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linkbird  is the leading Software as a service tool for SEO management and content marketing for small and large companies. linkbird combines SEO project management, CRM and controlling and helps companies like eDarling, tirendo or zalando to plan, implement and analyse their link building more efficiently.

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Plans & Pricing


for 1 Month / 1 user(s)


  • 5 Projects
  • 15 Competitors
  • 10k links
  • 100 keywords
  • 5 alerts in monitoring


for 1 Month / 5 user(s)


  • 25 Projects
  • 75 Competitors
  • 50k links
  • 500 keywords
  • 15 alerts in monitoring

How to Get Your Linkbird Free Trial

Founded in 2011, Linkbird is a German-based award-winning SEO management tool that offers businesses of all sizes the necessary features for online PR, content seeding, and successful link building in one perfect platform. It even helps companies streamline their operations and makes the planning of campaigns, projects, and goals easier. Therefore, it is the best tool when it comes to enhancing your link building efforts and handling multiple content marketing projects. Apart from this, Linkbird also helps manage contacts, provide automated reporting, and give vital alerts to keep you up-to-date with the latest SEO strategies. To obtain a free trial at Linkbird, follow these simple steps below:

Step 1:

Linkbird Free Trial Step 1

Enter https://www.linkbird.com/en/ in the URL of your browser. To understand how it works, take a look at the brief outlook of the SEO management tool and its benefits. Once completed, click on the ‘Free Trial’ option at the top right corner of the page and move on with the signup process. 

Step 2:

Linkbird Free Trial Step 2

Before clicking on the ‘Free Trial’ option, you will see this page. As you can see, to gain a free and non-binding trial, you will be asked to enter certain information. You have to enter: your first name, last name, email address, phone number, website, and country information. Once you fill the form, click on the Sign Up option to get a free trial. 

Step 3:

  Linkbird Free Trial Step 3

The free trial won’t last you forever. Therefore, it imperative to select an appropriate plan after testing the software. Three options are available: Pro, Expert, and Enterprise, all of which have their unique features. Choose the plan that satisfies your needs and suits your budget. However, if you are a startup, go for the Pro option. Now that you are familiar with the tips mentioned above, obtaining a free trial for Linkbird won’t be a problem.

Linkbird Review by Cloudswave

Not too long ago, if you knew what SEO was and how to use it to help your site become more popular, you were well on your way to enjoying real success online. Unfortunately, that’s no longer the case. Nowadays, you really want SEO management and content marketing tools to help you make the most of your strategy. Just like so many other aspects of doing business in the 21st century, without the right technology, your results are going to suffer dramatically. Fortunately, Linkbird makes this important element of your online marketing plan easier than ever.

CRM and SEO Management

One feature of Linkbird that immediately helps to set it apart from others in the same market is the fact that it has a CRM aspect to it. This practically makes it a product unique to itself. Customer Relationship Management is how you automate much of your sales funnel as well as what comes after. Imagine being able to leverage inbound marketing to help qualified buyers find you and then harvest valuable information they provide you voluntarily. It wouldn’t be long before you were able to start seeing some serious results, right?
With Linkbird, these two powerful forms of marketing software are combined into one solution, making it all the easier to manage both and make sure you’re not missing out where there should be overlap.

Managing Your Backlinks

There’s no getting over the opportunities you’ll be creating for yourself with the above aspects of Linkbird. However, it’s also worth pointing out what it can do as a backlink management software.
As you probably already know, backlinks are huge where SEO is involved. Getting other sites, especially influential ones, to link to your own is a better way of currying favor with Google than simply using SEO keywords.
Unfortunately, getting those backlinks sounds a lot easier than it really is. It takes a lot of work to build relationships with website owners, create content they’ll want to post with your links and otherwise see results from your efforts.
Creating a backlinking strategy and rolling it out is going to be time-consuming, to say the very least, but it can also be a complete waste of time too.
Linkbird gives you one, centralized control panel for finding backlinking opportunities, tracking down where your competitors are getting theirs, setting a budget, analyzing the links available and monitoring your outreach efforts. This unified dashboard will also make it easier for more than one member of your team to work on a backlinking goal at the same time without stepping on each other’s toes or otherwise doing more harm than good. We’ll discuss the option of getting Linkbird for multiple users in a moment.
Far too many people don’t have a plan when it comes to generating backlinks. They either think it will be far easier than it really is and wind up disappointed or they put way too much time, energy and money into getting one that really isn’t going to be worth it. That’s why, when you try getting backlinks on an enterprise-level, the process can quickly devolve into chaos.
This software gives you an organized, straightforward approach for building your site’s necessary backlinks.

Battling Your Competition

No serious approach to backlinks would be complete without considering the competition. Obviously, they want backlinks just as badly as you do, so they’re going to be putting resources behind finding them as well. Chances are that if a competitor’s site is beating you for prized keywords it’s because they have better backlinks.
As we mentioned above, Linkbird can be a huge help here. Before software like this, finding your competitor’s backlinks were a manual process that was as tedious as it was often ineffectual. You had to basically search for their site in Google or their URL in other site’s code. The problem was that some of their biggest backlinking victories may not come from obvious sites, leaving you in the dark while they continued to reap the benefits.
By using Linkbird, you’ll never be confused about who is beating you and, more importantly, why. This will make it easy for you to cut their lead by going to the same sources for links that they are. You may also quickly find that they aren’t even optimizing some of their opportunities, making it even easier to do so yourself.


