really high.
      It takes up a lot of time to learn.

    • June 11, 2016
  • User review from

    Maryna Bondarenko

    The presentations are essential to any business. Interactive video can be useful to create the company presentation, to demonstrate the product or new project advantages. Using Moovly, one can create high-quality presentations similar to those that are created by professional agencies. It allows the business users not to spend large budgets on the ideas visualization. Instead, one can spend money on the creation of ideas and development of your business. With the help of Moovly, one can create an animated video presentation (doodle), the standard presentation or an advertising banner. Moovly is much like scribing applications, e.g. many items you will need to buy hands. It allows a lot of creativity that is that can be useful for using in the class during the studying. Here are some animated pictures and infographic elements in the free version, but their quality is not the best. It's much similar to the Microsoft clip art. The other limitations of the free version are the video duration (no more than 10 minutes) and low-resolution quality for the video (480). However here is a well-detailed timeline and a sophisticated navigation mechanism. And there are ten different ways to animate each infographic element. Videos can be uploaded either to Facebook or Youtube, saved as flash or in video format. In general, Moovly is a great option for those who are new to the technologies for video presentations creating, for the students and teachers.

    Pros :

    • Very easy user interface.
    • PDF help guide with step-by-step instructions is available for download.
    • Great tool for school and college students.
    • Unlimited videos for the free account (100 MB or 20 items could be saved in online storage for free).

    Cons :

    • Lacks details in making an animation.
    • Not much animation tools available.
    • Limited options to work with the background.
    • It's impossible to make people talk or do any gestures.

    • December 2, 2015
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