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Linkedin Marketing help you Put your native advertising in the LinkedIn Feed, and reach professionals on desktop, smartphone and tablet.

The LinkedIn Feed is where professionals turn for the ideas and insights to help them perform. Your native advertising captures the attention of a highly engaged audience in a trusted environment.

Through LinkedIn data, you can target the right content at the right professionals, maximising efficiency and tailoring your messages for greater relevance.

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    Michael Al-Megdad

    We started using Linkedin Marketing for lead generation at the start of 2016. We were experimenting with different paid social channels like sponsored Tweets on Twitter, Sponsored Posts on Facebook and so forth. From our experiments (and decent sized budgets!) we've found that we've had the best quality leads from our B2B lead generationandnbsp;advertising efforts so far from Linkedin Marketing. If you're in the business to business space I believe it is a must have channel for paid media lead generation. I would suggest starting out with a targeted demographic and put in a sizableandnbsp;enough test budget to make sure the channel works for you.

    Pros :

    • Linkedin Ads have some of the best B2B targeting capabilities due to their database of titles, industries, networking groups, etc. We've had great success with offering downloadable assets to our targets in the marketing industry.
    • The best lead quality has come from this channel and more often than not you'll be getting a business email instead of a random Gmail or yahoo address ... work addresses are much more helpful in B2B marketing.

    Cons :

    • We finally crossed a threshold where we can have a Linkedin Ad specialist consult with us on our campaigns. Before now we were optimizing our campaigns in the dark. It would be great if most business could take advantage of that resource.
    • Cost per click is based off a bidding system for a specific audience. We've found this channel to be the most effective and cost-effective for us but to really understand if Linkedin will work for your paid media you should put a large enough test budget so you'll understand your results.
    • For instance it takes us on average 10 clicks per 1 submission on our landing page. When you're paying between 5-20 dollars per click that cost can add up quickly!

    • May 20, 2016
  • User review from

    Saad Salman Chaudhary

    I am currently creating more business leads for the online companies and this helps me to advertise my services to the correct consumers based on their professional behaviour and background.

    Pros :

    • It's a good way to reach professionals as LinkedIn has a very rich database of vocational and educational history.
    • Products advertised using targeting criteria closely related to professional history and employment details can benefit well from this.

    Cons :

    • While the platform is useful, I would prefer to keep it as a secondary advertising channel compared to Google AdWords due to the lack of granularity and less efficient search engine optimisation.
    • It is not as adept as a social media tool e.g. Facebook as the granularity of consumer behaviour is limited.

    • March 18, 2016
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