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About MailChimp

MailChimp is an email marketing service provider, founded in 2001.  It has 7 million users that collectively send over 10 billion emails through the service each month.

It is a web-based application, although data can be downloaded and for some features there is an offline application.

The company's logo is a chimpanzee, and the site includes numerous chimp-related graphics and humor on its website and in its communications. The chimp imagery reflects the lighthearted style central to the company's culture.

MailChimp began as a paid service and added a freemium option eight years later. It was originally going to be called ChimpMail, but the name was changed after the company discovered that they could not get that domain name

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Features & Specifications

Key Features

  • Build mail lists
  • Custom forms
  • 750+ Integrations
  • Full featured API
  • Design your own templates
  • Template gallery
  • Image and file hosting
  • A/B Split Campaigns
  • Social media plugins
  • Automation Workflows


Supported languages
English, Spanish
Serviceable Area
Australia,  Brazil,  Canada,  China,  Germany,  India,  Japan,  Mexico,  United Kingdom,  United States
Supported Platforms
  • Web Based
  • Mobile Web
  • Desktop Windows
  • Desktop Mac OSX
  • Desktop Linux
  • Mobile App IOS
  • Mobile App Android
API availability
API is available. Protocol / Formats : JSON, XML, REST .
Access the API documentation
MailChimp integrates with Zendesk and more than 99 other solutions. View details
Support Options
  • FAQs
  • Knowledge Base
  • Online Support
  • Video Tutorials
Security and privacy
  • SSL for all pages in application domain
  • Multi-factor authentification
  • Multiple Location Data backup

Ratings Summary

Metric Score Rank
cloudswave Score
Domain Authority 94
Alexa Rank 330
Facebook 100
Twitter 100
Google+ 100
Integration 100
Security 79
Support options 77
Platforms 90
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Plans & Pricing

Growing business

for 1 Month / 1 user(s)


  • Up to 50,000 subscribers
  • Send an unlimited number of emails per month
  • Subscriber profiles
  • Personalization and automation
  • Advanced analytics
  • Flexible design options for teams of all sizes
  • Send anytime, anywhere
  • Relentless innovation
  • Built for growth

High volume sender

for 1 Month / 1 user(s)


  • 100,000 subscribers
  • 1,200,000 Email per month
  • Subscriber profiles
  • Personalization and automation
  • Advanced analytics
  • Flexible design options for teams of all sizes
  • Send anytime, anywhere
  • Relentless innovation
  • Built for growth



  • Up to 2,000 subscribers
  • Send 12,000 emails
  • Subscriber profiles
  • Personalization and automation
  • Advanced analytics
  • Flexible design options for teams of all sizes
  • Send anytime, anywhere
  • Relentless innovation
  • Built for growth

How to Get Your MailChimp Free Trial

Established in 2001 by Ben Chestnut, MailChimp is an email marketing service that enables individual users and businesses to build large mailing lists to boost marketing efforts. The service can be accessed via a mobile or web-based application. There is even an offline version available to take advantage of some unique features.

The company’s logo is a chimpanzee, and the site includes many humor and chimp-related graphics, which can be considered as a competitive advantage in the marketplace. Some of the best features of the app include comprehensive mobile options, advanced analytics and reporting, and powerful automation to send targeted emails to the right audience. Do you plan on using MailChimp to manage your email marketing efforts? If so, you can follow the steps presented below to get a free trial:

Step 1:

MailChimp Free Trial Step 1  

Visit the MailChimp website and click on the features tab to learn more about how the email marketing software functions and what it has to offer to subscribers. Once done, click on the “Sign up Free” option, located at the bottom right corner of the page (highlighted in light red).

Step 2:

MailChimp Free Trial Step 2  

After clicking on the “Sign up Free” option, you will be redirected to the page shown above. As you can notice, you will be asked to enter contact details. It means you need to add your email address, come up with a username and password and click on “create my account”. However, make sure to read MailChimp’s Anti-spam Policy and Terms of Use to ensure you face no problems in the future.

