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  • What do you like best?

    Finding the best mobile attribution partner could be difficult. Figuring out what you need for your business and which product offers the most robust features to align with your goals and metrics. I've interviewed over 3 different mobile attribution partners and Tune by far offers the best product to help support you track your mobile campaigns. They're always innovating and releasing products that could provide deeper insights into your partner network and campaigns. As a valued client of theirs we're constantly included in their beta products and often asked to provide feedback in building out their new products.

    What do you dislike?

    When everything is running smoothly, it's a great experience but when their reporting is down (which is quite often) it hinders your ability to do anything or analyze data in your campaigns. Pricing is a bit high as well and we're charged on clicks and all events being captured by Tune. This usually hinders our ability to scale because we want to minimize the monthly charges.

    Recommendations to others considering the product

    If you're looking at Apsalar, AppsFlyer or Kochava. Tune is by far the best attribution partner and definitely headed in the right direction. The only issue is that they're slightly more expensive and will charge on clicks and every event they capture.

    What business problems are you solving? What benefits have you realized?

    The business problems we're trying to solve is to try to understand why people are uninstalling and how we could speak to them to re-engage them. We also want to close the gap between new users on our mobile app vs non-app users.

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  • Versatile affiliate management tool

    We've been using HasOffers for more than 3 years as a backbone to our affiliate program. HasOffers has a decent admin interface but more importantly will let you do pretty much anything programmatically via API, which came very handy to integrate with our own backend. Publisher and advertiser user Interfaces are rather eye-candy and provide detailed and flexible campaign reporting. Pretty efficient tool overall.

    Pros : - Solid API - Advanced reporting capabilities - Conversion tracking

    Cons : - Click fraud detection is a bit loose (should combine cookie *and* IP dedupe in order to work properly)

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    working well for us

    we are a niche advertiser network and have been using hasoffers for 2 years now . The platform works well for us and deliver the right reporting tools. The price is fair and the support is usually very responsive

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    Has Many Offers on HasOffers, HAPPILY

    HasOffers has ben a wonderful solution to track, build out and offer our many affiliates high quality affiliate marketing offers from www.PerformanceDemand.com as a company. They have been excellent in that they allow us to set a custom application process, easy offer upload and management as well as custom opportunity to engage both advertiser and affiliate. Great solution.

    Pros : Support team - tops Ease of use - good Offer Management - good Feature Set - good and growing Company Relationship to us - AWESOME Customization ease - tops Lots of options that are easy to use and do to align to the business

    Cons : Creative management tools - ok, but in scope Enteral offers market between networks - no longer. wish it was back

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  • HasOffers.com is a helpful service for businesses who would like to begin an affiliate program. The user does not have to have expensive computer knowledge to establish a functional program. The three account options allow companies to select the level of service they need, although the pricing may be a bit steep for a startup working on a low budget.

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  • If you are looking into starting your own affilaite program then this may be the way to go about it. The free version will give you adequate features to try it out and see if it works well for you. There is a large amount of support available as well as a blog and forum to help with any questions or problems that may arise. This is a great way to build an affiliate base to sell your own digital products.

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  • If you are looking to have a successful big-scale affiliate marketing business, HasOffers might be the right software for you. With host of features that will help to build your campaign and track your affiliate performance, HasOffers is a reliable tool that will simply get the job done.

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  • We were incredibly impressed by Has Offers Affiliate Tracking software. The ‘Software as a Service’ approach adopted by the publishers of this software means that customers enjoy the highest level of service and quality, whilst also allowing them to customize the product to the highest possible extent. This results in an affiliate program that is bespoke and easy to manage – which will no doubt also result in increased popularity amongst affiliates. The wide range of features on offer help those maintaining the programs to do so with ease, largely justifying the higher-than-average cost of this software package. If you’re looking for a high-end software solution to help develop an affiliate marketing program, Has Offers could well be the perfect choice. Why not give it a try.

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