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  • Superb Marketing Automation Tool for Sales experts

    Lead Squared, a complete tool for all marketing and lead management needs. Ease of use Ample Data storage, Easy search bars and successful campaign plan execution. Lot of additional features in comparison to any high end apps of similar features. I recommend LS for any start up, mid size enterprise or a high scale enterprise, trust me on this looks like words of ease in praising the apps, But in fact it is a True Value Addition.

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    Marketing Automation - easy & straight forward Marketing Campaigns

    Leadsquare opens the world to automated lead campaign management. It is easy to use and straight forward when it comes to campaigns and lead generation. With it´?¢s built in CRM and the focus on the engaged leads, your sales have the right customers in focus.

    Pros : It needs minimal training and setup to start. The built in reports, E-Mail and Landingpage templates are state of the art. With the engagement score, you focus on the real engaged leads. If you need help, the support acts fast. Usually you should just look on price, but with Leadsquare you get a lot marketing automation for the price you pay.

    Cons : When it comes to track incoming traffic on your landing pages by different sources, it is possible but could be solved more straight forward. CRM is fine for small business with small organisations. For bigger sales organisations, there are some points to improve productivity.

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    True to the tagline - Marketing Automation Simplified

    Leadsquared has made my life as a marketer much better than I thought. It's a perfect amalgamation of email marketing and CRM. Simple to use, offers a lot of features and doesn't give much room to complain.

    Pros : Simplicity of using the product, analytics reports, "Resend" feature for email campaigns, advance search, activities and more importantly, the level of support (they have the best in class)

    Cons : Their CRM features have a scope to get better from sales perspective

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  • It's a Nuclear Weapon to Marketers in the War of Competition

    LeadSquared Use Cases and Deployment ScopeLeadSquared is an advanced yet user friendly complete marketing automation tool right from the strategic content planning to conversion of leads and even post lead FollowUp tools. It has amazing landing pages that captures leads. It has lead insights to help our sales team in what to talk about and how much to talk. The autoresponder increased our conversion ratio by 35%. The sales reports and analytics help us improve our team performance. It provides value for money, and powerful automation software for online marketers.

    Pros : Complete Automation - peace of mind, structured and organized marketing activities.AutoResponders - Helped in nurturing and increased conversion ratio by 35%.Landing Pages - User friendly yet powerful to capture leads. Mobile Responsive makes it value for money.Sales Reports and Lead Tracking - Helpx to understand leads.

    Cons : A/B Split Testing.More Mobile Responsive Templates for Landing PagesMore Individual Templates for FORMS.

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    Effective on the outside + great user experience on the inside

    LeadSquared Use Cases and Deployment ScopeLeadSquared is being used for marketing automation for a professional content website that sells subscriptions. We have implemented some functionalities and are still exploring others, but what we have done so far has proven effective. We've been using this for 6 months now - mainly email campaigns and landing pages. In addition to marketing automation, we've moved away from Salesforce completely and use this as our main CRM in parallel to our native website system.

    Pros : Simplicity of the interface with 4 main functionalities: email automation + autoresponders + landing pages + website widgets. Powerful functionalities, yet simple interface.Possibility to use our own design for email and landing pages: all seamlessly integrated with the LeadSquared functionality in the background.Once the prospect clicks on an email link, his browsing history on our website is linked automatically to LeadSquared. This applies also retroactively - even for activities that happene

    Cons : LeadSquared is for individual leads, i.e. people. If you have company accounts (which we do) and want to use this for CRM functionality, then tracking accounts is a bit more difficult. Doable (we have done this), but more difficult.No API integration with Salesforce. When moving from Salesforce which we pretty much had to move our database manually. But that was a good exercise for cleaning up the database.Some graphic output, such as click/open pie charts misrepresent data. Easy fix, I guess, b

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    Simple, intuitive tool for managing leads

    LeadSquared Use Cases and Deployment ScopeEzetap uses LeadSquared to track our sales in the retail channel. The product is used by our retail sales managers, and our third-party agents who are on the field selling our products.  We picked LeadSquared as it fit our business needs perfectly - we need an easy way to create and track leads on-the-go, and various roles/access levels as we work with different third-party agencies.

    Pros : Concept of Groups and RolesCustomizable FieldsDashboardsPrompt Support

    Cons : Since most of our agents are out on the field, and sometimes in areas with poor network connectivity, we need a way to store records offline.Auto-population of certain fields based on rules. For example - I have two fields - City and Zone. Zone should auto-populate based on the City selected. I should be able to create these rules as an Admin.Support on older Android versions. Currently, LeadSquared works on Android OS versions 4 and above. It would be great if lower versions are supported since

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