Step 3:

MailChimp Free Trial Step 3  

MailChimp’s free trial will last forever if you are a startup. However, to utilize the service’s more advanced features, you will need to find an appropriate plan. In general, there are three options available apart from the start up free alternative. These include growing business, pro marketer, and high volume sender, all of which have customized pricing options, depending on the number of subscribers you need.

So, now you are familiar with the steps mentioned above, obtaining a free trial for MailChimp won’t be a problem.


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MailChimp Review by Cloudswave

MailChimp is an email marketing service that has become one of the most widely used and trusted companies in its field since it began in 2001. It has high quality features and it is flexible enough to work for companies of any size. Those who are just starting out and that have a very small mailing list will be able to benefit from the service just as much as large companies with tens of thousands of subscribers. It has some fantastic tools that can help to make developing and growing an email marketing campaign much easier.

What Features Make MailChimp a Standout?

People choose and stay with MailChimp for the quality and reliability of service, the cost, and all of the features that it offers. These features cover a number of different aspects of marketing and can help companies get a much better and more professional handle on their campaigns.
The Email Designer makes it easy to create a campaign thanks to the drag and drop features and the content blocks. The images and words you use look great, and you can reorder them as you see fit until you have a design that works well for your readers. You will even be able to edit photos right in the application. The template editor will also allow you to collaborate with others on your team when you are developing a campaign. You can give and receive feedback so that you develop the best content for your emails. Having high quality emails, which can be viewed in any device, is important if you hope to keep the subscribers you have and want to turn them into repeat customers.
It is optimized for mobile as well, so you can test and preview to see exactly what your subscribers will see. This ensures that there aren't any nasty surprises waiting when it comes to the layout. You can create your own layouts, or you can choose from one of the many available templates. These templates can be very handy if you do not have the time to develop something of your own. Chose the template and then get started with the drag and drop functions. Of course, you can use the Email Template Reference as a guide and code your own templates so they work just the way you need them to.
Users are able to set up an account with MailChimp and become an admin. They can then grant permission to different people on the team. They can determine who the managers and authors will be, as well as who can only view the content. This gives you full control over the permissions of everyone on the team.
One of the best benefits of using MailChimp is the fact that you can create your own signup forms so that they align with your brand. You want your signup to look as though it matches your company and your newsletter, naturally. It is possible to add dropdown boxes, images, and more. You can collect information in custom fields, and make it truly your own. This has the potential to increase the rate of subscribers you receive.
When you have a large number of subscribers, you can be sure that not all of them will be interested in the same thing. Different niche groups may have certain interests. Now, through segmentation and making groups with MailChimp, you can send certain groups of your subscribers content geared specifically for them. This makes it easy to have several different campaigns going at the same time with each targeted at a different segment of your subscriber list. For example, you might want some geared toward new subscribers, some toward those who have never bought anything, and some toward those who haven't purchased in a while. MailChimp provides users with plenty of options when it comes to creating different segments.
The Subscriber Profiles can provide you with information on each of the subscribers. You can see what time zone they are in to better determine when you should send your emails. You can see if they are on mobile devices or desktop, and much more.
Users will be able to automate a number of elements with MailChimp as well. They can automatically send out welcome emails to new customers, they can personalize emails, send emails based on a customer's activity, and even provide some product recommendations. The automation works very simply, but it can be quite effective. It reduces the amount of manual work that you need to do, and when you are using quality email templates from MailChimp, you can be sure they look professional as well.
When it comes to the email delivery service, MailChimp shines even more. The service has a number of specialized features that can be extraordinarily helpful to businesses. Omnivore is a technology that looks for any type of abusive email campaigns, such as spamming, and ensures that you aren't making some costly mistakes with your campaign. The monitoring system detects delivery problems, ISP feedback loops, and more.
Analytics is important as well. You can get reports that will track your performance. You can track the number of people who opened your emails, as well as see what they clicked. This can give you some truly valuable information that you can put into your future campaigns. Monitor trends, get a report of subscriber's email activities, explore the interactive graphs, and more. The amount of detail is impressive. It can let you know the number of unsubscribed people, bounces, the number of opens by location, and how your email campaign compares with others in your industry.
A/B testing available with MailChimp helps you find a number of ways that you can improve your performance. You can test a number of variables very quickly and simply, and you have a substantial amount of control over what and how you are testing. They will let you know which of your tests worked the best.
Many people today are on their mobile device more than they are on their desktop or laptop. MailChimp Mobile can be a great app to use as an addition to your desktop account. You will be able to manage lists, send new campaigns, view reports and more. When you are working on a tablet, you will even be able to create a full email campaign. They even have an app for Apple Watch. It doesn't allow you to create a campaign, naturally. However, it does allow you to check your stats and lists.
These are just some of the many fantastic features that help to make MailChimp the premier email marketing tool that it is today. Whether you are just starting now with a small campaign, or you have a large company with a national campaign on the horizon, it can be a nice solution. While there certainly are a large number of features available, you will find that they are all easy to use and are quite intuitive. You do not need to use every option that's available with MailChimp. Choose what will work the best for your needs.

