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  • For beginners or even businesses with modest email marketing campaigns, Mad Mimi is a spectacular way to ease yourself into the world of ESPs. If you’ve been at it longer, however, and you have complex marketing needs, you’re likely to encounter some hard ceilings with regard to Mad Mimi’s functionality.

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  • We Are Mad for Mad Mimi

    Mad Mimi Use Cases and Deployment ScopeIn late 2012, I started using MadMimi due to the majority of my newly contracted clients having very little knowledge of how to start and operate an e-mail marketing campaign.My firm specializes in working with entrepreneurs; sole-proprietors, and small business owners. Many of who have never really “marketed” their businesses beyond the very limited traditional methods i.e. passing out business cards and listing in the local newspaper. Our goal at EMPro, Ltd is not help our clients through our project management and marketing expertise but also educate them as well.Their learning curve was incredibly high; a lot of our clients didn’t know the difference between an “Opt-Out or Opt-In” or even how social media outlets related to their business. We knew our biggest challenge would be getting them comfortable with the application we decided to use and teaching them how to optimize it toward their business goals. 

    Pros : Easy to set-up: One thing I noticed quickly is that if you want to start your campaign that same day, you can with MadMimi’s very easy follow step-by-step process that goes based on your pace and extent of your knowledge.Lots of design options that are easy to use. MadMimi has 30+ color themes and more than 3 dozen social media buttons. Other tools include web-forms, drip campaigns, Salesforce, Batchbook, Highrise and Google Analytics for the more advance user.Full tracking and monitoring is qui

    Cons : Really the only drawback is that the design tools are simple, so if you have extensive design plans, this application may be restrictive. Those advanced in graphic designing, marketing & advertisement tools and web-coding will find MadMimi limited based on their skill level and visual ambitions.

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    Mad for Mad Mimi!

    Mad Mimi Use Cases and Deployment ScopeMad Mimi was used for email marketing to gather new readers to my previous employers website and maintain current readers by announcing new articles and product giveaways.

    Pros : Allow for total control of email layouts.Easy importing of email contacts.Great customer service and quick answers to any problems.

    Cons : Easier way to update forms of payment.More customized templates for lower price package.More editing capabilities for uploaded photos.

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    "Mad Mimi Review"

    Mad Mimi Use Cases and Deployment ScopeWe use it for promotional emails to our clients. I personally use this for marketing and it's not used throughout the organization. Mad Mimi is great for educating our customers and turning them into buyers. From the data collected by our campaigns I can use this to inform our sales team on who is currently interested in a certain product. 

    Pros : Their drag and drop interface is very easy to use.They automatically cycle out bad emails to reduce your bounce rates.Their customer service is amazing. I'm taken care of in minutes.

    Cons : The reporting features are pretty basic. I often feel like I need to switch email providers in order to excel ahead of competition.The drag and drop tool is easy to use but very limited. It's really difficult to be creative with columns and content.The entire tool itself is pretty basic. Not wow'd by any features.

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  • MadMimi provides an intuitive interface with a professional email campaign. The dashboard is easy to understand and operate. Additional tools can be introduced as and when required, without cluttering the dashboard. However, lack of advanced functionality can be a turn-off for the more sophisticated users.

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  • For a simple email app that’s still versatile and powerful, it’s hard to beat Mad Mimi. It’s the email app with just the features you need, so you can contact the important people on your lists without having to figure out yet again how to use the app each time you log in.

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  • I love my free account from Mad Mimi. It does everything I need at the moment and is a great way to grow my list. My list is pretty small and I know that the free account won’t be right for those who have larger lists.

    I wouldn’t recommend something I wasn’t 100% firmly behind though. I use them and LOVE them!

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  • if you’re a blogger, a regular newsletter publisher or email marketer, a small biz owner, MadMimi is a very good choice. If you’re not yet convinced, the free forever plan is there waiting for you to test MadMimi, without any obligation. No really, what are you waiting for?

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  • Creating an email list in MadMimi is super simple. Building a form is simple as well. It’s a drag and drop interface and a no-brainer!

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  • Mad Mimi offers a robust system, however lacking in several useful features. Creating unique looking newsletters can be time consuming because of lack of templates and stock images. If you enjoy being creative and have time to spend creating email newsletters, want to get good deliverability rates and pay low, then try out Mad Mimi.

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  • The main thing to like about Mad Mimi is its price - it's probably the best value product of its type currently available, and its free plan is extremely generous. It's simple to use and most users will find that it meets all their requirements. However, some users will find that there are some noticeable omissions when it come to more advanced functionality, particularly in the autoresponder and split testing department. There are also some slight improvements that could be made to its email design tool and it doesn't really offer much in the way of pre-designed templates. But these gripes aside, it is a very good tool for getting email marketing campaigns off the ground, and very cost-effective to boot.

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  • My experience with using Mad Mimi has been a great one and I have not had any real issues. I have not been using it very long but I only need it for the basics right now. Even when I upgrade to get more subscribers, I don’t for see needing every add on they provide for free, but I like knowing that it is there.

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