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  • Undoubtedly, GetResponse is a leader in the market for the amazing features it offers as the email service provider at unbelievably affordable costs. Enroll in GetResponse email marketing service and take your business to a new level.

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  • If you want an easy to create email autoresponder service with affordable price (and great features), GetResponse is the perfect choice. You can perform all the things from A/B testing to social sharing to time travel using GetResponse.

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  • GetResponse email marketing solution is stacked with powerful features and tools to give your email marketing campaigns a huge boost in effectiveness and drive results that you want. It’s seasy to use email creator lets you create beautiful emails that are optimized on any device, enabling your campaigns to reach people who constantly access their smartphones and tablets more than their desktops

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  • There’s a lot to love about GetResponse, not least of which is its low initial learning curve, thanks in great part to its library of quick, concise video tutorials and its incredibly responsive chat support. If your marketing budget is big enough to accommodate a pro plan, the new webinar feature is a pretty unique and potentially powerful way to engage your contacts.

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  • We recommend GetResponse as the best low-cost email marketing software for small businesses. We chose GetResponse from dozens of email marketing software companies. GetResponse combines ease of use, rich design tools and outstanding customer service — all for a very low cost.andnbsp;

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  • GetResponse - response is exactly what you get.

    GetResponse Use Cases and Deployment ScopeWe use GetResponse to target our most active subscribers that have responded in the past. It's a great way to gauge true engagement of our lists because the results are always consistent. It also provides a great platform for somebody new to email marketing - a great easy to use system. 

    Pros : Above average deliverability - There are very few ESPs that are as consistent in delivery as GetResponse.Easy to use - although it's not laid out like most other ESPs, it is easy to use and learn once you get the hang of it.Autoresponder features - The calendar planning and perfect timing features make it perfect for maximizing ROI

    Cons : Layout - A lot of features were hard to find. A more standard layout would be beneficial to users that have tried other services in the past.Flexibility - There is a lack of flexibility with the system, sometimes advanced email marketers need some features that just aren't there.List Options - Better list sorting and segmentation.

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    Get Response, Got it right

    GetResponse Use Cases and Deployment ScopeCurrently we are using this program as an email platform for our clients. We have 5-10 clients who send out emails monthly. We create an image for the email, it then goes to the emailer who writes the text. I approve the email and it gets sent out. We send about 3-5 emails a month per a client

    Pros : The graphing and percentages are very clearEasy to set up an email - edit - and - sendWeb forms are easy to create.

    Cons : Reporting could be improved. More options to look into.

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    GetResponse: Definitely worth trying

    GetResponse Use Cases and Deployment ScopeWe use GetResponse for our clients to help their local businesses. We send out sales newsletters, holiday greetings and holiday promotions and also occasionally engagement blasts.  It is used by the email marketing department only. It is very simple to put together a newsletter simply by dragging text blocks and image blocks. Generally, it is very user friendly and has a nice, clean layout, which makes finding what you need easy. 

    Pros : I love the clean layout of the site. Coming from past use of iContact with tiny fonts, squished and centered pages and hard to find buttons this was a refreshing change that I very thankful for.The drag and drop features for text and images are great. Fast and simple. You can upload images straight from your computer, adjust size just by dragging and your newsletter is halfway done!The live chat is something that I also really like. I had a few questions in the past when I first started using th

    Cons : Missing functionality: there is no way to create separate email lists, from what I was told by customer service. Its just one big campaign per client.Addition to implement: my designer tried to input social media icons on the right hand side, on top of the newsletter for some reason it only allowed to be put on the left side, which nobody does. the icons refused to be moved to the right by the sizing features. As a result we had to simply write it out in words and hyperlink it, which does not lo

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  • my choice

    In my opinion it's the best email marketing service for professionals and also for beginners. GetResponse is user-friendly and in a very good price. I would recommend it to everyone!

    Pros : price, effectiveness, deliverability, ease of use

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    Good overall experience

    I'm a low level user really just starting my email marketing, but I have found GetReponse to be effective and easy to setup. The drag/drop email builder great. Setting up auto responders has been a bit more difficult to grasp, and i may need to migrate to a service like Active Campaign or Ontraport for more sales or crm work. Happy with it for now, and price is right.

    Pros : Interface Tutorials, help Price

    Cons : Difficult to set up more complex tasks

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    Huge Disappointment

    Where to start - the interface is not really drag and drop as it advertises, to edit any component requires a series of clicks that makes using the templates incredibly frustrating. For example, you cannot even drag a text box to move it half an inch up the page. It is entirely based on email so the process does not follow a logical path for anything else, like creating a landing page and then setting up the email campaign to add users who have clicked a CTA, and starting an automation sequence. It's like having 4 different systems pieced together haphazardly. To make matters worse, the system freezes on a regular basis. This is a huge disappointment, as the concept is brilliant (one system to handle email campaigns, landing pages, forms, and surveys) but the actual system falls way flat. And if you're on a trial, forget support - they don't care at all about helping new potential customers get the most out of the experience so they will buy. Forget it, don't waste your time.

    Pros : Great concept, lots of templates and stock images

    Cons : Concept falls flat in practice, the different components do not play well with each other Extremely user UNfriendly platform, too many clicks for simple tasks Poor performance Terrible customer service

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  • GetResponse is a valuable platform for establishing an email marketing campaign. While it doesn’t have the most robust feature set, it does offer enough for any newbie to get started and see real, effective results.

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  • GetResponse is an easy-to-use email marketing service with good third-party contact integration, solid support, and a variety of advanced features that you can try for free.

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  • GetResponse has a huge array of features available for their subscribers and a generous free trial period. For many, GetResponse is the tool which will fit their needs as well as meet their budget. For those needing/wanting click maps or the ability to export reports, this is not the company to choose. Our review team was impressed with the quality of the features and training materials as well as the pricing and as such recommends GetResponse as a company for email marketing services for those not naceeding an export tool or click maps as features.

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