What Plans Are Available?

You can choose from several different options when it comes to using MailChimp. The Free plan allows you to have up to 2,000 subscribers and 12,000 emails per month. This offer provides you with tools to help build your list, along with some high quality templates, free reports, and data insight. The reports can help to give you quite a bit more insight into exactly how your campaign is doing. Starting at $20 per month currently, you can have between 1,001 and 1,500 subscribers with an unlimited number of emails per month. As you go up in number of subscribers, the price goes up. It's a good idea to contact MailChimp to find out the latest prices.
In addition, there is a Pro version available, which is currently the cost of your plan plus an additional $199 per month. This plan is for those who have large companies with a massive number of subscribers. For those with the Pro plan, some additional features are available. These include comparative reports, track delivery, take control of delivery, and much more.

Is MailChimp Right for You?

As you can see, MailChimp is filled with fantastic features that are extremely useful for businesses of all sizes. The company has a great reputation, and they are cost effective. The service can scale with your business easily, so you do not need to worry about choosing a new email marketing provider down the line. Is it right for everyone? Some people may have some different wants or needs from their service, so you should fully explore everything that MailChimp can do. It's a free service for those starting out with a small number of subscribers, so it is worth it to see whether it has the features you need.  Overall, the cost, the features, and the reliability of the company help to make this one of the services that is easy to recommend highly.
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Critic Reviews

  • 86

    Cloudswave Score for MailChimp

    Rating based on 632 Critic Reviews

    452 Favorable reviews
    89 %
    52 Mixed reviews
    10 %
    2 unfavorable reviews
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  • Its a good application and simple to use. I found I could reach a lot of people with very little effort. I used it in marketing. It could do with more search apps

    Pros : Its easy to use, the support is good

    Cons : Can get overwhelming with some many applications

  • MailChimp Use Cases and Deployment ScopeWe use MailChimp to distribute newsletters to subscribers to our online community. Also use for event marketing and notifications (e.g. webinar). Implemented 4 years ago and have been very happy with the cost, usability and function.

    Pros : Very affordable. Especially considering the functionality, a great deal.Easy to use. The basics are handled without difficulty.Good function. Not the most sophisticated email system we've ever used, but missing functions are rare and we've implemented workarounds.

    Cons : Segmentation is one area where MailChimp has room for improvement. Basic segmentation is done well, but complex segments (combination of ands and ors) have be created manually and then uploaded as a static segment.MailChimp takes a very hard line on spam complaints. This is generally good because it ensures a 'clean' signup process. But opt-in subscribers sometimes forget they signed up and complain anyway. If this surpasses a threshold (fairly low, in my opinion) you could end up with your acco

  • MailChimp is a great email marketing service provider that has great prices. The features make it a great choice as well. Although MailChimp is fairly new to email marketing they are keeping up with the big dogs. They have one of the best free plans but where they lack is customer service with no phone support and not as big of a reputation as other services.

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User Reviews

  • 37 In total

  • anonymous


    Are you a beginner using digital marketing tools? Or are your business not quite ready for going all in on the latest marketing automation technology? Or are you simply just wanting to test it out at a low cost? Then MailChimp is your best friend. Having worked with the most advanced marketing automation systems on the market, I find it hard going back to a system like Mailchimp. However, I do see why it is so popular amongst beginners. It provides you with the most essential features to execute your digital marketing strategy and allow you to send your emails out and track activities back into your reports.