Linkbird kept it nice and simple with just two options for their software. You have Pro for $149 a month, which will cover five projects and make it possible to look at 15 of your competitors. This package also comes with 10,000 links you can build across 10 keywords and with 5 alerts to monitor. That’s obviously going to take your backlinking efforts a long way in a short period of time.
Then there’s the Expert package. This will give access to Linkbird for five users as opposed to just the one provided for with Pro. You’ll be able to support 25 projects to track down 50,000 links for 500 keywords. With 15 alerts, your company can begin going up against 75 competitors.
No matter which option you go with, sufficed to say, you’ll have a lot more tools at your disposal than what you’re currently relying on which is how you’ll start seeing a real uptick in results in a relatively short period of time.   Of course, if you’re still worried about your budget, you can always get a free trial by heading over to their website. There, you can also sign up for an online demo to see firsthand what you can really expect from Linkbird.
Have you tried in the past to increase your site’s relevance and exposure by leveraging traditional SEO tactics like building backlinks “by hand”? If so, it makes sense that you’re probably frustrated, maybe even disillusioned, by the lack of results you’ve received. Fortunately, Linkbird is going to make it easier on you and your team to achieve real results that put your competition on the defensive and brings in more customers.
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  • Plan and execute, with super easy implementation (to save time) for your next Link Building and Content Seeding campaign with LinkBird. Link building is really crucial to establish good ranking in Google, however any mistake done while performing it can led to serious cause. And linkbird with it’s Super-Flexible and Convenient tool doesn’t just allow you performing in-depth analysis of the links you’ve build during the campaign yet allows you to monitor them effectively along with your SERP.

  • LinkBird is a comprehensive system to manage the SEO and promotional aspects of your online business. If you’re a small operation, especially if you’re a one-man shop, LinkBird will likely provide some noticeable benefits to how many people are exposed to your site. If you know about SEO, you can use LinkBird to augment your skills. If you know nothing about SEO, that’s okay, too.

    Building links and implementing proper SEO techniques isn’t really an option anymore; it’s a necessity. If you have no interest in learning about that sort of thing, LinkBird can automatically help you out with minimal effort on your part. Plus, it’s a great way to help you learn about SEO. As your knowledge base grows, LinkBird can become a powerful tool.

  • Linkbird is a great All-In-One solution for your online marketing. It offers all the features necessary for smooth and time-saving workflows, efficient link building, successful content seeding as well as effective monitoring. It can be tricky at first to understand the purpose of some features, while others seem perfunctory in the beginning. But if applied correctly, this remarkable package will definitely make you fly high. Can’t wait to test the forthcoming content marketing update that’s in the making right now!

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User Reviews

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    I'm using linkbird for last 3 months and I found it very useful for managing contents on my tech blog. By using this tool I can obviously the traffic difference on my blog, also my Alexa is improving very well.

    Pros :

    • PageRank Analysis.
    • Social Media Integration.
    • Competitor Backlink Analysis.
    • Competitor Link Metrics.
    • Backlinks Report.
    • Keyword Report.
    • Link Building Report.
    • Keyword Performance.
    • Backlink Management.
    • Link Analysis.
    • Link Partner Analysis.
    • Link Popularity.
    • Outbound Link Management.

    Cons :

    • Costly.
    • Not very well interface but up to mark.

    • June 4, 2016
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FAQs for Linkbird

If your company’s website is suffering because you lack backlinks, Linkbird is definitely worth looking into. Let’s address some common questions now.

What Makes Linkbird Different from Other Backlinking Software?

The main difference is that Linkbird has integrated CRM aspects into their platform, making it that much easier for you to not just attract customers, but then track them through your sales funnel.

How Much Does Linkbird Cost?

There are two versions of Linkbird available. The Pro version is for just a single user and will cost you $149. You can also choose the $349 Expert version which will support up to five of your employees using it.

Has Linkbird Won Any Awards?

Yes! One of the reasons so many people choose Linkbird as their backlinking program is because it has been recognized a number of times by prestigious organizations for how well it perform. Two of these organizations recognized Linkbird for its excellence back in 2013. The Initiative Mittelstand award was given to the software for being the most innovative and it also won the European Seal of Excellence for outstanding achievements and, again, innovation.
Although it’s impressive that companies like eDarling, zalando and tirendo use Linkbird to help them gain an edge, it’s also a big feather in Linkbird’s cap that third-party organizations have given them these awards.

How Can I Manage Users?

If you decide to go with the Expert package of Linkbird, you’ll definitely want to be able to check in on your employees with just a few clicks to ensure they’re meeting your expectations. This is why the platform comes with such an easy dashboard to bring up and manage from. It will show you any past goals that are still relevant (e.g. the budget you set) as well as the progress being made on things like contact acquisitions and SEO results.

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