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About GoAnimate

GoAnimate is a cloud-based platform which helps businesses, educators and freelancers create great animated videos. Businesses use GoAnimate to make videos for their home page, social media, content marketing, emails, landing pages and crowdfunding campaigns.

Everything is controlled through a simple, drag & drop interface. There are hundreds of templates you can use to create your first video in minutes.

The templates are also customizable. You can use them as is or easily make changes. Beyond that, there are tens of thousands of pre-animated characters, backgrounds, props, etc. and you can also import our own assets. Music and sound effects libraries are built-in. Characters can be customized in the character creator. Lip-sync is automatic.

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30% Off

GOPREMIUM for 1 Month / 1 user(s)

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GOPREMIUM for 3 Month / 1 user(s)

30 % OFF : you are saving $59.70

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30% Off

GOPREMIUM for 1 Year / 1 user(s)

30 % OFF : you are saving $179.70

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Merchant insight

GoAnimate is the world’s #1 animation video creation platform by a wide margin.

We were the first to enable businesses on six continents to produce videos quickly and easily, and we have never stopped innovating.

Our platform is the most powerful of its kind, with many unique features – yet everything is controlled through the same, super-simple, drag & drop interface.

We offer tens of thousands of pre-animated characters, backgrounds, props and actions representing hundreds of industries and occupations – with more being added all the time.

Our templates will get you to a quick win in a matter of minutes. You can stop there, or customize further until your video is truly one of a kind.

Adding voiceover narration or lip-synced dialogue is a snap!  Music and sound effects from premium libraries are included at no extra cost.

When finished, simply download your video as an mp4 or publish directly to YouTube or any of our video hosting partners.

GoAnimate Demo Video

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Plans & Pricing


for 1 Month / 1 user(s)


  • Download / Export Resolution 1080p
  • Export to YouTube, Other Sites
  • Produce Any Number of Videos
  • Unlimited Hosting / Playback
  • Unlimited Downloads / Exports
  • Access All Features and Libraries
  • Import Audio, Image and Flash Files
  • Add Clickable Links
  • Remove / Replace GoAnimate Logo


for 3 Months / 1 user(s)


  • Download / Export Resolution 1080p
  • Export to YouTube, Other Sites
  • Produce Any Number of Videos
  • Unlimited Hosting / Playback
  • Unlimited Downloads / Exports
  • Access All Features and Libraries
  • Import Audio, Image and Flash Files
  • Add Clickable Links
  • Remove / Replace GoAnimate Logo


for 1 Year / 1 user(s)


  • Download / Export Resolution 1080p
  • Export to YouTube, Other Sites
  • Produce Any Number of Videos
  • Unlimited Hosting / Playback
  • Unlimited Downloads / Exports
  • Access All Features and Libraries
  • Import Audio, Image and Flash Files
  • Add Clickable Links
  • Remove / Replace GoAnimate Logo