    Pros :

    • Ease of use and good email template builder are two of the pros for Mailchimp.
    • The pricing is another factor, as it is extremely cheap to run.
    • If you work with a small database or a small subscriber list, this tool is definitely your friend. It gives you a real good feel for what marketing automation can do and hopefully leaves you wanting more.
    • In terms of integration with CRM systems, it is not something I have experience doing with Mailchimp, but there are a large number of useful articles out there to help you in the right direction.

    Cons :

    • The system is very basic and is not suitable for big databases as you pay per subscribers and emails per month.
    • There are a lot of more advanced add-ons to purchase, but I feel like you sign up for a system that provides the basics and then you have to add all the toppings yourself.
    • If you want to improve your skills and learn the true wonders of digital marketing and marketing automation, this is not the system for you.
    • However, if you need a cheap and good system to fulfill your immediate needs to communicate with your small customer base, then definitely go for it.

    • October 21, 2016
  • User review from

    Dan Neuman

    Easy to use email marketing. Does everything that we need as a good price.

    Pros :

    • easy to use.
    • good automation tools.
    • helpful reporting.
    • lots of integration.

    Cons :

    • Integration with salesforce.com could be better.

    • September 25, 2016
  • User review from

    emily josh

    Hello there. So let's get started with MailChimp. I have to start off with how amazing this service actually is. It is simply the controller of distributing emails from your website to the database of those who have subscribed to receive this. That is just the basic description of this program does. There's a lot more to it than just sending out emails to random people.
    I own an e-commerce website, well it is just a business based on clothing sent out by my personal brand. Just a basic startup which I planned to set up online instead of starting off with a shop or any such thing. I learned that the big brands, Shopify, Magneto and Woo Commerce as such are using a service called MailChimp so I too thought, why not I give it a go myself, there must have been a very good reason that they're using it.

    So I just signed up with the $10 campaign. I can now make custom emails, not just those with an image in the back with text in front but a responsive actual email, sort of like those who the big companies send out. I could use the menu backdrop, I could set up the text inside the images, set up links to there and all of it was nearly effortless.

    I didn't have to put up any efforts to make it all work naturally. After you are done sending out the emails, you get the statistics of each and every mail you sent, with demographics. You get the graph of how many total subscribers you have, how many subscribed in the last month or so, and even the fact that how many are beginning to unsubscribe from your website. It also combines with your social media accounts so posting there is, even more, simpler now.

    Pros :

    • A fast, responsive website,
    • Easy to send out emails which look rather cool.
    • The analytics approach is better than others.
    • Allowing users to subscribe or unsubscribe from your newsletters is a nifty feature.
    • Integrates with your social media accounts. andnbsp;

    Cons :

    • So far, I haven't encountered any.

    • September 5, 2016
  • User review from

    Jennifer L Rieff

    MailChimp provides many different elements to business who would like to grow and become more successful. MailChimp provides a solid framework to provide influence to a business' email marketing and also oversight with elements for professional senders.

    MailChimp integrates the app and web services that the business would use everyday. It connects a physical store to visitors to their website; which will provide a volume of sales and allows visitors and the business to stay connected.

    MailChimp offers automation which allows emails to be sent to the correct people on time; it targets different customers based on their behavior, preferences, and previous sales. There are many integration that MailChimp offers which will allow better customer service and increase revenue and sales.

    Pros :

    • There is a free plan that MailChimp offers which allows up to 2000 subscribers and 12,000 emails per month.
    • If one business meets these elements, then the free account doesn't expire, there is no trial or contract and there is no credit card that is required.
    • Mailchimp is mobile. It has different entities to is mobile service, it can be downloaded on and Android or iOS and provides MailChimp Mobile, MailChimp Snap and MailChimp Subscribe.
    • If a business is looking to grow their business,
    • MailChimp provides advanced reporting that one can access anywhere; you can monitor sales and website activity, and revenue reports. MailChimp offers drag and drop designer to create campaigns that match the business' personality to increase traffic and sales on their website.
    • MailChimp does also offer pre-designed email templates if needed.

