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Market Samurai is a software for your Mac or PC that streamlines all critical search engine marketing tasks, puts complete market intelligence at your finger-tips, takes away uncertainty, and gives you focus, direction and confidence in your internet marketing.

- It slashes time wasted on tasks that don’t directly create results  allowing you to put your focus into the areas where you will receive the best returns for your unique online business;

- It tells you exactly what you need to do next  by using decision making data that is specific to your unique market meaning you don’t get lost, confused or sidetracked and every ounce of energy is effective;

- It helps you complete critical internet marketing tasks faster, more easily and, efficiently, and achieve better results than ever before.

This means you have the highest probability of success, in the shortest time, with minimal waste of effort.

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  • Market Samurai remains the only all-in-one SEO tool I’d recommend to any online business owner. With all its pros and cons, it’s still the very tool that gets me over 14,000 search engine visitors per month.

  • Online marketing is an increasingly complex industry, but the Market Samurai suite handles this complexity well for the most part. Although some modules are more useful than others, the suite itself helps you understand which ones are likely to help you the most. Used intelligently, I can see how Market Samurai could help an entrepreneur find lucrative keywords and make real money online.

  • Market Samurai is a powerful set of tools to help you find the right keywords, rank on page 1 of Google Search and stay there. Not only that, but it also comes with a bunch of other tools you will probably use too!

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    Steve Miller

    At one time, Market Samurai was the fastest and easiest way to pull a lot of data from (at the time) Google’s Keyword Research tool (now called Google Adwords: Keyword Planner). However, as Google made changes, it became more difficult to get the tool to work as expected. Over time, it went back and forth: Market Samurai would work, then Google would make an update, then you’d have to wait for another Market Samurai update to use the tool effectively again. From here, I’ll talk about the tool when it was working. When it worked, you could start off with a few core keywords, and Market Samurai would dig in and pull all of the recommended words from Google Keyword Research. From there, you could filter it down by a number of different parameters to get a more honed list, and you could take some of those core keywords and expand them to get more keywords. This was a great way to semi-automate the selection of keywords. With this system, getting a list of high-value keywords was surprisingly easy. I only stopped using the tool when it seemed like it was working less frequently than it wasn’t working. A tool that doesn’t work consistently is very difficult to rely on, and if you can’t rely on it, it becomes difficult to get work done in a timely manner. If you are willing to risk the program not working (mainly due to the connection to Google Keyword Planner being cut off, likely due to pulling in so much data repeatedly), then it can be a great way to do keyword research. They also have a “Dojo” to help you make the most out of the tool online.

    Pros :

    - Inexpensive - Makes comprehensive keyword research easier

    Cons :

    - Frequently didn’t work after a few uses

    • September 21, 2015
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Market Samurai

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