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  • Pricing Changed

    As a longstanding paying customer of Fluid Surveys I was extremely disappointed to learn of their new pricing policy with no prior notice. The reasonable priced monthly options, which suited me perfectly and I would heave been happy to keep using indefinitely, have suddenly disappeared. The cheapest pricing option is $840/ year with no monthly pricing option. That's right you read correctly. I presume a new policy having being taken over by Survey Monkey. The tool is good but at that price I'm out - there are fairly priced tools with good functionality out there. So the pricing information here needs to be urgently updated and in this case appalling (and unfair) customer service.

    Pros : Good survey tool that is relatively easy to use and delivers all the features you will need.

    Cons : Has now become very expensive and also shows a new strategic direction focused on bigger businesses (that's ok). But highlights a disrespect of the small paying customer. For most people's needs, far too pricey now.

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    I'd be careful of these guys - sharp

    Lots of little traps to con you out of your money. Be warned and find a company with more integrity and better features. Now part of SurveyMonkey - don't be fooled.

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    Best Online Survey Tool

    I have tried several online survey software programs--- but find FluidSurveys to be the best that I have tried. The surveys are very easy to build and with the white-label account---surveys look clean and professional. My favorite thing about the program is how beautiful the results reports are--- very little edits required to produce a results summary to stakeholders.

    Pros : It is Canadian so all data is stored in Canada and subject to our privacy laws.

    Cons : Wish there were folders to organize surveys---- there is a search option and you can label your surveys--- but would like to organize by year/department/ etc.

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  • A good balanced product with some improvements needed to increase value-added

    FluidSurveys Use Cases and Deployment ScopeWe use it to conduct surveys with beneficiairies of international development project and programs we evaluate (we are an evaluation firm). We target many different types of respondents (i.e.: direct beneficiairies from the general population or institutional representatives from stakeholders involved). It is mainly used for surveys in the environemental and socio-economic departements of the firm (evaluation departments and not corporate developement ones). The idea is to collect impressions, opinions and views of the beneficiairies on the given projects or programs.

    Pros : User-friendly. For the majority of the general and basic tools you can use with FluidSurveys to build surveys are simple to use and intuitive. When certain issues come up, the service is quick (chat room) and effective.Anonymity: the software has the reputation of being safer in terms of safeguarding private information the respondents share by answering surveys (this is mainly due to the fact that the servers are in Canada). Thus, indirectly, they increase response rates.Extensive possibilities

    Cons : Statistical information on invitations and reminders sent does not meet the quality standards of the other aspects of the software. It does not seperate the actual invitations from the reminders which creates a bias in terms of statistics. Thus, you have to calculate these yourself.Although FluidSurveys is a Canadian company, all communications with clients and the website itself are in English. Having the website translated in French would be a great idea and eventually, follow-up after-sale co

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    FluidSurveys - The most user-friendly survey tool !

    FluidSurveys Use Cases and Deployment ScopeWe use FluidSurveys to conduct online surveys with our clients. 

    Pros : Very user-friendlyGreat variety of question optionsQuickly accessible customer support service

    Cons : There should be more flexibility and customizability with regard to survey design (e.g. background, fonts...)

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    FluidSurveys: Intuitive, Quick, Cost-Saving

    FluidSurveys Use Cases and Deployment ScopeMy organization uses FluidSurveys for a variety of in-house research: this includes internal and external surveys as well as e-consultations. My team, in addition to our advisory role for the organization's public opinion research, also serves as an administrator of the system: we manage accounts, assist in programming surveys and gathering data, and reporting on the data. In this sense, we serve as the gatekeepers for the system, which is used across the organization (including in our regional offices, although most of the work is undertaken at HQ). Over the past few years we have implemented dozens of surveys using FluidSurveys, including high-profile public e-consultations which have received thousands of responses.  FluidSurveys has allowed for both opinion-gathering and non-opinion information-gathering, as it's amenable to more than just typical surveys. (We have used it to gather input on annual reports, for an example of the latter.) It allows for a collection of info in a centralized area, using a very intuitive and flexible system. The system obviously is a major improvement over paper surveys in terms of ease of implementation and collection; it also presents a cost-effective solution when contracted research isn't possible.

    Pros : Easy programming: The system is designed so that those with average computer skills can program a survey from start to finish. The WYSIWYG formatter means creating content is as easy as dragging and dropping question types, and typing in your content. Logic such as branching and skipping is presented in a clear way, making it easy for people to understand branching and skipping.Templates: FluidSurveys support can create templates that will allow your surveys to blend seamlessly into your website

    Cons : Support: I have had mixed experiences with the support offered. There is a preference by FluidSurveys support for e-mail correspondence, and they are usually quick to answer for easy issues; however, for significant concerns, it can be hard to get on the phone or meet in person with those higher in the organization. However, this may be due to recent growing pains in the company; recently, I have noticed significant improvement in this area.

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  • The best part of FluidSurveys is all the options that you are given. This gives you the added benefit of customizing the survey exactly the way that you want it to be done. FluidSurveys provides you with the ease of getting all the statistics and answers in an easy to read format as well. FluidSurveys has numerous settings that other survey sites do not offer. These include the choice of exclusive/select all/static and the ability to append to previous question option.

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  • The app is highly recommended for users seeking to collect readership responses, customer feedback, marketing information and more. For limited surveys, users have the free option. For broader responses, more complex questions and survey analysis, the paid versions work exceedingly well.

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  • FluidSurveys is simple survey software. Its drag-and-drop interface makes building a survey quick and easy, and it includes a strong toolset to design and customize your own questionnaires. It's missing a few analytical and support tools, but it makes up for its missing features with it powerful survey creation and administrative tools.

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  • If you are looking for more advanced features, wanting to brand the survey for your organization, or would like more powerful analytics tools, then FluidSurveys could be a great solution for you.

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