    Cons :

    • Even though I have no experience setting up or virtually any element of sales, I was overwhelmed with the amount of infrastructure that MailChimp provides for business customers.
    • Half of the information I read about, I didn't understand and perhaps it was because I don't have any experience with sales or a business.
    • There are paid accounts that a business can purchase which allows more elements for their business, such as automation, delivery of email by time zone, just to name a couple.

    • July 8, 2016
  • User review from


    MailChimp mobile app seemed like a great idea when I downloaded it. Unfortunately, it seems to be the very basics of the service - on a mobile device.

    I still keep it on my phone in case I need to check to make sure a campaign sent. But that's just about the only thing I feel comfortable using it for. I wish I could create a campaign from scratch. Albeit, I'm not sure how the user experience would look on my end - lots of intricacies involved in terms of moving and placing texts and pictures. Still, for this app to be accessible and beneficial to me, I'll need a lot more features built in that allow me to create and revise campaigns.

    Even better - it would be neat to be able to take a photo and have an option to sync that photo into an email campaign, from the photo app itself. Perhaps MailChimp should look horizontally into the photo market, and create less intricate templates that allow a user to take a photo and then immediately merge that photo into a template that is easy to edit, test launch, and revise?

    For me, the greatest value of mail chimp is actually the integrations it provides with other services like EventBrite, Google Docs, etc. that allow me to leverage multiple technology platforms to capture user data and then manage it inside of MailChimp. I often use it as a "list bed" for storing data that I may even use to launch a "normal" email campaign from my Gmail. So, the app becomes virtually meaningless to me unless it has a mobile-friendly approach to integrations of daily life functions - like taking photos, recording audio, giving presentations and sending them quickly to friends or others to see.

    Perhaps the app could be pivoted towards a "social" focus while the browser version is the natural choice for "professional" campaigns? Just spitballing, here.

    Pros :

    • No technical errors.

    Cons :

    • Lack of features.

    • June 19, 2016
  • User review from

    David Hiskett

    Mailchimp is an incredibly rich and powerful email marketing product, offering tools and services that any business can find beneficial, whether you're a small start-up or international corporation.

    One of the main selling points of Mailchimp is it's 'Forever Free Plan'. This is a plan that offers basic functionality for no cost whatsoever (no expiration, no contracts, no payment details). This plan is limited to a maximum of 2000 subscribers and 12,000 emails per month. However, this is more than enough for most small businesses. The downsides to this plan are that it appends a MailChimp icon to the bottom of all emails you send using it, and some of the most important features aren't included. All plans offered by Mailchimp offer fantastic campaign tracking (hit rate, open rate, click-throughs) that allows you to track the success of specific campaigns, targeted subscriber groups using list segmentation and split-testing of campaigns among others.

    The Mailchimp email editor is one of the easiest to use and powerful tools available, giving you a huge range of options for email layout, font, colours, images and presentation. The editor uses different types of drag-and-drop blocks that the user can arrange as they please, giving them complete control over the output of the email.

    Some of the unique features Mailchimp has includes 'Social Pro', which analyses your subscribers and provides information about their social media activity. This allows you to send emails to a number of subsets, for example, everyone that follows you on Twitter, or the people who have the most friends on Facebook. Another great feature is 'Delivery Doctor', which will let you know not only if your emails are likely to get blocked by the receivers spam filter, but why they might get blocked by these filters. This allows you to fine tune your email and gets it out to as many subscribers as possible.

    Mailchimp is one of the best email marketing tools available, and I'd suggest that anyone interested give the free version a try to test it out, you won't be disappointed.

    Pros :

    • Powerful, user friendly email editor.
    • Great campaign tracking.
    • Social media tools.
    • Split-testing.
    • Flexible licensing model.
    • Auto-responders for specific events.

    Cons :

    • Free version is limited in functionality.
    • Poor support, no telephone support available.

