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Google's DoubleClick provides ad management and ad serving solutions to companies that buy, create or sell digital advertising. The world's top marketers, publishers, ad networks and agencies use DoubleClick platforms as the foundation for their digital marketing. With deep expertise in ad serving, media planning, search management, rich media, video and mobile, DoubleClick platforms help customers execute their digital media strategy more effectively.

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  • DoubleClick Use Cases and Deployment ScopeParticular teams choose to use DoubleClick at Performics based on their clients' needs. I used it for one client but use a different third party source for another client so it varies widely. I think it works well but the overview tabs are not as consolidated and easy-to-read as Marin. I wish it could be simplified with rows and columns of data, almost like a spreadsheet.

    Pros : Functionality in general. It works well and I have never had to question the accuracy of my data.The real-time update is AMAZING, especially if you might expect an overspend in a few campaigns.

    Cons : Automated bid strategies are particularly confusing to set up compared to AdWords or Marin.I wish there was a consolidated overview tab.

  • What do you like best?

    Mass market product, most people are familiar, ease of use.

    What do you dislike?

    transparency into ad placements and tracking

  • What We Like: Integration with DFP, integration with video content management system, highly customizabl

    What We Don’t Like: Inability to monetize videos hosted on YouTube.

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    Ashlee Anderson

    Google's DoubleClick Software is one of the best out there. It provides exceptional bid strategies options as well as a variety of other tools that make paid search better and easier. On that note, one has to decide how much information they are really willing to give to Google. Google already has a lot of data and our becoming a competitor in a lot of industries. However, there isn't a tool out there as good as DoubleClick forbid strategies, and I recommend it highly. The top tool for the product is DS3. It integrates well with Google and the other engines as well.

    Pros :

    • It is easy to manage your accounts through DS3.
    • You can make bid changes, keyword changes, etc.
    • DS3 is willing to work with your company to provide the most efficient bid strategies as possible.
    • You can upload a multitude of items that can help apply to your bid strategies.
    • You can make changes based on KPIs. It factors in position constraints.
    • You are able to make bid changes across multiple accounts and campaigns, and there are a lot of options for filtering and excluding.

    Cons :

    • DoubleClick's onboarding process is very time-consuming and expensive.
    • They prefer to backfill your data and then watch how it performs for a few weeks.
    • You have to take the time to set up their tags which is a learning process in its own. Unless you have a dedicated rep, you don't get as much training as you'd like.
    • There's not a lot of documents provided if you have questions.
    • DoubleClick does provide a lot of the same features that other bid management tools provide, however, it is one of the best.
    • There also isn't a great reporting feature. It is more similar to an excel dump than a nicely formatted report.

    • November 18, 2015
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