How to Get Your GoAnimate Free Trial

Established in 2007 by Alvin Hung, GoAnimate (previously known as Go!Animate) is a cloud-based platform used by individuals and businesses for the making of attractive, appealing, and intriguing animated videos. It includes video presentations that involve using a voice-over narrator to speak over various props and images that may move around and narrative videos in which animated characters will speak via lip-sync to attract potential buyers.
GoAnimate is one of those tools that are at the same time professional, as well as fun. Very rarely can you find a software application that can be both, that is why GoAnimate is one of the best tools to have handy.
It can be used for work presentations or on a personal project. The best part is that you can get a Goanimate Free Trial for 14 days before you purchase. You don't even have to give them your payment information until after you decide to purchase it after the free trial.
Getting started is simple.
Step 1 - Go to Goanimate's website and explore the website to learn how you can create animated videos. Once figured out, click on the Free Trial button as pictured below.
goanimate free trial cloudswave step 1
Step 2 - Fill out the registration form with your details. Once you enter your First Name, Last Name, and Job Role, you will have the option to continue the Sign Up process manually or with your Google Account. When you're done, click on "Sign for a Free Trial".
goanimate free trial cloudswave step 2
Step 3 - You will receive a message explaining how your GoAnimate free trial will work. You will have access to all the features of their GoPremium plan. The only downside is that your videos will have a watermark on them and you will not be able to download or export them. You'll be able to share them though!
goanimate free trial cloudswave step 3
The free trial won’t last you more than 14 days, which means after the trial period expires you won’t be able to create animated videos. Therefore, it is always a good option to choose a plan and continue using the video-making platform. There are three pricing plans: GOPUBLISH, GOPREMIUM, and GOTEAM. Choose one that suits your budget and requirements.
Don't forget to take advantage of the exclusive Goanimate coupons from Cloudswave as well.
And you're done. No payment details needed.
We've been using GoAnimate ourselves, and it's been a breeze. It's easy to navigate, it's got tons of options for scene settings, and the animations are great. You'll get a feel of the whole experience once you sign up for the free trial, especially since you'll get full access to the premium features!
GoAnimate has been conceived to be used by everyone, so you don't need any video editing experience to get started. That's how simple and straightforward it is.
Check out this short promotional video that our team was able to make in just a few hours.

GoAnimate Review by Cloudswave

If you want a truly unique form of content for your small business site, I can’t recommend GoAnimate enough. It’s been a big difference-maker for my company and I’m happy to recommend this great animated video maker to others.

A Reputable Solution

When I started looking into video making software like GoAnimate, one of the first things I noticed was just how many professional videos software were out there. Apparently, I’m not the only small business owner who wants to have high-quality videos throughout their website. While it’s nice to know others also think this is a good idea, the problem is that there are so many platforms to choose from. One of the main reasons I went with GoAnimate was because, unlike its competitors, this one actually had an impressive reputation. Outlets like CNN, WIRED, Mashable and even The Wall Street Journal have all done pieces on this software before and for good reason.

Create Beautiful Videos for Better Conversions

You might be wondering why so many people are so excited to use this kind of software. Like me, you may be wondering what’s changed, because animation has traditionally been for children. The thing about animation, though, is that it does a great job of fleshing out your content. A lot of times, it’s easier to explain something or pitch someone on an idea with the help of a visual. Animations give a spectacular and engaging type of visual that you can use to get your ideas across more efficiently. That’s why video marketing is the new content marketing king. With software like GoAnimate, you can make just about any animation you can think of. Only your imagination will limit the potential. Whatever you’re trying to communicate, animations will make it easier and help you stand out from your competitors.  

Easy Learning Curve

I don’t have the time to go through reading an exhaustive manual or watch a number of training videos in order to get a platform to work for me. Running my own small business gives me plenty to do. However, this wasn’t a problem with GoAnimate. Like the website says, you’ll be finished with your first video within five minutes. After that, it’s even easier to create video after video. All it really takes to make videos with GoAnimate is the ability to click, drag and drop. You’d think really good animation would be more difficult, but once you see how this software is designed, it will make more sense. They did a really good job of giving you all kinds of options that are easy to access and use. This even extends to installation. As long as you have an Internet connection, all you have to do is log into the software and get going. I didn’t have to go through any kind of setup process in order to start using this platform.

Countless Animations to Choose From

The generous learning curve and ease-of-use could have you thinking that GoAnimate is limited in what it can do. Fortunately, it’s just the opposite. You’ll have access to a library of countless backgrounds, characters, outfits, hairstyles and more. Furthermore, more and more are getting added on an ongoing basis. With this platform, you don’t have to worry that you’ll make an animation that ends up looking like something your visitors have seen on another site.