    • May 20, 2016
  • User review from

    Sara Luisa Hincapie

    I am a big fan of Mailchimp! The user experience and design are on point. Very clean interface, correct use of mascot and great branding/voice. The resources are great, they do have a lot of tutorials for first timers and FAQ for more seasoned marketers encountering problems. Setting it up is fairly easy, just answering some questions on a form and making a mobile verification. I guess it is ok that they need the data.

    How have I used Mailchimp:

    By sending E-mail marketing. People are signing into the platform officially give consent to send them emails, and this is made through Mailchimp. Sending transactional emails via Mandrill (Now owned by MailChimp, which makes the integration so much better and easy).andnbsp; Designing email template using the code your own feature and sending myself test emails to see if merge tags and designs are ready to ship. Build targeted user lists and made different segments. This with the purpose of AB testing the mailings. Building a list specially gathered in Wordpress.com (Wordpress has a ver god widget by Mailchimp that promotes this)

    Overall the platform is very easy to use. You might not even need a tutorial. You can also send emails without a domain, and this is especially useful if you don't have a website per se, and you need to send a mail to several people. The reports are something that I enjoy very much because I can see who is most interested in the content I'm producing, I get to see if the subject line is catchy enough or even if the clicks are being clicked (I can also check this on google analytics but this doesn't count bounces)andnbsp;

    For people that do not code, they have set up a marvelous collection of templates that you can easily drag and drop and share content such as videos, gifs, photographs and even code snippets.

    Pros :

    • Easy to use.
    • Useful both for developers and designers and newbies without coding experience.
    • Powerful analytics.
    • List Building.

    Cons :

    • On the pricier side.
    • If someone reports the content, you'll be automatically banned from your account and that can be really painful if you have a Mandrill integration.

    • May 16, 2016
  • User review from


    Compared to the counterpart of Constant Contact, it is more affordable, but is less versatile. Good enough for low knowledge tech people and those not super savvy of laws and rules. Sometimes it can feel too simple. The interface is tricky, but simple to learn. Videos don't always work.

    Overall it works fine, but the user has to really understand what they want to do and its limitations in order to successfully use it. I would say the best aspect of Mailchimp is its simple, clean design. However that masks all of the convoluted, complex, and confusing little things that go on b,ehind the scenes. It can do with a much better Academy or Tutorial zone. Also, most items are not called out and can go unnoticed for months, like for me, that are really useful tools.

    The worst thing, in my opinion, is that the email that goes out from you comes to people's inboxes from different domains and servers EVERY time you send and they are different EVERY time. That means a person has to click to allow images to load for each email, and that is a poor user experience associated with any brand using it. Not to mention it can lead to unusually low open rates as that hidden pixel likely doesn't load than more often.

    Pros :

    • Simple design and user experience design.
    • Affordability for first-time and low volume users.
    • Low learning curve to get started.
    • Wide use in many organizations to it is recognized by consumers as credible.
    • Integrations are not limited and are useful.
    • Salesforce tracking.
    • Use of segments can be very handy in list building.
    • Automation drip emails for lead nurturing.
    • Easy list management.
    • Previews for approval process in house.
    • Inbox preview.
    • I do appreciate the humor used in the interface.

    Cons :

    • Uses a different sending domain each send, so recipient has to allow images to load each and every time.
    • Very strict list upload laws and limitations.
    • The tools to use are easy and helpful, but require searching to learn them.
    • Limits and account levels, while affordable, don't seem logical.
    • Widgets and features of design elements don't always function properly.
    • Video embed feature never works.
    • # of things to do prior to sending seems inordinate to lay person.
    • Reprint could be better.
    • Educational content is poorly written, vague, and not really useful.

    • May 13, 2016
  • anonymous


    I started using MailChimp for company's email marketing campaigns. I was surprised to see so many easy customizable templates they provide. Also for the testing process, they provide you with 25 tokens which you can use to test your email behaviors in various email rendering engines. You can view it's responsiveness across different mobile platforms and email clients.

