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  • Great advocacy marketing platform

    I've only been using Influitive for a few weeks, but my experience with the company and the product thus far has been exceptional. It has been very well-received by our customers!

    Pros : The on-boarding process in particular has been a pleasure. My Advocacy Coach has been very helpful, and is always available to answer questions. The platform is relatively intuitive and easy to use, and they are constantly improving it. It has been very well-received by our customers!

    Cons : Some aspects are a little hard to navigate the first time (examples: getting to badges/levels management, creating groups), but as I've mentioned, they are very helpful, are always looking for ways to improve their product, and it is a robust platform, so some navigation/complexity for certain aspects is to be expected.

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    Gamification, gamification, gamification!

    We've been using Influitive for a few months now and I have absolutely nothing bad to say. It's a great engagement tool for our advocates (partners, customers, and influencers) because let's be honest, who doesn't like free prizes? Throw some friendly competition in there and people will go to town! The UI is extremely intuitive - you don't need proper training, just play around for an hour and you'll get the hang of it. It's super easy to upkeep too, just be prepared to have some extra challenges in your back pocket for when your advocates breeze through the available set of challenges (because trust me, they will!).

    Pros : Gamification! Partners and customers are not always the most active on social media or other forums outside their industry, but gamification makes it fun! Our advocates have never been so engaged with us and it continues to get better every week. We use it as an additional marketing channel to come up with not only educational challenges that will help with user adoption, but also for special programs like getting customer references, product reviews, creating awareness around our events, and fo

    Cons : The tool is still in its fairly early stages so it's not as robust and flexible as it potentially could be. Reporting could also be better!

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    Great Gamification Platform

    Influitive has a definite purpose in the marketing arsenal if you are interested in providing your customers with a way to stay informed with what your organization is doing and rewarding them for their efforts along the way.

    Pros : Easy to use and super responsive and helpful support team and coaches UI is rather easy to use and straight forward User VIP hub is a great place to borrow ideas and to get inspired for campaigns of your own Great for targeting social customers and is very easy to use from a customer perspective Great options for integration with existing marketing platforms like SFDC and Marketo

    Cons : Can be a challenging platform to leverage engagement from all industries (like tech and/or security) Requires a significant amount of time to run effectively, which can be a challenge if Influitive is only a portion of your business objectives.

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  • Influitive, the Hub (almost) everyone should sign up for

    AdvocateHub Use Cases and Deployment ScopeWe're using it for customer advocacy and have rolled it out to around 30 customers to start with. It helps us engage customers with the help of gamification; get them to do content marketing for us and we hope to increase references and referrals via the Hub. Eventually, we would like to launch it for employees as well and give a strong push to our content marketing strategy. 

    Pros : The Hub integrates seamlessly with Salesforce.com and helps you request references from Salesforce itself. Also referrals can be tracked via the integration and only when the referral converts to a customer, the referral challenge is considered successful.It is a great tool for content marketing efforts. You can get your advocates to write blogs, do video testimonials, and even appear at events via the challenges.It is a cool way to reward your best advocates by giving them perks and rewards for

    Cons : AdvocateHub needs to add more challenge templates so that admins don't have to spend too much time in thinking what to write for a particular challenge.Would be nice to see a customizable Hub to have a look and feel in sync with the company website.They should have a daily report for admins to track the progress of the advocacy program.

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    Two Thumbs Up for AdvocateHub!

    AdvocateHub Use Cases and Deployment ScopeAdvocateHub is being used by the entire organization to drive employee and customer advocacy. We are looking to increase communication, improve education and knowledge, share trends and best practices, and have some fun while doing it. This is an excellent tool to collaborate and communicate with all groups.

    Pros : Drive customer retention and loyaltyGrow revenue within existing customer baseSimpler management & mobilization of customer referencesHigher quality referral leads and new customer logosBetter brand recognition & improved reputation

    Cons : Ability to segment administrative work by departmentRequires daily FollowUp to ensure advocates get feedback quickly

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    Best Product for Advocate Marketing!

    AdvocateHub Use Cases and Deployment ScopeAdvocateHub is currently being rolled out internally within the organization with the intent of centralizing and maintaining all internal communications, removing barriers between departments and incentivizing participation.  Currently, it's being built out to incorporate partners & customers, as well.

    Pros : It makes active participation a lot of fun.It dramatically improves awareness of market initiatives/collateral, product, sales, industry, etc.Encourages and fosters creativity.Their customer services team is especially good to work with, and very quick in their response.The reward program helps gauge interests of your advocates.Social is centralized and extremely simple.

    Cons : Needs an android app.There are many bugs and they can be very annoying.May not be a negative, but my users say it's very addictive and keeps them away from their work for much longer than they would like.

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