Adding Voices Was Easy

Many of you may be wondering how you add sound to your animations. This is something I was both curious and skeptical about when I began using GoAnimate. After all, there’s no way you can pick voices just like you can animation, so where does that leave you? As I found out, it’s really quite easy to add in voiceovers to your animation. Just record your voice, import the audio file and import it into your video. This simple process also means that if you don’t think you’re up to the task, you can go out and find a voice actor. Even if they’re on the other side of the world, it’s no big deal. Just tell them what needs to be said, have them send you an audio file and go from there. What’s really cool is that this software has no problem syncing the audio with the dialogue you write out. Your cartoon characters will perfectly speak every word you give them. Also, in terms of sound effects and music, GoAnimate has you covered. They have a whole library full of these important sounds. Of course, you can also upload any you may want to use too, but I haven’t needed to do this yet because the software comes with so many options.

Unique Content on Demand

While I’m not an online marketing specialist, I know enough to understand that SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is of the utmost importance. Without it, no one is going to find my site. A big part of SEO is having quality content which, in the past, meant good writing showing up with plenty of keywords on a regular basis. Nowadays, though, there are all kinds of ways to load your pages with content, one of the most important being videos. Google loves videos almost as much as visitors do. With GoAnimate, I can make as many videos as I want and easily upload them to my site whenever I please. While I still spend time filling my site with quality writing, I love the fact that great videos are now always just a few minutes away. I think it gives me a huge edge over my competition too.

Other Features

Like I mentioned, I bought GoAnimate solely for the benefit of making my own videos. thanks to cloudswave’s goanimate discount. However, as it turns out, the company is happy to help you all kinds of other ways too. For example, they can show you inbound marketing techniques and social media strategies to bring more exposure to your videos. This way, you don’t put a lot of thought into making one of these animations only for it to go absolutely nowhere. Also, their small business marketing tips have proven very helpful. I’m sure I’m not the only small business owner who loves having that extra assistance. I’m still learning about all the other benefits available through GoAnimate, but the above have already made a big difference for my company.  
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Critic Reviews

  • 91

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    Rating based on 17 Critic Reviews

    17 Favorable reviews
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    0 Mixed reviews
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  • In this GoAnimate review we learned that there is such a thing as affordability and amazing (maybe even magic) video editing in the world of cloud based programs.

    With a vast amount of features from versatile and easy to learn editing to automated lip-sync this GoAnimate review covers the ins and outs of GoAnimate.com

  • What do you like best?

    ease of use. collection of characters, including animals, politicians, fantasy figures. preset voices in a variety of accents. Easy to record voices too.

    What do you dislike?

    can not tweak animations, or fix problems in the preset voices easily.

    What business problems are you solving? What benefits have you realized?

    in higher education online modules, use to create scenarios.

  • I was impressed with how quickly it’s possible to come up to speed with GoAnimate. The user interface is well designed and the pricing is reasonable. I can’t wait to use it in a course when the right one comes along.

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User Reviews

  • 42 In total

  • User review from


    The GoAnimate online application is a great resource to create animated short videos. However, sometimes the application takes a while to respond. Despite this, I highly recommend the GoAnimate.

    Pros :

    • Great to create short animations.

    Cons :

    • Sometimes it takes a while to respond.

    • January 15, 2017
  • anonymous


    Seems really robust so far. The characters are a lot of fun. andnbsp; andnbsp;

    Pros :

    • I was pleased with how robust the library of characters and actions they can take is.
    • The customizable characters are super fun, and the backgrounds are great.

    Cons :

    • Sometimes the loading speed can become slow after a few hours. The music selection could be a bit more modern. Otherwise I'm happy!

    • November 7, 2016
  • User review from


    GoAnimate is easy to use and adds an extra layer to marketing presentations and web videos. We are big fans!

    Pros :

    • Easy to use.
    • Relevant templates across a wide range of topics.
    • Helpful tutorial.

    Cons :

    • Freezes on occasion (rare).
    • Nothing else I'd complain about.

    • September 8, 2016
  • User review from


    It was exactly what my team was looking for. It helps to create professional videos for product advertisement.