    Pros :

    • Easy to use.
    • Different responsive devices tokens.
    • Works on most of the email clients.
    • Generates accurate reports on who clicked the emails. Easy to import and export lists.
    • It also gives you track of who clicked your email links, who opened it which can result in getting leads for your business.
    • Your email will look different on different rendering clients, so mailchimp provides you with 25 tokens per email campaign so that you can thorough test your email before sending it to someone.
    • This is a cool feature that i like which can result into multiple clicks if your email looks good on various devices.
    • They also prevent emails to be imported into the campaigns which are suspicious. This feature makes it different from other email marketing campaigns.
    • If you import spam email addresses, it uses some kind of technology at the backend which checks whether the email address is spam and if it finds out that there is a large chunk of spam email addresses in your campaign, then it can lead to suspension of the campaign.

    Cons :

    • Provide more tokens and examples on how to render on some incompatible mobile clients. Sometimes the test emails get delayed after a large number of testing.
    • Integrating with other services takes a lot of time and patience.
    • The instructional videos are sometimes elusive and hard to find.

    • May 11, 2016
  • User review from

    Steven Lewis

    Overall, I feel MailChimp is a great marketing tool. It's affordable and will grow with you. Every time we send a campaign, we get great results. It's easy to create, and easy to see the open rate. This tool will also show you the numbers based on the industry so you can see how your content and emails compare to the rest of the industry. No one wants to send emails that never get opened and the tracking and reporting that MailChimp provides you with the insight you need to make sure your content is being opened by your subscribers.

    Pros :

    • Makes it very easy to create a nice looking and organized email newsletter.
    • You can track how many people have opened your newsletter, how many clicked on the links you have in your newsletter, and you can even see the open rate of each subscriber.
    • The dashboard is easy to manage.
    • The tools are easy to use which really helps in creating a nice newsletter, or email blast.
    • You can manually add or delete subscribers.
    • Easy sign up and opt out forms.
    • It grows with you. This is a great feature. As more people sign up your subscription will automatically move to the next subscriber level as needed. ( Yes and charge you accordingly.)
    • You have the ability to setup separate lists so you can send emails to only certain subscribers.
    • You can also set up different signup for different lists. ( just remember it's your overall subscriber count that affects your account level)
    • They have great tracking tools so you can see what is and isn't of interest to your subscribers.
    • You can send in batches allowing for large lists to send with less chance of error or non-delivery.
    • You can be notified when someone joins or leaves.

    Cons :

    • Seems to go to "junk" mail even though subscribers have said it's safe. But does not seem to be a large % issue, maybe less than 5%. Could still be user error.

    • May 6, 2016
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Alternatives to MailChimp

FAQs for MailChimp

MailChimp is one of the most popular options in the world when it comes to making email marketing easy and successful. More than nine million people and businesses have been using the service since 2001 to send marketing emails, messages, and to create high quality campaigns perfectly targeted toward their visitors. The following are some of the common questions asked about the service and features it offers.

Who Should Use MailChimp?

It is a quality solution for businesses of any size, even large enterprises. Nonprofits, small businesses, and even freelancers can benefit from the services and features it offers. Whether you are creative or not, you can get a lot of use from the service thanks to the template gallery. It makes it easy to make quality looking emails and newsletters quickly and easily.

What Pricing Options Are Available With MailChimp?

The basic plan with MailChimp is free, and this is good for up to 2,000 subscribers and 12,000 emails per month. For $20 a month currently, you can have unlimited emails per month and between 1,001 and 1,500 subscribers. The price fluctuates based on your number of subscribers, and this makes it easy to scale the service with your needs. There is also a pro plan that offers more features for an additional $199 per month currently. If you have a paid account, they will not add any logos or footers showing that you are using MailChimp.

Can I Use MailChimp on Mobile Devices

Yes, you can use MailChimp on your smartphone and tablet. The number of features and options will vary based on the type of device you are using though. With a tablet, for example, you can actually launch a full email campaign. Other platforms have fewer options, such as the Apple Watch, which only allows you to monitor elements of the campaign. You can download apps for your devices through their respective stores. Supported devices and platforms include Android, iPhone, iPad, web-based, mobile web apps, Windows, and Mac.

What Languages Are Supported?

Even though MailChimp is available in a number of countries around the world today, they only support English and Spanish at this time.

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