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  • good

    Its a good application and simple to use. I found I could reach a lot of people with very little effort. I used it in marketing. It could do with more search apps

    Pros : Its easy to use, the support is good

    Cons : Can get overwhelming with some many applications

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    The App for Email Marketing

    If you're thinking about tools to start with your email marketing, I would totally recommend Mailchimp. And I've tried a few more (5-6 different ones). Mailchimp is super easy to set up. Then you have several templates to use (good looking) and lists management is really simple. It is specially great because it saves you many time and money handling unsubscribes. It also offers you a great way to integrate basic functionalities like "forward to a friend" or "share in social media". Every time any one asks me about how to start with email marketing, I recommend Mailchimp!

    Pros : - auto management for unsubscribes - integration with google analytics - responsive templates - email automation - super easy to use - the free account is great to start

    Cons : - free templates are not updated often (some of them look a bit old-fashioned by now) - email support is not always perfect or comprehensive with the client's situation. For example, I handle an account for a client that offered a service in finance. One day we launched an email talking about a hot topic of the market, and our account was shut down. When they explained why, they mentioned that we the service we were offering was against their terms and conditions. The truth is that they probabl

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    Great UI, SUPER-SIMPLE to use.

    We've been using Mailchimp for 2 years. We love the interface, the ability to import subscribers from our own excel sheets/csv and advanced automation functionality. Pretty much every feature that we needed is there.

    Pros : - Custom imports from excel - Great UI - really like messing around the application - The "Highfive" or "Rock on" symbols whenever I send out a campaign

    Cons : It's not a big issue, however if compared to comparison, Mailchimp is a little bit overpriced. However, it's a premium product so it's a good deal.

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  • Good function, very usable, low price

    MailChimp Use Cases and Deployment ScopeWe use MailChimp to distribute newsletters to subscribers to our online community. Also use for event marketing and notifications (e.g. webinar). Implemented 4 years ago and have been very happy with the cost, usability and function.

    Pros : Very affordable. Especially considering the functionality, a great deal.Easy to use. The basics are handled without difficulty.Good function. Not the most sophisticated email system we've ever used, but missing functions are rare and we've implemented workarounds.

    Cons : Segmentation is one area where MailChimp has room for improvement. Basic segmentation is done well, but complex segments (combination of ands and ors) have be created manually and then uploaded as a static segment.MailChimp takes a very hard line on spam complaints. This is generally good because it ensures a 'clean' signup process. But opt-in subscribers sometimes forget they signed up and complain anyway. If this surpasses a threshold (fairly low, in my opinion) you could end up with your acco

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    Mail chimp... overrated monkey

    MailChimp Use Cases and Deployment ScopeI use MailChimp as our way of attracting new customers.  It helps to solve our marketing problems.

    Pros : MailChimp is good at providing tools for measuring your performanceIt does provide regular feedback as to how many emails are being openedIt has a very good tool for inserting and editing pictures

    Cons : They clearly don't understand how to create teaching materials; they are confusing and vague at best. Both the videos and the written material are very poorly designed. Probably the worst aspect of MailChimp and the reason why many of my colleagues have been evaluating other Autoresponders.On a scale of 1-10 its usability rating is 1 because there are so many things going on behind the simple easy-to-use interface that are hidden and difficult to find and change. Anything to do with the forms

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    My take on Mail Chimp vs Constant Contact / Aweber

    MailChimp Use Cases and Deployment ScopeI haven't had an opportunity to use the revised and updated MailChimp recently, but I understand there were positive changes. I used MailChimp as an independent contractor for some of my clients, mostly in 2012 and 2013, but haven't had much business in that area lately. The particular client I managed the most diversified work for, was in the fitness industry. Starting out, MailChimp was attractive to them due to being able to use it at no cost. Then, we realized how powerful it was for database and autoresponders, with conditional logic, segmentation, drip content, and more.

    Pros : Although the learning curve was a bit more challenging than for the usual bear getting started -- I found the online chat, at the time, very helpful. I believe they may have discontinued that service, although not positive.For a business that needs diversity, flexibility with lists and able to data mine, MailChimp is an excellent choice.They always stay up to date with the current trends in technology, 3rd party integrations, and offer modern type templates, plus mobile.I was most impressed on l

    Cons : I miss the chat feature... a lot.. as that is how I work best.Sometimes the new modern looking interfaces, are actually harder to navigate until you become accustomed... so not sure I like the system simplified or dumbed-down as much as it seems to be.I wish that there was an option to simply have different lists... send out to all... but not allow duplicates to be sent.

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  • MailChimp is a great email marketing service provider that has great prices. The features make it a great choice as well. Although MailChimp is fairly new to email marketing they are keeping up with the big dogs. They have one of the best free plans but where they lack is customer service with no phone support and not as big of a reputation as other services.

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  • MailChimp is an excellent ESP; the company offers a great selection of features at a reasonable price, and its security and privacy policies are at the top end of the industry. The software is easy to use, there is an extensive knowledge base for those times you do get stuck, and the free plan is pretty fabulous if you don’t mind the little “MailChimp” badge on the bottom of your emails. Also, the software does a very nice job of providing newbies with a way to get their toes wet, then slowly scale up as they grow more confident.

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  • Easy to use and powerful, MailChimp is the perfect option to manage an email campaign. MailChimp offers an easy way for marketing to do those, so-annoying (but vital), email campaigns.

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  • It is a powerful email marketing tool whether you are just starting out or you have already established your business. Compared to other email marketing tools, MailChimp manages to be straight-forward and manageable.

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  • MailChimp offers one of the most generous free plans in the industry, although it can get fairly costly if you exceed their sending limits. Their notable business-enhancing analytical features and strong technology tools still make them a good option for many marketers.

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  • With a free plan available, it really does not make sense not to give MailChimp a try and see if it can help you drive customers to your site.

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  • MailChimp is a Web-based email marketing service that comes with a great suite of tools. One of the most important things to know is the service is completely free if you are mailing less than 12,000 emails per month to less than 2000 email accounts. This “forever free” option does not give you access to all of the features and it does leave a MailChimp icon embedded in your newsletters. That seems a small “price” to pay for free, in my opinion.

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  • MailChimp is the kind of service that I’ll keep bookmarked so that I can send it to friends who are wondering how to get started in the world of listbuilding. It’s easy, intuitive, not difficult to set up, and having a relatively small list is easy to manage without paying anything. In this day and age, it’s important to avoid credit card charges on the web whenever possible. When your list grows up to around 1,000 subscribers, at least you’ll have a quality problem. Cross that bridge when you come to it.

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