    Pros :

    • Flexible scene editing,
    • Numerous emotions and layouts to choose from.
    • Voice embedding.

    Cons :

    • the previewer takes a while to load.

    • August 29, 2016
  • User review from


    I like the concept, features, and functionality of GoAnimate. There was a smallandnbsp;learning curve; however, overall the software isandnbsp;intuitive / easy to use.

    Please see pros/cons below.

    FYI:andnbsp; Thanks to cloudswave for helping me sign up with GoAnimate. andnbsp;

    Pros :

    • User-friendly setup
    • Upload function for customization of information is a definite plus!andnbsp;
    • Many video graphic template options to choose from.
    • Enter / Exit motions with delay option are great.
    • Video has professional look.

    Cons :

    Room for improvement:


    • andnbsp; Would like more options for faceless characters (in addition to the stickman) vs. having to chose a look of a person/character.

    andnbsp;Text to Speech:

    • The Text-To-Speech optionandnbsp;was/is disappointing.andnbsp; It sounds exactly like a computer voice: andnbsp;extreme monotone with many mispronunciations. Being able to useandnbsp;this feature with my videos would have been such aandnbsp;huge benefit / game changer for me/my situation. andnbsp;

    Text Boxes need a little TLC:

    • Resizing the text box is challenging.andnbsp; The corner points are not separate from top/bottom, so it auto-andnbsp;sizes. andnbsp;I would prefer to manual size it from any of the four points on text box.
    • ALL text housed inandnbsp;text box has to be the same font/style. You can't make one line of text bold or aandnbsp;different color from the rest without physically putting the textandnbsp;in a separate box. andnbsp;

    • July 14, 2016
  • User review from

    Jennifer L Rieff

    Goanimate was easy to navigate a site and learn more about publishing videos. I like the features of animated video along with animation to help promote one's business or a simple key concept for education. There are templates that you're able to use to help you get started with the video. There is also an option for creating videos for teachers and their students. There is a free 14-day trial in which all the videos that you create will be watermarked and be able to share but not download or export the videos. However, if you wish to subscribe to a plan, your videos can be taken out of the cloud storage and be able to edit and publish the videos again.

    Pros :

    • The pros of utilizing the Goanimate website to create videos for either business or education are many.
    • I like the fact that you can "try-out" the features of a Goanimate video and then decide if you want to subscribe.
    • There is just a need of one 'seat' per person to create a video, and there is an option of GoTeam plan which offers an Admin with 1 seat, and then the Admin can add or reassign seats at any time.
    • The workflow to creating a video is simple with just visualizing the target audience and then creating the objective for the video and then adding all the elements to create the masterpiece video.
    • I particularly like the options that the GoAnimate for Schools offers since I am an educator. It offers options such as Flipping one's classroom videos, creating PSA's, and ways to create a video to engage the different learners.
    • The GoAnimate for Schools also has a free 14-day trial for 1 teacher and 49 student accounts.

    Cons :

    • The business option of GoAnimate offers many options such as the GoPremium for $79/month or $599/year with the full access; the GoPublish option is $39/month or $299/year which as limited access to features and the GoTeam option is $159/month or $999/year which has more options to access than the GoPremium.
    • After the GoAnimate for Schools 14-day free trial is over, there are only two options for school if they chose to use GoAnimate; the 1 teacher, 0 students option for $59/year or 1 K-12 plan; in which the plan price depends on the amount of students and teachers that would utilize it.
    • I put in 15 teachers and 400 students, and the price was $654/year.
    • When trying out the 14-day trial, I wasn't impressed with the options GoAnimate offered for the voice recording as well as the animation.

    • July 3, 2016
  • User review from

    emily josh

    GoAnimate is by far the best presentation software I have used. the features that GoAnimate offers are nothing compare to powtoon or moovly. I started using go Animoto few months back, I first started off with the month subscription, I was able to make easy quick slides for my company, my company really appreciated my hard work. moreover, they loved the slides, they increased my pay too.

    as I still subscribed to the software I assume why not use it a little as it is so easy and simple to use, within an hour I could create a slide then why not I make more and earn a little. I was successfully able to create some videos and sell them for $$$. for each slide cost $20. my subscription paid me back, with a lot of extra money

    GoAnimate offers exclusive features which probably are not offered in much other software.andnbsp; Features are offered as followed. A huge library filled with characters or props. Moreover, we can also assign these characters to do work, such as clap or walk.

    Features are offered as followed. A huge library filled with characters or props. Moreover, we can also assign these characters to do work, such as clap or walk.
    Ability to create Infographics Videos, 2D Animated videos, Whiteboard Animation.
    The feature I prefer the most nowadays is an ability to create our own character, we can edit colors or the attire. All over this is indeed the best software I have used.

    Pros :

    • The app is really easy to use and navigate, even as a first time user I was able to create a worthy slide video.
    • It allows us to Import Audio, Images, Video Files.
    • We can Download a video up to 1080p (if GoPremium or GoTeam account else with basic account 720p)
    • We can create unlimited videos.
    • One can directly export to YouTube, Other Sites
    • Automatic Lip-Sync, it attracts more viewers.

    Cons :

    • With the basic GoPublish account, the logo cannot be removed, else it would have created a great impression.

    • May 17, 2016
  • User review from

    Ido Gafni

    it will be good if you upgrade the preview tool, it will make the site more speedy.

    Pros :

    • Voice.

    Cons :

    • Speed.

    • May 10, 2016
  • anonymous


    I spent days searching for the right tool to produce high-quality content able to convey in a concise, captivating way our business pitches, analysis reports or animated marketing ads. I tried most, if not all, major competitors of GoAnimate taking advantage of their respective trial periods. There are certainly other great software out there and, as usual, the most important thing when planning a purchase is to thoroughly evaluate your needs and what exactly will you be producing. I was positively impressed by all competitors, but they didn't match my needs so when I finally tested GoAnimate I fell in love with it, and the last thing that prevented me from buying was the price.

    Certainly it has a basic cheap plan, but it has an annoying logo overlay which has no reason to be in the first place (there are high-level competitors who offer for free the same service) therefore my only option was the Premium plan, but, especially for a first try, it was expensive.

    Then I stumbled upon Cloudswave's coupon, and in seconds, I had a professional tool with a great discount. Have been producing animations since then, and my job has become so fun I almost feel guilty. Almost.

    Pros :

    • Professional results.
    • Easy learning curve.
    • Many templates.
    • Many fantastic eye-catching transition effects.
    • Great characters customization.
    • Constantly updated with new options.
    • Awesome auto-lip sync.
    • Many easy ways to get professional voiceover with few clicks.
    • Wide selection of beautiful soundtracks.
    • You can import your props and backgrounds

    Cons :

    • The layout cannot be customized.
    • Gopublish plan should get rid of logo overlay.
    • The editor still relies on Flash technology (at the time I am writing).
    • Doesn't have a real-time preview: you need to click "preview" and wait for it to render. I never waited more than 10 seconds, especially with their new rendering engine, but still is not real time and you cannot preview individual scenes (although you can preview starting from a specific scene). I believe though they will address this in the future as it is a critical function, especially for big projects.

    • April 2, 2016
  • User review from


    I really wanted to use “Go Animate”, but felt the price was a little steep for someone starting out. I thought, “Why not look for a coupon code?” Well, it’s a good thing I did, because I got a 30% discount off the annual package, and it was a no-brainer. I will definitely look to Cloudswave for future online purchases, where applicable.

    Pros :

    • Great, easy to use service.
    • Clear and helpful information relating to what you're actually getting.

    Cons :

    • None. Zero. Zip.

    • March 4, 2016
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